Irish People Taste Test Pepperidge Farm Cookies

Irish People Taste Test Pepperidge Farm Cookies

The first few foot stepped on the snow. Yeah… listen in, oh Pepperidge, where is it? Is it a place? Are they healthy? Are they healthy cookies? Maybe they’re like a savory cookie like a ham cookie Look it is little packet here and all. Are they on the shelf from like an old farmhouse. Oh, it smells awful. Awful?! What are you talking about? Oh? Yeah? They’re soggy aren’t they.
They’re chewy. Don’t let the dog eat it.
He is not going to eat it. It’s like me when I try to make muffins and they don’t rise. [Laughter] If this was a protein bar, I’d be like that’s quite a good protein bar, but it’s not. I really like it because it’s a cookie and like that Placebo thing, its just like mmm sugary. You could mash that up into shapes… that should’t happen. More than a treat, It’s an experience… Everything is an experience, but it’s just not a good one. This one looks like a bag of flour dough. Oh, no that was a bag of sugar. Crackers, whoa, whoa, whoa, I thought we were getting cookies here. And I thought it was for cats. I think, I think we need a handful. Its so plain What would you do with these? Mindlessly just eat them just forever You could eat these in the cinema thing Then pays the [turtles] some salty crackers They’ve got character, [but] like they don’t deliver you know they’re all freaked out. Also I can’t stop eating em so that is kind of a good thing, isint it Yeah I can see that, I mean, that’s, I hate these They’re hard I like these. That’s fancy. Pepperidge Farm has gone upscale all of a sudden. it’s when you’re posh for the goldfish cracker, isn’t it? [oh], so the exact same as the package, what a re you talking about? No, they’re not. If I had a spillage, I’d use these to suck it up. It’s been designed like travel and space or something I can say with certainty already this would be better with a cup of tea It’s pretty dry and tasteless. You ever go plastering you get onto your fingernails. That’s what it tastes like. There’s nothing there. Its just bland as F***. I Like it. Geez everything here was crap today. Its pale, white and dry, like me. Now we’re having fun. I guarantee you I’m gonna be disappointed. I like the small a that already. Oh, that’s so good It smells like a house you would buy. Some gingerbread men don’t taste like gingerbread at all. They’re just biscuits, and they’re just man biscuits. They’re real cute [look]. OH, now that’s a cookie! Hell yes. You found your way pepperidge. Good boy again. Hey, Kid go long. Nice, that’s at odd right there The boys are back! Fish again!? For an awesome snack. That’s fun to hang out with That is the Saddest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Hang out with your snack. This package, it looks unreal, and I’m happy with this package this package is just like [Blasted]. Flavor Blasted! Hmm this tastes like pizza Cheese. It tastes like Pizza. I like pizza Mmm. You could just without thinking eat 15 thousand of these while watching TV. Hard to go home, I guess Handful them into the mouth right now. Hello. Tastes great. Doesn’t smell good. Kinda like a foot. You’re eating it. You can’t stop eating it You don’t even know if you like it or not. I would eat those with a beer. [Yeah] If I drank beer. So it wouldn’t eat these. So boring, so boring. Let’s try Pepperidge farm. Pepperidge farm, meh Instead of going mad with the with the fish yeah do loads of little men. A trivial amount of cholesterol, A trivial amount It’s a joke how much cholesterol is in there.

100 thoughts on “Irish People Taste Test Pepperidge Farm Cookies

  1. They are called a "SOFT" cookie you fat slob! Cookies can be crisp, soft, big small, chocolate, mint, not just the way you make them in Ireland using your Grandma's century old written in stone crap!

  2. "you're eating it, you can't stop eating it, you don't know if you like it or not"
    That sums up my opinion about gold fishes lol

  3. I love you diane, I watch your channel, but the dog, come on. A bit much. You are way better than that. It's endearing, in your room, in your house, but I cringe seeing the dog here with you.

  4. You know you've watched too many of these when you're only watching your favorite Irish in here and glossing over the others…

  5. “Remember those sweet, warm New England summers? Remember sipping lemonade underneath a shady tree? Remember when you hit that pedestrian with your car at the crosswalk and then just drove away? Pepperidge Farm remembers, but Pepperidge Farm ain't just gonna keep it to Pepperidge Farm's self free of charge. Maybe you go out and buy yourself some of these distinctive Milano cookies, maybe this whole thing disappears.”

  6. Did you know that Milano cookies were originally created as a small appetizer to cleanse your taste buds so you can really taste the meal you are about to eat

  7. Peppridge Farms has a large variety of cookies. While Goldfish are made by Peppridge Farms I don't see where they have a place in this video. It doesn't make sense with the title.

  8. Excuse my ignorance being from the uk but what are goldfish crackers? I've always been intrigued by them I know that I've had pepperidge farm cookies from the international section in my local store and swedish fish I love but have never seen goldfish crackers over here for sale are they like mini cheddars? 🙂

  9. I really dislike people who "look" at something and then start bitching without even trying them. And why is she eating plaster??

  10. Chewy cookies are 100 times better than hard, crunchy ones. That's why ppl dip them into milk (or I guess tea if you're Irish)

  11. Irish Jesus is the man. Love vids he's in.
    Dermot, I'd pay to punch his old ass in the face. But I still think I'd like hanging out with him for some reason

  12. Yes there is an original flavor of goldfish,yes Dermot said what you thought he said,yes goldfish are made by PF,yes I don't like milanos so I agree with Diane and no goldfish are not cookies.

  13. Goldfish are like a childhood staple snack that everyone had growing up because they were easy to carry around and kids like the flavor and shapes. I love Goldfish, but I love salty things.

  14. Lol …Irish being food critics ? Name any Irish food thats gourmet ! Stop ..just stop Pepperidge Farm and Peanut rule ..haha

  15. The only thing I learned from these videos is living in Ireland makes you really pissed off. That being said bunch of funny fuckers

  16. Hi, Do you remember a time when the Irish weren't fat as hell and dying of diabeties? Pepperidge farm does & frankly we don't care.

  17. And nope…once you've started feeding your dog on your lap..I'm gone…and Irelands biscuits are terrible…Enjoy

  18. Soup, goldfish go in tomato soup.

    Also, seriously stop giving people Milanos without something to dip them in, they are litteraly designed for it, it's like if I tried to eat a biscotti without tea, I'd chip a freaking tooth.

  19. I am so upset that they didn’t give them better options cause let’s face it goldfish are mostly for kids and grown ups with limited tastebuds.

  20. Hilarious! Especially Diane! Yes! The hard Pepperidge Farm cookies are meant to be dunked in tea or milk which unlocks some of the flavor.

    There are giant containers of the goldfish… just saying. I do want to taste the gingerbread now because I love ginger.

  21. what would u do with this ?????????????? ya eat em thats what u do with em……………EAT THEM THATS WHAT… don't complain… EAT THEM

  22. After watching 10 or so of these videos I’ve come to the conclusion that some Irish people are really snobby dicks. How can you diss Milano’s?

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