Integrated Farming Investment – Integrated Fish And Layer Chicken Farm Business Ideas

Integrated Farming Investment - Integrated Fish And Layer Chicken Farm Business Ideas

for maximum production and utilization of resources the fish and poultry production process in the pond simultaneously called integrated fish and poultry farming methods now we will discuss the business ideas of integrated fish and lair chicken farm in modern way sixty to seventy percent of the production cost of fish farming is to be spent on the purchase of fertilizer and supplementary food in this case using integrated layer chicken and fish farming method can increase the production of fish without any fertilizer and supplementary food in this technology chicken waste meal and chicken closet are used as fish food therefore without the cost of purchasing fish food and fertilizer the production of significant quantities of fish can be increased the same land is used for two purposes so the maximum use of land is ensured integrated chickens and fish farming facilities number one chicken is a superior organic fertilizer if you build a house on the pond and do layer chicken farm there is no need for fertilizer or supplementary food for fish so the chicken shirt is fully utilized number two unused and fallen into the water chicken food is used as supplementary food for fish as a result the cost of production decreases number three on the water of the pond making the platform chicken farm is done the place is saved number four do not always clean the house because the chicken falls directly into the water number five the chicken house is not in contact with the soil because the layer chicken is less than the disease number six in this method it is possible to production fish meat and eggs very easily from the same farm as a result more food production and maximum utilization of assets are insured number seven in this method relatively little investment labour and time can earn more for the egg layer chicken we'll buy one day hold baby those who start to give eggs at 18 to 19 weeks of age and the production period ranges from 72 to 78 weeks of age up to 80% of eggs can be found from the farm mentioned on the pond layer chicken farming for the production of more eggs commercial or hybrid type layer chickens should be selected in this method the fish and lair chicken farm together without any food and fertilizer can produce four thousand four hundred to five thousand two hundred kilograms of fish per hectare per year generally after ten to twelve months each fish is suitable for sale one hectare pond can go without 5502 6593 the house depending on the size of the house how many chickens will be kept in that room each layer chicken requires two to three square feet of space

26 thoughts on “Integrated Farming Investment – Integrated Fish And Layer Chicken Farm Business Ideas

  1. Urgently answer few questions…. Which breed of fish.. Can be kept in pond…
    What is height of pond from surface and pillar of coop is cement I think… How much difference must be there between pillar to pillar.

  2. Will the world never learn. This is way there are so many diseases. This is why one disease is spread from one species to another.

  3. If we are what we eat. Than fish would be too. So if fish eat chicken shit and we eat those fish…🤢🤮

  4. If the fishpond is organized it will all be okay one thing is for the feeds of layer,this is everyone idea in my country it is safe and profitable… Mosses is another source of fishfeed…

  5. Shame!
    Sell your Wife rather than killing innocent Chicken!
    Beware of Karma, You will be born as chicken for thousands of life time,REAP WHAT YOU SOW👌

  6. Inclua Azolla para alimentar peixes galinhas. Desta forma reduz seu custo de produção pelo menos 50 por cento.

  7. I love this idea and i believe it will work fine. i have got fish farm on 4 acre and intend to do the same either with chicken or ducks. Before i construct mine Is it possible i can visit it? I am in UK but don't mind to travel Bangladesh. Waiting for your response!

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