Inside ‘Click Farms’ And Their Social Media Impact | TODAY

Inside ‘Click Farms’ And Their Social Media Impact | TODAY

16 thoughts on “Inside ‘Click Farms’ And Their Social Media Impact | TODAY

  1. I knew it….
    I've seen this rolling out over the past couple of years in YouTube.
    SOO many videos that within MINUTES have thousands of views/likes, and comments with hundreds of up votes seemingly out of no where.
    Staggeringly obvious ratios if you look at it objectively.

    But it's good to know people are playing YouTube like the game that it is actually is… instead of treating it like a legitimate business!

  2. Neilsen Soundscan needs to stop counting streaming numbers to dictate which music act is popular. Only real money sales should determine who is popular on the billboard 100, etc.

  3. Shame on the music industry for pretending certain artists are popular. Shame on Neilson Soundscan for including these fraudulent streams.

  4. The fact that this strategy is considered illegal and fake food in commercial or creating fake content for SEO or fake link for link building are not its ridiculously hypocrite.

  5. The Biggers Search Engines Companies Should Have the Responsibility to do more to Prevent Click Fraud, Bid Fraud, Seo Fraud, Traffic Fraud, Click Farms – They can do that by Simple Block Temporary Every Devices (they need only to Allow +-50x ad.Clicks or +-50x view.Clicks per day for every Devices)-(ip/Mac Adress Block) Fake Views will become Better/Real Views! – Fake ad Clicks will become Better/Real ad Clicks! – Fake Traffic to WebSites Will become Better/Real Traffic to Websites! – (these days Click Farms can use Intelligent Automation Click Fraud Software and Produced true multitasking +-1000000 Fake Clicks/views per day from a Single Device)

  6. Surely they don't have to manually tap "like" on each and every phone in the farm. There must be some way that it can be automated.

  7. how is paying money to get ahead illegal….name any industry that isn't based on paying for success…get over it…no money, no honey

  8. They didn't come up with the system, they're just gaming it. It's happening in China, because the rules in North America are probably too strict for it to exist here. Farming out their dirty work, as usual.

  9. Hilarious that this dumba$$ is excited about seeing a company that sells fake likes w/5 stars! Duhhh, their reviews are fake.

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