Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

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  1. Chinese Alcohol Firm Employed Blockchain-based Tool to Check Product Authenticity. Updated following The Crypto Sight – Crypto Insight for more Crypto News

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  7. $80,000 electricity bill per month is not much, cuz he says that they are earning 100 btc per day = at roughly 1.1 million dollars every day and in a month is 35 million dollars

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  9. Early Last year I decided to go into bitcoin and learn about it and with just limited knowledge I decided to give it a shot by buying and that was in mid-2018 after a friend of mine told me the importance of Bitcoin to the economy. I was afraid initially at but after I have seen several use cases I decided to buy 7BTC and I left it in my wallet expecting the price to rise like the previous year in some months time due to my how I understand the market but it never happened. In fact, it became worse that the value of my coins drop down to the fact of me almost giving up on the cryptocurrency market and selling off but I hold on to my patience and did a little research on how I can earn profit with my coins. After an intensive research I found a beginners trading post talking about a strategy on how to trade and make profit so I decided to give it a try and I contacted the person in charge, Mr markeverest. He took time to explain to me the different ways to make profit in this bearish market. I decided to give it a try and I invested 3 BTC of my coin, and it quickly rose to 9 BTC towards the end of December 2018, and I was convinced that this is the best way to make a good profit from Bitcoin. If you're still confused and don't know the step to take to profit in this new year I urge you to contact [email protected] for all your cryptocurrency questions, strategy and beginners coaching and you will be glad you did.

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  11. Proof of Stake is a way for the rich to get richer. The rich have a lot of coin already so they are pushing this concept in order for them to get richer. Proof of Work allows anybody to participate even those that are poor and don't currently own any coin. If you want things to be decentralized you should only support Proof of Work. If Proof of Stake gets stronger, only the rich will be able to participate and things will get more centralized around those who are rich already.


    Hello friends I came to bring a browser called cryptotap he is an extension of google he miners bitcoins for free just you install on your computer or mobile the coolest is that you pay even the installation link is in the description of the video.


    Hello friends I came to bring a browser called cryptotap he is an extension of google he miners bitcoins for free just you install on your computer or mobile the coolest is that you pay even the installation link is in the description of the video.

  14. Six mine generated 4050 bitcoins a month equals to equivalent to $1.5 million with $1 million dollars going towards your electric bill would leave you with $500.000 left

  15. 4k BTC / month, I hope for them they could afford to keep it until it's insane peak that must have been mad profit if they did

  16. human civilisation produce electricity in the most polluting ways (nuclear, fossil fuels etc…)
    which already destroy environment and produce heat.
    then the internet with all its servers and infrastructures is based on electricity and some more heat.
    internet servers, google servers destroy the environment to display videos and web pages which for the most part are pointless and negative.
    and then some random guys, to earn the most virtual currency ever created
    waste even more energy and produce even more heat.
    You can not create a more pathetic, selfless, miserable, disgusting society and activity than this..
    distroying the world through heat, over heating computers and servers, which dicreases the life time of the computers and servessused , leading to more pollution, all of it to earn a few virtual cents an hour,
    In most cases the energetic bill of your bit mining is 100 times more expensive than your bit mining profit, unless you steal the electricity one way or the other, in which case it will be profitable for your own pocket but still is an ultimate abheration from an ecological perspective.

    bits miners, bit mining app and companies are some of the most pointless disgusting entities ever…but of course hey! who cares about the planet and Nature in 2019 …
    bitmining is the ultimate image of how low, pathetic, selfless and lame men can be.
    ultramaterialism at its peak. another reason to add to the long list of why 90 % of this civilisation should be wiped away

  17. "bitcoin" is the currency of the future
    the currency and the economic system is shifting from physical to virtual
    and then will shift from virtual to non existent

    so fucking lame that you can not even imagine and create a society without currency and without economic system.. a civilisation of robotic economic slaves completely brainwashed from the start with zero moral values and sense of greatness

  18. How much $$ they invested in that bitcoin mining project ? i think about their hash rate now can't produce 20 – 25 bitcoins

  19. Bitcoin has again shot past $10,000 per bitcoin, giving fresh hope after been stuck in a bear market for over a year—the second weekend in a row the bitcoin price has rallied. The bitcoin price has struggled to break out of its long-running bear market so far this year, with investors and traders desperately trying to call a bottom to the tumbling market. A careful study shows this is only temporary as bitcoin is poised for a steady uphill move. What this means is there is no better time to accumulate bitcoins than now. What do you do after buying? One school of thought says to hold onto for maybe 10 years and cash out when the value moons but that is risky in all ramifications. The safest thing to do so as to take full advantage of the crypto era is to buy as much as possible and then trade to increase your holdings which you would have to use a whole lot of money to acquire if you where strictly a hodler. Find a system that works and after testing, either as strategies or signals, be disciplined enough to stick with it. If you haven’t heard of Mr Larry Abdelnour, then I’d be surprised because he has one of the best systems of patterns and signals for trading. I made over 3.5 BTC last month and now with Larry Abdelnour's signals and strategy i have grown that to 11 BTC already and i intend adding another 3 BTC every other month and growing them so with this strategy You can mail Mr Larry on [email protected] if you need some help and have questions about being a consistently profitable trader?

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  21. I would pull the plug literally on those machines.and sell them on the Chinese government for big money.i would rat on those guys for big money and sell the building and land on and around the building for big money to the Chinese government.bitcoin is not legal in China .hokey smoke and mirrors snake oil and digital bitcoin crypto currency is no match for the powerful United States dollar .they are my parents hard earned my parents United States dollars ,my parents taxpayers money and wasting electricity which my parents have to pay for to keep the lights on through a power company in a power plant .they donot pay taxes they waste my parents hardearned United States taxpayers dollars that my parents buy to build infrastructure,etc.they are wasting my parents electricity that my parents have to keep the lights on to the electric company at a power plant..they are contributing to global cooling,global warming and climate change.they are wasting water my parents pay for to the water company at the water treatment plant to get running and air me ,my parents,my family ,my siblings,breath and use.they are leaving a higher carbon footprint on the earth.they are raising carbon emissions every day,month,week,hour,year .they are causing air,water,sound,ground,soil pollution.they are wasting my parents United States taxpayers dollar .they are exploiting the earth for its resources on my parents hardearned United States taxpayers dollar that my parents pay for infrastructure ,etc .they are stealing from my parents and their hard earned and taxpayers.they are using my parents hardearned United States taxpayers dollars to fund a financial fraud scheme to get rich off of us poor taxpayers and my parents. .they are making species go extinct by the day ,month,year,week,hour.they are committing fraud .they are greedy and gluttonous.they are gluttons,greedy fraudsters .they made many species extinct already.they already polluted water,ground,air,sound,soil through there greed.they illegally obtain buildings,structures,land ,lots,complexes,properties illegal through a phony made up deal either illegally renting or buying .they are stealing resources from the people and the earth.they are illegally occupying buildings,structures,complexes,land,lots,properties through renting or buying.they stole complexes,buildings, structures,land,lots through illegally buying or renting .they lie to the people and cheat the people,taxpayers,my parents.they are making global cooling ,global warming,climate change,carbon emissions worst through their carbon footprint .they are stealing properties from the people.

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  23. Im working in this kind of business but the problem is the electricity supply and the internet connection is so slow😥😥😥😥

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  25. If anyone wants to donate there hashing power for 48 hours or even a week mining bitcoin gold all funds with be converted to usd which will be then given to cancer research please connect your lol miner GSk7Kiww85VfwRvdcaq6XJACFMg5KqgJtn

  26. Cryptocurrency has been a major talking point between my colleague at work and so last year i decided to go into deep in it not withstanding my little knowledge in it and how I can equally benefit from it. After doing some research and watching several videos on how it work I decided to give it a try and guess what I bought 5 BTC, and I left it in my wallet expecting the price to increase in some months time because before the year ended in 2017 the price was more x20 of what it was in January that same year and this was done following the instructions I got from my colleague but the profit I expected never came, in short, the reverse was the case. So I decided to do deep research on how I can profit and gain more value for my coins but some trading I did turned out negative. And so I continued my research until I found a beginners trading post talking about a strategy on how to trade and make profit. I was skeptical of first but I decided to give it a try and contact the person in charge, Mr Mark Jean , he explained to me the different ways to make profit in this bearish market. I invested 2 BTC of my coin, and it quickly rose to 6 BTC towards the end of December 2018, and I was convinced that this is the best way to make a good profit from Bitcoin. If you're still confused about the steps to take this year I urge you to contact  him on Telegram @ Marktrading884 or via mail Marktrading884 @ yahoo com for your cryptocurrency questions, strategy and beginners coaching with superb signals to trade.

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