How to Plant Wheat in Minecraft

How to Plant Wheat in Minecraft

hey guys what is up today I am going to be showing you how to plant and farm wheat because I know I was having trouble with it at first and I want to help you guys in case you guys are having trouble with it so first what you need to do is make a farm and how you do that is by digging rows and the ground and you can have three three columns touching each other and then you dig a row and fill it with water and dig another row fill it with water and then over here I do the same thing you have to make sure that the water is level with the dirt um so the dirt does not dehydrate and you can keep using it over and over again so that's how you build a farm that's the first step and then you'll need to build a fence around your farm so animals watch um run over and demolish your crops and you have to replant them now to get seeds you have to destroy tall grass like this and every now and then it will drop seeds for you to plant wheat so just keep doing that like right there I just got some all right so now to plant it you'll want to go back to your farm although I say let me get some more seeds just okay so the planet you want to go to your rose and you want to start from the back and work your way forward will you'll will need a hoe and you right-click the ground to tell it like this and if you walk over the tilled land it will become or may become untilled just like these two here so that's why you want to work your way back to the front so you don't walk over it and while you're doing that you will also want to plant the seeds as you go and you just select the seeds and just right-click them on the tilled land so just keep doing this and then plant the seeds and once the seeds are planted if you walk over them they may pop out of the ground just like those two did and you will have to retail the land and replant the seeds so you don't want to walk over it once you plant it now when they're ready to harvest they will look this color and be about this height and how you harvest them is get your hoe and just or your hand if you want and just left-click on it and you will gather it and what you will gather is wheat to make bread cake and you will also gather seeds so you will gather two seeds per wheat two or three seeds per week that you destroy together and so you will always keep gaining more seeds and you always be able to fill up your farm full of wheat and when this form is ready to harvest and it's all full of wheat I will gain about three stacks of 64 wheat so it's pretty good um so yeah just make sure you build a fence because the animals will trample over your crops and ruin them and this is how you make farm and you can have columns you can have water like if I were to destroy this row like this I could fit water right in here put water right in there and it'll still work the maximum you can have across is three though like I have so that's how you plant wheat and if you're finding that the wheat is like planted on every other one or it's missing some and it's just coming out of the ground you don't know why it's missing it's because you don't have a fence and animals of dropping the crops or because you are stamping stamping them yourselves or however you say it so that is how you grow wheat the wheat should fully mature and about five nights just wait five nights it will go by very quick if you have a bed um the bed makes nighttime go by in five seconds so thanks for watching that is how you plant wheat and I'll see you guys in my next video

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