How to make COMPOST at home with kitchen & garden waste: कम्पोस्ट बनाएं घर पर

How to make COMPOST at home with kitchen & garden waste: कम्पोस्ट बनाएं घर पर

Hey Gardeners, This kitchen waste can make your garden more beautiful You just need to know, how to process it for garden use. In so many of my video, i use to keep on telling you to add compost in plants And you know what, you can make compost at home by using kitchen waste easily. Even so many of you have already tried making compost at home But, without knowing a perfect composting process you can get various problems like bad smell In this video i will tell you in detail about perfect composting process without any bad smell. Do watch this complete video to know everything in details. So lets begin the video Guys, there are various type of kitchen waste composting setup available in market. But in this video i am going to talk about a very basic setup, for which you need not to purchase any thing. Just you need is a big terracotta pot Use only terracotta pots for composting If you are using plastic bucket, there will be lots of chances of bad smell & improper composting. The terracotta pot i am using, is of depth 10 inches & diameter is approx 12 inches. You can customize pot size according to your requirement. Before start filling the pot, do check the drainage hole of the pot. If it is small make it large. So that the raw material inside would not get soggy. Put some pebbles at the drainage hole so as to avoid chocking. First layer will be of soil or compost. Thickness of this layer must be approx one inches. This layer adds beneficial composting micro-organism. Which leads to faster rate of decomposition. 2nd layer will be dry things like you can use news paper or else add dried leaves or grass clipping. I prefer using dried leaves than newspaper. Just told to add newspaper as dried leaves are not easily accessible for everyone. This layer provide a substratum for the growth of microorganism & also keep the mix appropriately moist. This encourages healthy growth of decomposing microbes by providing them favorable environment. 3rd layer will be of raw moist things like kitchen waste or garden clippings. For a good composting in pot, you need to keep height of dry & wet ingredients almost 2-3 inches each. Repeat dry & wet layer for more 3 to 4 times each alternatively, After repeating layers you need to do a important work, for fast composting. That is you need to add a 3 – 4 cm layer of compost or partially decomposed compost If you are composting for the first time than you have to buy a ready-made compost packet. And if you are already composting than add a small portion from your previous composter. After this layer add 4 wet & 4 dry layer alternatively like earlier.

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  2. Hi i just wanna thankyou so much.I was looking to start composting for a while now and this clip really helped..Thankyou:)

  3. Mem mene kitchen west aur kuch sukhe patte bori me banane ke liye usme bharke rakha aur uapar se mitti Dali he. Vo bori kholne pr bahot kide he vo kholne ka man hi nhy hota 17/6 ko banane ke liye rakha tha kab tak banega. Muje to fekne ka man ho raha he

  4. Newspaper has so many chemicals. They will seep into the composite and if u use it in kitchen garden they will end up in ur tummy. Be sensible

  5. 8:11 mam dhup me sukhane se uska nutrients udd nahi jayega. kyunki ham ni suna hai ki dhup se khad kharab ho jata hai?

  6. Hi ap ki awaz bohat peyari hy AP ki magni b bohat peyari hy yaqeenan ap b bohat peyari ho gi may to ap kay poray program my sirf ap ki awaz sunta raha ho my ap ko deykna chata ho keya ayca mumken hy

  7. Very useful video. Thanks a lot for this video. Madam Ji, if possible please make a video on "how to make leaf compost" (Pattoki khad)

  8. धन्यवाद । इसे स्टोर करने की बजाय क्यों न इसमें सीधे बीज डालकर ग्रो करें ।

  9. Am your new subscriber.watched full video very infomative .have a look in my channel plz like subscribe and share.thank u friend

  10. Thanks prakriti garden,
    My kitchen waste material along with soil was there in container, which got bit wet by rain , can I put compost over this ? Will I succeed in making compost ? Kindly reply .

  11. Mam me jb bhi compost banati hu usme white kide ho jate hai . Jbki you tubers bolte hai ki keede nahi hote . Kao baar try kiya hai samjh nahi ata kaha glti ho rahi hai. Plz guide me . Geele sukhe ki kai layer banai hai but kide ho jate hai. Kya kru samjh nahi ata.

  12. खेती के फलो के एक पौधे मे कंम्पोस्ट कितना ग्राम देणा होगा ओर कितने दिन मे देना होगा ओर कब तक

  13. Nice informative video.mam can u plz tell me why can't we put those waste items directly into soil where we have plants.. What's the difference..

  14. Good Video. In the Flat system (not bungalow) we have to reduce the time to compost to 10 days. We recommend Trichoderma Viride Bio fungicide 1 icecream spoonful per layer of kitchen waste. This will stop rotting smell totally.
    We suggest the use of metal rings for compression of kitchen waste. we also recommend using cheap grinders to cut the waste to small pcs. We recommend the use of garbage bags with these metal rings as they are easily available. We also recommend the dustbin to have a temperature of around 25-30 degree c. Presently we sell brand GUARD for this purpose and would like to support any vlogger or you tuber who wants to experiment and make this kind of composting set up for sale on amazon

  15. Maine trustbin ka bucket purchase kia…. And follow kia steps…. Like… Har 2 inch k kachre me 2 3 muthhi compost powder…. And 1 month k lie wait kia…. Jab khola… To bhai sahab kuchb nhi hua kachre ko… Kuch b nhi. Bas thoda sa gala hua tha material baki.. Bas gandi smell and nothing… Else….. Ab muje samaj nahi ara… K maine kuch galat kia… Ya compost banane ka method galat follow kia….
    😔 😔 😔

  16. I am composting for the first time… Saw so many white worms (some small some big) in the pot. Is it okay???

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  18. Matka m bhi bna ska sakte h. Or radish k patte daal sakte h.sabhi sabji or fruts k chilk daal sakte h or winter m dhup m rekhna hota h

  19. मेरे यहा सेब अनार मुसममी और जितने भी फल होते है उन सबकी खाद बनाया है किचिन से लगभग 500 ग्राम सब्जी का कटन निकलता है लेकिन खाद मे आधा इंच लम्बे कीड़े पड जाते बहुत मेहनत करनी होती है तब जाकर चार किलो खाद एक साल मे मिलता है

  20. Pls encourage this kind of good things Worldwidewaste generated per person per day averages 0.74 kilogram but ranges widely, from 0.11 to 4.54 kilograms. Though they only account for 16 percent of the world's population, high-income countries generate about 34 percent, or 683 million tonnes, of the world's waste.

  21. Mam I have 2 questions many days it will take to finish?
    2.shall we use cow dung as a layer instead of already compost?

  22. mera to garden waste.. dry leaves har doosre din bohot saara gather ho jaata hai…what to do when you have alot of it.. bcoz ye process to bohot wqt leta hai and bohot saare gamle chahiye honge na

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