How To Grow Spider Plants In Water – Part 2

How To Grow Spider Plants In Water – Part 2

So it’s been 4 weeks that we planted these
spider plantlets in water and as you can see that they are growing really tall and they
are quite strong now. So there were some very small ones that I
had put in on top, those died and I removed them and that made sense because they didn’t
have anything for them to survive but these I kept in my kitchen island and they are doing
pretty well. So I want to see how the roots are doing. If you remember, the roots were really tiny
or actually none. So I am going to dump the whole thing here. Wow, look at this. Can you see the roots? See, they are doing so well. I have been making many such planters and
this another interesting one. This I actually left outside but I had extra
plantlets so I put them in this small can and look at this. It has grown these straight roots down in
the water and now if you want to plant it in soil, you can do that. Or if you want to keep it in a nice planter
inside your home, that’s fine too. And actually I have been making a lot of these
and giving to people and they are really enjoying it. So I hope this inspires you to grow your own
spider plants in water because it’s really so easy. I just put it in and forgot about it. Just keep on replenishing the water, which
gives it more nutrient and keeps it moist and it just grows like this. It doesn’t need direct sunlight so it’s perfect
for indoors. If you have any questions, please leave a
comment and I’ll try to answer as soon as possible, if you like this video, press the
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  1. I have baby spider plant right now and i have two different type of them I have a solid green ones and the ones with the white stripes and they didn’t really seem to have any root will they get roots in soil if I plant them in the soil

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