How To Care For a Rubber Plant: Don’t Kill Your Rubber Tree

How To Care For a  Rubber Plant: Don’t Kill Your Rubber Tree

The rubber plant is a favorite house
plant due to its air purifying properties
besides due to its attractive large thick glossy and dark green leaves. The
rubber plant can grow very easily under the right conditions with very little
care. My rubber plant touched the ceiling of the room and turned horizontally so
ultimately I had to chop it. Caring a rubber plant is quite easy if you
consider its soil light temperature and water requirements. Use well-drained potting mix suitable
for houseplants or made by mixing rivers sent to the potting mix in equal
quantity. Position your rubber plant in bright indirect light. In hot Sun the
leaves will eventually fall off. when the new leaves are emerging less light is
preferred to promote larger leaves. Keep your rubber plant away from heat sources. Wipe the leaves of your rubber plant
with a damp cloth to remove dust and make the leaves shiny. You can spray with
pest oil to make the leaves shiny and insect free. Correct watering is the most important
thing in keeping the rubber plant healthy and growing. Keep your plant
moist when the plant is growing but on the drier side during other time. Water
only when the top soil should feel dry to the touch. Keep moist in growing periods
but water only once or twice a month during the dormant period. Do not over
water too much watering will rot the roots and turn the leaves yellow and
drop off. If the plant lacks water or moisture especially in warm indoor AC
air the leaves will lose their firmness and begin to drop. Give a liquid feed in
the growing season in spring and summer. The rubber plant is resistant to pests and
diseases if grown in well-lit areas. Prune your rubber plant to keep in shape always cut the stems just above a leaf node. If the
plant starts to get top-heavy re-pot the rubber plant in a pot of next larger
sized. Overgrown plant can be pruned down to three to four leaf joints from the
soil line. If your plant has only one branch or
shed most of it sleeps and you want to make it bushy, trim the top of the branch
with a sharp pair of pruning clippers to encourage branches. Two or more new
branches will emerge at the end. Don’t throw the stem cutting of the branch but
rather grow a new plant from this cutting. Please like the video and subscribe to
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9 thoughts on “How To Care For a Rubber Plant: Don’t Kill Your Rubber Tree

  1. hi, i am keeping this plant indoor but realized the leaves are drooping down. Is it too little water ? I put it near the window for indirect sunlight. What could the cause be ? thanks

  2. How can I save my rubber plant, from over watering? Leaves becomes yellow and it begins to fall down… need your rescue , thank you

  3. Love your rubber trees. My rubber plant is growing happily (1 foot tall) but why do the leaves coming out smaller and smaller?

  4. I overwatered. My rubber tree is about 5 ft talk and has three stalks. One of them dropped all leaves and the stalk turned mushy and shriveled. I trimmed it down but will I be able to save that stalk? What do I do?

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