hey Kate and Janet welcome back to nanorobots video to the rim playing high school and you guys are watching Matt's game and today I where are we playing high school pot to to the forty played high school part one so let's hop on and the bus driver was the murderer last time or not we're pretty sure we don't really know his name but pretty sure it's Mike we kind of forgot so let's hop on again yeah this is we're going to high school DeForest huh – and me and Todd has played it but Kate hasn't played I don't really know what's going on so yeah in tax Mahoney okay that forest dun dun dun nobody scared and a little bit just like the team is bit yeah did that it says what are we doing here and refresh it looks like we're trapped in the basement what sinful can I mean fine watch the ceiling like this I bet there's a trapdoor on the ceiling click on the handle if you find it I wonder where it is Katie you don't oh my gosh I ban it ok keep on the way up it's a little high though do you can meet cousin let's move things and reach the second floor click on them see it was a clip them on order I'll give you our first hint this is the first one and then you do the next table there is is there what else my gosh maybe one last thing there I did it up let's open it not tap it I got money yeah good job let's open it everything is locked there must be a key find the key just don't give me a clue yet I can't feel like it's up here oh there it is it's pretty obvious is in there we found the key let's see what you can open wow maybe it can open hmm I'll give you a hint it's a window or a door how could uh well I can't open this door huh no I'm the basement Oh Oh found it opens the window on the third floor everyone get out quick whoa how about a creepy house stay over here see here brick house they get ready to run what are you guys doing I thought we were friends whatever now if I can catch you I will kill you well can I read the dude go run he's not as fast as us though is this power station fit 150 meters let's go to that power station down the path uh-oh I want to write that creepy dude your martyr Oh what is this okay points mr. power station this is the pollination cluck Queens just don't get outside of the gate well the gate is closed and fossick don't get out okay key always you basically die guys were safer in here oh so much a fuel entrance grab one we go free I enjoy I think this one's better yeah me too let's see what's behind that door click on it ah but no legible cuz I like the flashlight I kind of like to flash like 2 cos it's brighter it is yeah ok I like the lantern though come on I'm gone I'm lost seems to be the generators here let's I don't want to fader turn it on okay so okay the murder is down here that's all I know three for one to go to those stores in order that's it the monsters down here 300k come on just follow me just put that level with your finger oh this one three four four one my god you scared monsters right there Aldous crap distract him one two I found a key flick the middle one I collected the key no just flick them in on one no okay Kate don't go through that door oh yeah those are that door now find all the keys to lock the gate are you someone from the yellow let's go knock on the green line I found the blue one it's right here but the monsters here so I can't recollect it got it run run run okay where's the other ones don't get trapped in you I really do not like to flash oh gosh we're gonna get trapped like what you said well no oh my gosh II didn't climb that generator get that key it's our key he's missing me good can see a thing he wants to kill me if you like it's a go through that then Janet oh that then over here doh where's the last key wait I don't even know how much more keys we need I need see the colors of keys I need red red where's the red key stop gosh I got killed well Ricky cuts it watch out oh no I feel like he's trying to kill me I got old times the keys move places Oh Ted's distracting him where is the recce where is that dude he's everything about Ted won't it room for coz I feel like I've never checked there but I have in the room with the gate did you get killed I got killed I'm going back to an alarm room cuz I know she's there I know all right I'm distracting him here and while walking I found my keys in here oh I can't I can't I can't see key I need your help where is he he's right there most of our key behind there behind here now touch that little button so you'll wipe 0:02 out run Oh hurry dad it's gonna flip flood escape let's get moving the water seems to be rising fast oh my gosh I feel like I was going about to FAL fall little Ted dying no Ted Ted died you made it look look look look Leo just wait let's get good job that was close the door's locked let's press on that in turn watch out the monsters do the story touched it yep that was pretty spooky stay with me there must be at least one door here that's unlocked you tap the doors I'll hold the flashlight oh my gosh gate open quick it turns into an arrow on your screen right yes Jane Grover this way oh my gosh can't monsters following you I know just get the doors you chart that door over there do you see it I can't open more doors I'll go the other way janice would be faster i can't open doors well I can't but I don't really wanna hold my flashlight I mean I do want to hold my flashlight oh gosh Janet you've run arms interaction I've checked all these doors so you don't have to bother yes well that way where he went this way start checking doors here this way vomit yeah okay looks like we probably can get somewhere in through the vents where's the vent appear oh I didn't see that okay my flashlight I feel like it's very dark is it this way no no this way it's this way up well I'm scarred that Quinn kind of scared me at first okay yeah shut down hmm let's go down the water tunnel I should reach outside yeah okay outside is mine should be fun okay watch out don't run pisser's parkour I did see it a little bit and injured so I know what's up but I do not know what's happening after this camp I said yeah you gotta protect me you gotta I don't know what happens if you setting the fire already did don't touch it Wow a fresh can't spot let's take a quick nap while we can I'm hot on Motown snow gosh not gosh I'm gosh Naugle okay what's gonna happen I can't do that huh is this some night time did we oversleep why is it so nighttime Oh looks like something is messing with the time here do what we're doing you see let's keep going down the river exactly I totally forgot okay now I don't know what's it do hey wait for me these boaters look like like these big locks looks like tents Kosilek blue shaped like a triangle wish Luna oh I know let's cross that bridge it looks like if you like it's gonna collapse go go go go you're home first I don't want to get too far behind get the monster we're behind us hmm Oh looky wonderful right looks like a dream deadly poisonous waterfall – yeah I love this part you'll love it to be continued there's so much there's so much of the monsters they're like babies update with you high school life maybe the update one is that you can hop onto that bus to go to the next the next awesome day big thumbs up down below it is your mom's like this tap this but it is tap that box and please grab our cheer race yes


  1. I understand why ya cant friend ppl but im ya BIGGEST fan and i really wanna be your friend and be in your vids plllllzzzzzzzz pretty plz you guys r really nice and i have a secret club of my own called Animal Scouts with my friends Adam and Kyle we r gonna have a channel soon 2 and we all love ya guys bye plz respond and like

  2. Hey love the game you played and I'm going to get Roblox tomorrow I hope I see you tomorrow at ROBLOX

  3. Hi kate and janet i love your video's so much i watch them all the time yku guys are the best i love you guys so much 😄😊😇🤗☺🙂💓💕💖💗💙💚💛💜💝💞💟💌❣

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