Home Made Black Forest Cake | ഓവൻ ഇല്ലാതെ അടിപൊളി ബ്ലാക്ക് ഫോറെസ്ററ് കേക്ക് | M4 Tech |

Home Made Black Forest Cake | ഓവൻ ഇല്ലാതെ അടിപൊളി ബ്ലാക്ക് ഫോറെസ്ററ് കേക്ക് | M4 Tech |

Hi friends. Welcome to a new video of M4Tech. Today we are going to see how to make a Black forest cake for Christmas. Lets see how to make it. First we should break 3 eggs into a bowl. Now we have broken the eggs. Next we need 1.5 cups powdered sugar. I have bought the sugar from shop and powdered it. Due to the wind here, little fell off. I have taken one cup as 1 glass here. You dont have to buy a glass or cup for that. Just take 1 cup full of powdered sugar. We need 1.5 cups here. We have taken 1.5 glasses here. Next we have to whist both of them together. If you have a beater at home you can do it easier. Others can use a whisk like this. Now we have to mix this well for a while. It will take some time. If its a beater it will be ready soon. Now add 1tbsp vanilla essence to this and mix well. Take 1/2 cup sunflower oil. I have taken the same glass for the sugar and oil. Pour this to the egg sugar mix and beat well. Next sieve 1.5 cups maida. With 3tbsp cocoa powder Next add 1tbsp baking soda 1tbsp and baking pdr 1/2tbsp. Sieve all these together so that the maida, cocoa, baking pdr and baking soda merges well. Now we shall add little by little of our flour mix to the egg mix and whisk it slowly Once the first part is mixed well, add the remaining flour mix and whisk it. Our bowl is a bit small here. So you can take a bigger bowl while making. Now our batter is ready. Beat well to make the batter smooth and fluffy. How much ever you whisk it that much the cake turns soft. After whisking it we have to pour 3/4th glass hot water to the batter. Now mix it well again. Now we have taken an aluminium cake tin to bake the cake. Grease it with oil. This is for the cake to leave the sides of the tin once its done. Now sprinkle some maida over it and discard the excess flour from the tin. Pour the batter to the greased tine. We have to pour only upto 1/2 of the tin. Thats because the cake will rise and it may over flow out. Now I have taken a vesselt o bake our cake. Its a steamer. Add some soil to the vessel. Now heat a stove. This is a sieved soil so its safe to use. Lets heat the vessel with the soil. We will be baking our cake in this vessel When the soil becomes hot, we shall place the cake tin into it. Close and bake for 30mts. Now our cake has rised well. Once it has cooled down, we shall turn over the cake. Now we should hit it like this at all the sides and slowly remove the cak from the tin. Do not use force else the cake will break. Now our cake is ready. We have to fill cream in it. Before that lets cut it to 3 layers. Use a sharp kinife for that. Remember that the cake is very soft here so slice is slowly. Remove the slices carefully else it may break. Our first layer is cut. Now lets cut another slice. Now we have 3 layers. Now cut some cherries and keep aside. This is for making cherry syrup. We will be pouring this over the cake layers. Now lets make cherry syrup Heat a pan with 1 cup water and 2tbsp powdered sugar. Then stir this well and add the chopped cherries to the sugar water. Our water has boiled well and the cherries have merged in the syrup. Now once it has cooled down, pour some over the cake layer. This is for the cake to have a good texture, stay soft and be tasty. Now lets make the cream. We are using quick whipping powder here. One packet is added to 100ml cold water. Whisk this well. The more we whisk it, the more it becomes fluffy. It has become a bit creamy now Now apply little cram on the cake base. This is for the cake not to slip from the base. Now lets place the 1st layer cake on it. After that spread some cream over the cake and spread it over the cake. Now place the second layer cake over it. Spread cream over the next layer and place the next layer cake also. This is the last layer. Spread cream over and around the cake. We may take more time to spread cream on the sides of the cake. We may take time for that. Next we need dark chocolate. This costs around Rs 100/- Lets carve the chocolate to get shavings like this. This is a peeler. I am using this to get chocolate shavings. Black forest gets its taste only if it is coated with dark chocolate and cherries. Now lets cover the cake with these shavings. If we dont get this dark chocolate you can use dairy milk. But dark chocolate is the best. Its less expensive and matches more for this cake. Now we have sprinkled chocolate all over the cake. Design the cake in a good way. If a person who knows it will surely do it better or do it like me. Next place cherries over it. We have placed the final cherries too. Our cake work is done. See our cake is ready. Now the only work is to cut and have it. It smells awesome. It smells exactly like black forest. Now I am going to cut it. How about having our cake? Sure Today Edwin is going to taste our cake. 1st piece is for Edwin What will you say after having this? You should say it tastes awesome. Our Edwin is going to have the 1st piece of our cake. Have it How is it? Very good Seriously how is it? Seriously its good. He says its good. Now let me have the next piece Praveen is showing funny faces there. So I shall give him the next piece None of you have ever seen Praveen say comments. So I shall show you You should eat mouthful. How is it? Awesome Now say the other one Since Geo made it, its awesome Now you also say that I said it Since Geo brother made it its very tasty He said to say it like that. Now let me have and see Did you put ice cream on it? Fresh cream. On my mustache? Those who have a mustache its very difficult to have tea and cake. How is it? Not saying because I made it, its awesome Can we eat the whole thing? yes we can Shall give the rest for our house members to taste Let them also know how the cake is. All of you do try this out. Even if you dont have an oven or beater, you can bake a cake. Its a simple black forest cake and tastier than we make at home. Isn’t it? All of you do try it out. Its Christmas thats coming. We have more Christmas videos coming. Like the video if you liked it and dislike if you didnt. Do post comments and suggestions. To get more videos like this subscribe to M4Tech if you havent. Shall see you with more videos like this. This is Geo Joseph signing out with camera man Praveen.

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