Hermitcraft 5: Episode 78 – HUGE Villager Farms!

Hermitcraft 5: Episode 78 – HUGE Villager Farms!

I AM BUMBO THE DESTROYER!!! BUMBO VIDEO 78!! I want to give two updates right at the very start of this episode as you guys know in the previous episode of hermitcraft I said I was going to Pinewood Studios with red. I have now been to Pinewood Studios with red, and it was awesome It was so much fun Just checking out all of the equipment at having chance with them, and also I just want to say a massive Thank you for their hospitality and for sorting me out with all sorts of merchandise and things I’ve got hoodies, I’ve got t-shirts I’ve got two incredible books which I’ve been reading over the past couple days And I’ve got all the bits and pieces lanyards and everything like that So I’m fully kitted out in red gear walk it around town I think I want to give an update on it is as you guys know. I’ve got two cars. I’ve got my Mercedes c63 AMG Which I use as a daily driver and also I have my t2 camper van the c63 After owning it for almost three years now and doing just over 40 thousand miles in it is Probably going to be going over the next couple months or weeks or so and I’m going To be replacing it with something very rare and very Italian now I know that sounds like a Ferrari laferrari or some form of classic Italian supercar note. That is not the case I’m looking into getting a 100 horsepower Fiat Panda Thats kinda my option right now and I can’t wait. I mean I seem to absolutely love them I’ve been looking at them online and it just seems like a great idea anyway aside from all that nonsense in the previous episode of hermitcraft, we did a Massive massive clearing job. It was huge We cleared out so much water But both this space and also the space on the opposite side of the base have now been it Fully cleared out ready for all of the farms so today we’re going to start work on the farms themselves so this is the design that we’re going to be using originally by unirii bit and Then twearked to mess around with by nathan ryan and you have to check out this video because it is honestly one of the most detailed and just BUMBO SMART FARM!! vErY GOoD! yES? BUMBO’S FAVOURITE VIDEO! BEAUTIFULLLLLL then that’s the video to watch because you will understand every single step of the process and Every single design decision that has been taken at whilst building this so here It is this is what we’re going to be constructing now. We just have to find a spot for it Which is instantly going to be harder because this is centered around one block I do regret I do regret the fact that my base is centered around a two block system So let’s see how much dirt that we have next to none not brilliant not brilliant in the slightest where’s all the dirt gone I used it for the grids didn’t I and then I left it to de-spawn. This is totally my own fault. Oh, No And my plan was to come by the your lead share Hermits heart to pick up some dirt from there but that’s gone as well ah Maybe a dirt mining session. Oh, this is good fun. Though. This is good sometimes It’s worth without having the resources so this is the size of it We have laid out the foundation for the actual dirt platform itself And that’s what it’s going to look like and I’ll be honest is not noticeably off-center Like you would have to be really focusing to notice that that’s off-center. I’m not actually that fussed by that Not too fussed in the slightest, I mean it’s gonna annoy all of you because you know it’s off-center, but no okay So I’m just gonna build this We’re going to fill in all that and then we can start doing the outside so this should now mark the end of part one of the process so we have got all of the dirt in place and we Have all of the blocks that are going to wrap around the next thing that we have to do Is we have to get all the water in place now as far as I can tell just gonna quickly check on the other side The water has to go actually there so the water goes there and then we have another one of those on the other side and We have another one of those in the corner, and then we also have One that goes in the middle I got super confused then I thought I was facing the opposite way So we’ve got we’ve got one dirt there One dirt here and Then as I said my gosh, I’m making What am I doing, clearly my brain stopped working there, so we’ve got all of the water holes in place. This is where they go next up See lanten placement to light up this entire area Now that we’ve done all that it’s time to pop down into the area that I completely forgot about To pick up all of the glass that we’re going to need for this built I mean we have stacks upon stacks upon stacks of the stuff over by the super smelter But I feel like this is a resource. I should probably make use of I cant believe it. Another resource that I’m continually making use of is this thing I just want to thank every single person down the comment section. They let me know about plays light blue plants I Mean I spent so long trying to find lapis, then getting bone meal and everything like that well I could just build something like this It’s amazing the project is going really well But I keep having to go out on little resource gathering missions this time We need to gather up some lily pads so that we can a cover up the water streams I think I need to do that but more importantly B So that our villager can stand on it because if the villager doesn’t stand on the lily pad Then it will be in the water stream and that means the other villager which is meant to be throwing items Towards it the villager will pick up the I think that makes sense I don’t know what I’m talking about to be honest with you But we need them after a lot of faffing around and getting distracted done We are completed finished on the first layer So what I’m going to do is I’m going to actually shoot off apparently travel through that glass wall And I’m going to do an afk session overnight, and hopefully when I return tomorrow I’m actually going to be yeah, just a little bit more on the ball I don’t know what’s going on with me, but my brain does not seem to be working Hey, you know what? There’s so many places that I could potentially afk. I think this spot will do nicely Yeah, it’s been ages since we’ve made use of the mob farms and also the sugar cane farm So this should do the trick and we are back on the server after taking a pretty hefty fall kind of bouncing off Pretty much every single part of this then this then I bounced off this and I ended up on the floor somehow I managed to not die, but I do only have one I’ve only got three hearts and apparently I don’t have any food either anyway Let’s flick this thing off and quickly take a look of just how many drops you’ve managed to get I Did not realize that could happen I will also mention that I got kicked halfway through the nights due to my computer deciding to update but by the look of things It’s still doing a pretty good job Yeah, we have got some serious drops going on what about what sugarcane? I’m interested to see sugarcane so that’s gone into the next set of chest and I think we might have filled up all of the sugarcane storage at least all of it that I can reach Next up we have to transport villagers from our village breeder over there Over into this area so that we can actually put them inside the system. How did these guys there’s no powered rails here? Look check it out. No powered rails whatsoever That is so weird look I don’t know if I’m going insane here How much momentum did they have That is really odd that is way longer than they should have gone on for but I’m happy for it look they they’ve stopped in perfect unison oh No this guy’s rolling back This guy’s rolling back despite my super powered minecart rails this thing it should now be completed I’ve just pushed in the slab, so this guy is now being held in place and I think that means he can’t get out Yeah, he won’t be able to get through that gap so now we can remove all of these blocks Where you can remove all of these blocks and we can remove all of these blocks as well. Yep, so there we go that is One villager in place there we also have one villager There’s a brown coat down here, which is going to be doing all the planting and things okay, first module completed now Let’s do the next one part one of the process has now been completed full stone slab coverage Giving us a fairly nice-looking ceiling of this bottom module down here, okay I just got the fright of my life things can spawn up here Seriously I That’s probably the most scared I’ve ever been in Minecraft, I was just placing this dirt line head down, and then a Creek a a creeper that came along and blew up. I don’t know if you quite caught that at the end there I was fully out of breath heart racing everything Part two is now done all of the dirt is in place and also the border going around the outside Has gone in as well now. Let’s see how this thing looks from the outside Fairly prismarine II yeah very prismarine part three is now done up we’ve cleared out all the space for water We’ve put in all of the sea lanterns Which is much easier Now that I’ve done the first level because I knew exactly where all of these things are meant to go And I’ve also placed in all of the glass and all of this area around their central section now Built as well and once again much much easier the second time around believe it or not I really struggled with this structure here the first time I built it last night Maybe that’s because it was game late, and my brain just wasn’t working and we’ve run out of stone So I don’t have enough to make any of the stone slabs so I’ve come down here to mine some more But I don’t have a silk touch pickaxe okay Let’s go back, so I’m about halfway there. I’ve got myself efficiency 5 and Unbreaking 3 and silk touch, that’s all good. The only thing that we do need is mending. I don’t have any mending I’m fairly certain. We have a villager that has to trade those who I have to have a look thankfully we do right, so we’ve got to the book and then 26 emeralds and There we go one mending book It is so handy having these guys sitting around just to make up for losses in the afk fish from this is perfect Hey one bonus of doing the stone mining session is that you do discover? Diamonds six diamonds from that one right there if I get more. I think last time. I got some 150 It was insane so this second part is now Completed without all of the villagers because our village a breeder isn’t actually producing any villages at this point in time Which I’m going to work on it in the next couple seconds, but I think for now what I want to do It’s a check out how this thing looks from afar? Which the answer to that is? Pretty cool. I think Part of me wishes that I had done it using dark for his marine. I suppose I can fix that in the future I think for the time being I just want to get this thing built so what I’m going to do is I’m going to work on the final two modules in the form of a quick Third-person time-lapse thankfully now that I’ve learned how to build this thing the build process is getting a lot more efficient So it’s a base time lapse chat I want to talk to you about a whole bunch of different things thing number one is to explain it a little bit farther About to the 100-horsepower Panda I mentioned that I was going to be trading out the c63 for a 100 horsepower Fiat Panda which to a lot of you He’s kind of sound a little bit surprising because of course three mgs a 6.2 liter v8 550 brake horsepower so go from something like that to a Fiat Panda May seem like a bit of a surprise, and that’s that’s totally justified I will just say the Fiat Panda is meant to be a fantastically good fun car I’ve been reading all sorts of reviews and Apparently it’s meant to be hilariously good fun to drive So that’s something that I’m excited to try out I’m actually going to be test driving one tomorrow, but the reason that I’m considering it is because over the past two years I’d say I’ve kind of transferred from liking modern cars brand new cars and things that have just recently come out Into liking classic cars a lot more now part of this has been spurred on by the ownership of the campervan despite the fact that You know the campervan has had like a handful of problems and things The driving experience of it is so much more rewarding And it is so much more fun to drive than any other car that I’ve driven and that’s like a really really slow terrible Handling just awful driving car, but it’s so much more fun because it’s classic. It’s analogue You’re in total control, and it’s not boring There’s never a dull moment in a car like that So why thought I do is I’ve been kind of looking at how I could go about getting Another classic car in my life something a little bit more sporty like a classic sports car like a 60s or 70s alpha or Lancia Or something like that and I builds myself. You know what why not get rid of the c63 have campervan Have a fun little run around car such as the 100 horsepower Panda and then pick up one of these classic Italian cars to just shoot around on in the weekends and I think I think that’s a plan at this point in time and I’m going to be working on that over the next couple of months so Yeah, all very exciting There is potential for some really cool things coming along now the next quick thing that I just want to mention it is about the mine cars type thing that I came up with I Really like the idea It’s something that I really want to do but for the time being I don’t think I’m going to be able to do it. I need to really plan this out and work out How I would present it as some form of show so thank you ever so much for the response to it Your feedback was extremely helpful and important And I’ll be looking into the potential of doing that at some point next year potentially and then finally the last thing I want to mention is it’s been ages, but you should really follow me on Twitter and Instagram I’m posting on there quite frequently So I’ll put links to both of those down in the description if you do want to check it out if you have both of those social media accounts then you should because that’s where you get all the information for the channel Go this thing is now all completed, and I have to say I am very impressed with the way that it looks I really like the way this farming modules coming together now It’s a bit of a shame that this is the first time That we’re not going to have symmetry because of course this module is going to be different to this one so far We’ve managed to maintain perfect symmetry all throughout the base look you can see we have perfect lines going through both sides these two are going to be different I I mean Yeah, they are there’s no. There’s no two ways about it part of me Thought you know maybe I could build two sets from both of these farms But to be honest that will just be boring to watch, so I’m not going to do that But this thing is now all built now we have to do is get some villagers into it The only slight issue is our villagers. Don’t seem to be breeding very much You can see we don’t have any in the chamber so what we’re going to have to do is create some Potato and carrot farms so that we can breed up villagers so that we can fill in our potato and carrot farms seems a bit backwards to me now as you guys know I’ve tried messing around with different nano farms in the past and It hasn’t gone so well the Nano farms are I built in the farming district underneath the mob spawner they were terrible they were absolutely terrible and Always broke due to server lag. Where is this one? designed by Someone familiar miss El Mango should in theory work absolutely perfectly now as you can see Exactly the same as all other nano farms. You hold down the right click button and we get tons upon tons of drops I’m liking this I’m liking this nice and small nice and compact looks like it’s going to be an easy one just doing some resource gathering for the nano farm and I’m kind of halfway there. I’ve got the Pistons We’re actually going to need some slime balls as well to make those sticky pistons & observers. We’ve got some redstone torches redstone repeaters We’ve got a handful of hoppers I’m going to need a little bit of dirt So that should do the trick, but we also need quarts lots of course or at least just some quarts I don’t seem to have any also dark prismarine. Where we’d kind of go into struggle with What’s made the squid farm start working with all the resources gathered it’s now time to construct this thing and I’ve decided to build it off over by the pumpkin and melon farms And this one on this side is going to be for carrots And the one on the other side is going to be for potatoes Just because I can’t help but make things metrical you can have two of them, so this repeater goes here. That’s a good sign That’s making good noises And then if we pop up to the top we have got a repeater up the top here, and then I think Okay and a block here and a block here then our comparator and this side It is now also Done as well with a lovely ticking noise currently running through so I just need to tell that Placing the water right there and there we go. We are good to do this So I am going to place the potato in on this side. I’ve got to try and find a carrot I guess I’m gonna have to get one of those from the spawn town area And then I’m gonna take off and pick up a whole ton of boats. I keep forgetting that there Is there is no spawn town? I’m fingers crossed we have some carrots left over in in the dirt. Huh I mean Thankfully I have these little dudes not too far away from my house who hopefully have been diligently growing some carrots And what going to do is I’m rich I’m gonna pick up one like well one little patch of carrots so that just in case this happens again I have plenty more of supply know what I’m even gonna replant it but the good news is now we’ve actually built this thing it seems to working like a charm I Mean I’m holding down the right click button and we are hopefully getting all sorts of potatoes that flowing into the inventory Let’s quickly take a look Okay, that’s pretty good. That’s pretty good in fact. I’m gonna see how fast these things are coming in Can’t see it just yet. Eventually once we fill up the stack we should begin to see I just want to make sure as well Some of these I’m getting used I’m an idiot Yeah The top one’s not meant to be used is to do with chances and things so that’s all good and as you can see It is working incredibly fast. There’s no doubt about it fantastic news we actually have a working nano farm on the server and In grow the potatoes I’ve used up all of the bone meal that we have in that farm right there So hopefully that should give us enough potatoes for these guys to start breeding You can see them traveling up there then going to make their way into the water streams. Be traded between all of the villages and Hopefully allow for some love hearts to start forming yes there we go There is the love Okay, so we should start to see some baby villagers falling out the bottom of this thing shortly Potatoes have been thrown in These guys are enjoying themselves We have a working system once again, and there we go villager has been birthed We have been birthed the villager and it is formed through the system and ended up straight down in the catchment zone Okay, so this is working that this is all good The potatoes are still flowing in because of how many we put into the system, but this is all good, okay I would say I would say that wraps everything up Today’s episode on the hermitcraft server. I am now going to stay here overnight AFK up at the top right here and make sure that all of these guys are Having babies and we’re getting plenty of villagers into the system so that we can transport them off in the next episode of hermit craft But unfortunately as a gentlemen that is all I’ve got time for today I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure onto that like ban And if you really loved it there make sure you subscribe, but thanks for watching guys This is me mumbo, and I’m out our Co mater two things number one I apologize that my phone just went off and number two should check out the latest film of the filming channel Link will be on the end screen

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