Hermitcraft 5: Episode 54 – HUGE Mob Farm!

Hermitcraft 5: Episode 54 – HUGE Mob Farm!

Hello everyone this is Mumbo and welcome back to another episode on the Hermitcraft server. It is episode 54 and today I just want to start things off with a bit of an announcement. This weekend i am going to be at the Insomnia Games Festival in Birmingham i’m going to why 62 this isn’t something i’ve announced yet It Was all Arranged for in the last minute but i’m Going to be there and i’m Very Very Excited for It i think i’ve Been to the past four i do believe Every single One of them i’ve Really Really Enjoyed There’s lots of awesome gaming Companies there lots of awesome Things to look at so If you Aren’t going i would suggest going maybe to this one but definitely the next one and if You are going look out for me I’m going to be wandering Around the convention Hall and Also I’m going to be doing a few meet and greets at the chill Blast and so Make sure to keep Your eye out the next Thing that i Just quickly want to mention it is that the camp Ravana is now Also back Up and running It is running so so smoothly i actually Traveled about 150 miles in both directions or 150 miles there 150 miles back to get a Burger Yesterday a Because i love driving The campervan and be Because the burger looks so good And It Was a Very Good Burger for those Who follow me on twitter you will have seen it? It’S a Wonderful Looking Thing Isn’t it but Anyway the Plan for Today’s Hammock craft episode Is to construct the thing that We Partially Designed It in the previous episode of Hermit craft This is the ridiculous mob farm that We Modified from This Design Over Here by ill mango Which is a Fantastic Design super practical Super reliable I’ll Put a Link to it down in description but The issue is its centralized Around One Block and our base is centralized Around two Blocks Because I’m a Total spoon and don’t think Things Through so this This is the design That we’ve had to create it uses a Lot more dispensers But Hopefully It Should Work Just as well and It will look Really Cool on the inside of Our base so i guess the first thing that i’ve Got To do is build This and i’ve Just Thought Is it gonna fit i Don’t know yes i think You’ll find the Answer is yes i always Forget How massive this Place Is So the first little Project is to gather a Whole bunch Of magma blocks To use on the Killing Station or the Killing area Where they’re going to be falling To because this uses both full damage and also The burning damage that i Just so abele Demonstrated Right There to actually Kill off all of The mobs I’M Just Waiting for this guy to notice me doesn’t Oh you got me now that i’ve Got enough magma blocks To make a Mordor i have to get a Whole Bunch of string for all of These? dispensers and i believe that Is scale has Actually Got a spider farm Hello What Why don’t you have a hat Man Yeah, Oh yeah i i think i might Have Just Got Blown Up by a ghast on the way to Yours oh? It Got Destroyed yeah Wait spin cursive Beining he’s Been stuck on my Head for like The past couple months so i’m quite happy i Was disgusting Yeah It Was a Horrible One One Thing that i am i Just i thought i’d Ask okay what what yeah What’s Happened to him i know dude Send your bumble Kick Tony’s in i don’t know if you saw the prank that assumed i did on me no He built these enderman and Put Direct looks everywhere in my base and while he turned He turned our Dear bumble Kicked all night into died right into Bird Poop oh right and oh Gosh What a Horrid Thing dude He’s in Now it’s like we’ve peel the skin off? Is Horrendous i Had to go bad like i couldn’t Let Him have died right Infested Skin There no, no see you flared him but Basically you Exactly That is Horrendous That Is a Horrible Horrible disgusting Thing to do and How are we gonna make Merch Sales Now you know we’ve Got cactus Jack i don’t the magnetic What Was it the at the solar-powered Waving Dashboard Love You Goodness Sales are gonna Plummet Yeah it’s Stacked All Night All Night That’s horrible AnyWay i Need the string the string My string yeah before before that i want To show You one Thing one Good Thing came Out of This prank right leave it or not like Zuma prank me with ten stacks of tents no tents all key Boxes Worth of diorite Really so what Yeah it was disgusting okay so what you done with it Here’s What i have done you know you have you have the you have the derp counter Yeah? Spoon counter and asuma has the derp counter yeah i have the die right Burns counter That’s so Good Wow This Place is amazing by The way this is it’s a Work in progress Work in progress but yet Yeah thanks Bad awesome test so cool i Shall Get to your string Man i shall get to your string all right so you have you got a have you got a string? farm Have you got like act a String farm yes i Got 2 string Farms Actually to the string ‘mobile I’m in a Joking Mood today i’d after a Daft Mood Daft Mood Listen to that English oh he’s in a Daft Mood our Food our Food Right are we in the right place i never know how your bass Confuses The heck out of me oh? It’s a it’s a do i got to i got 2 spoons that he was actually a Triple i have to destroy The 30 was Right Here right okay But i have to destroy but It also Check this out this is crazy i know how i have a creeper only farm yeah? It’s creeper and spider so all right of Course yeah string Okay oh well That’s brilliant Because i’m in the process of building a more farm and i need like cual off Dispenses so if you don’t Mind me Just taking like a Whole Bunch of string you can take all of It do you Have Shelter? Boxes with you know as per usual i don’t as pleased okay so come here then Get Come here and Get some Ready Packed string Instead if You Go back alright okay See lost It there he is? I’m struggling Here i’m strictly Help the Block I Saw Gunpowder traveling Through It The mob form is probably on at the moment i thought i shut it off That’s interesting maybe i Do have oh wow i’m Actually quite low because i’ve Been i turned it all into i’ve Turned it all into Into World Yeah Well That’s Perfect This Should Be This Should Be more Than enough This is perfect i was a Little Bit worried that i was gonna have to go out like spider Killing for like six hours? So you Really have you you have helped me out big time Here? I help You Alice Always can I Just Ask What the crap is that on my floor mambo oh i’m sure Let’S did you Poop that out There’s nothing That i could do i can Only I’ll take these i like these alright okay that that can Be the Payment Just a Top tip for anyone Who wants to build Things with magma blocks if you stand on the edge of them like this you Don’t actually Get Burnt now i know this Is an Intended Behavior but it’s extremely Extremely Useful Apparently You also don’t take damage if You hold down the shift Button this is something that i didn’t realize but Is also Incredibly Useful and This Should Just about do It for Our magma block platform so there we Go This is the size of the magma block platform and if you pop off the edge We Should See Just how this Thing is going To look in the center and the Answer is Very cool i was not Expecting that to look cool i thought it’s gonna look Really Really Ugly but It looks Cool Awesome okay so that Is where the mobs are going to be landing That hole in the center is where the drops against you falling and The best Part about this is is that the drops Fall Perfectly Within This area Here Which means that They’re Just going to fall straight into our Water streams and They’re going to connect Up to the Item Transportation System okay Next up what we have to do is craft a lot of Dispensers Because We Need to place those in It Around the outside and then We Need to get a lot of Iron That i’ve Just Realized Because We Need to put a Water Bucket in Every single one of Those dispensers That’s gonna Be huge The Other Thing about dispensers You Need a Whole Bunch of materials to get them i mean i’ve Just gone Out and gathered up a bunch of Words That Should Hopefully Be enough to do the full set we Need a ton of cobblestone for them we Need all the string the redstone i Think they need Changing Things are coming together Pretty Nicely Now we’ve Got all of the dispensers in Finally We Managed to craft Up all of those and i’m Just in the process of Placing in the redstone line Which Makes its Way Around the outside Now as far as color scheme is concerned i think i’m going to stick to what i’ve got going on here which is Dark prismarine And The stone Slabs and i have to say Already i think This Is a Cool-Looking Built? Now as i Said earlier on to make The Buckets we Need huge quantities of Iron and i Cannot Remember Where i put the iron in the storage system I thought It Was in the Miscellaneous end but There’s no Iron Over there i don’t think i’ll be There maybe in the redstone Section i Just don’t know i have however remembered that We do Actually have the iron farm that as you can See? It’S a Stern alright i Do Feel like We Need to improve this at some point though It has However occurred to me that i definitely don’t need this much Onion for all the Buckets i think i Got a Little Bit overexcited but a bit behind farm right Let’s see how this Goes Very Good Absolutely Wonderful First Class Absolutely Brilliant And There We Go all of The Water Clays so that Is going to push all of the items that Fall look from the mobs Into the sensor okay so That’s that is the Killing Station all done and Dusted That’s completely Finished Brilliant and It Looks cool Doesn’t It It looks Really Really Cool in here okay i guess Now we have to actually Start with the Main Body of the mont farm but the Good news is my lasagnas Just Finished cooking Now that My lasagna has Been consumed it is time to pick Up some stone slabs From The Yola each Share Hermit area Which is one of My favorite Places on the Hermit craft server Because i seem to use all of My stone Very Very vast and then i guess craft It all up into slabs and Actually Start Work on constructing The mob Spawner you know what i Think i Should Probably do It in the form of a Third-person Time-lapse i imagine That’s going to be really Satisfying to watch And That My Friends is that Now i do realize i ran Out of Memory Towards the end of That time lapse so i kind Of Missed The last One being Built but This is iT it’s a Very Very tall structure Extremely Tall and i Was a Little Bit worried that It Would look Stupid Inside This area i thought It Would look Really Really Dark Just Kind of standing Up like that but i have to say it? Really Doesn’t It Looks mega Like It Looks also i think the fact that it’s a diamond Design Has Really Really Helped Here and If we Just take a look at This Thing It looks Pretty Cool Doesn’t It It looks At especially Cool when you can Actually see all of the shook cane farms Around it i Think that Really Helps it out awesome okay What a built what an absolutely epic Build Now of course there is a Whole Bunch of Stuff that we have to do Still We Have to put in all of the dispensers down the Middle have to do all The redstone down the Middle we have to? Do the redstone on the top and Also The Big Platform on the top but that is going to keep all of This in Darkness Because right Now it’s not a particularly Good mob Spawner But Sadly I Have Run Out of time for Today so why as per usual I’m going to go afk in This area Here and i’M Just going to see how much fruit cane can Be produced by this Area it’s probably gonna be a lot Except It Was a Total fail i managed to Turn off My Computer so we Didn’t Get anything extra shoot gain and also Just As a Side note Say Goodbye to this Thing I’m not taking it down? But i think you might be disappearing Over the Next couple Days i Wish there Was an Easy Way to do this That’d Be Great Anyway as I’m sure you’ve Guessed the Next Thing that we’ve Got To do is place in all of The dispensers going Up the center of the mob farm because right Now we don’t really Have a mob farm we Just have a Bunch of Platforms Which Isn’t particularly exciting so this is what the setup is Currently Looking like so we’ve got a Big 2×2 hole Graham right the way through The Center Which is where all of the redstone is going to be going then we have the dispensers and on top of dispensers we’ve Got the Furnaces Which are our movable objects to stop the slime blocks Inside the redstone from Just tearing down this entire contraption Because That Wouldn’t be particularly Good with it so Just When i have dark prismarine but i Just want To pop down to the bottom to see what this Thing Looks like Now that We Actually Have a Pillar on The inside and the other set is free it looks Seriously cool okay Now it’s beginning to get a little Bit more Substantial and Actually starting to look like a Built not from down here though Because you can’t really see it Now that the Pillar is done from top to bottom It is time to actually start Work on the redstone Which is going to be Controlling This Thing so what i’m going to do is build like a Bit of a platform up at The top right Here Smaller Than the full-sized Platform That Takes Out All the light Because Obviously we don’t want any mob spawning in Here before we can switch it on and That Should Be The stage for the redstone whirring that i still don’t fully Understand and i’ve Built it on the wrong level Thankfully Only This Layer Before You start panicking all of This Seems to be okay okay this could be a little Bit more tricky to work on than i was Expecting Due to the fact that it’s already Filled to the brim with Mobs How Am i meant to work with this But notice That Things are surviving there Should i be worried about That Maybe and as The sun sets Over the Minecraft World Once again The redstone is coming Together Pretty Nicely I’m Kind of following Along His tutorial and also Along With the World download To try my best To make This Thing Actually Work so i think i’m done as far as the top is concerned the next Thing That happens is We’ve got a redstone circuit Which Sends a Signal right the way down to the bottom Which apparently is going to be on the back Which Actually Works for me but with my design that i have right Now down at The Bottom there i think the input is on this size we’re Just going to have to flip It over no problem but i honestly i Kind of Understand What This does we’ve Just Got some hopper clocks and then We Have some post extenders and some from honest tables but I don’t really Understand What each Part of the circuit Actually controls so this is gonna be news to me Hopefully It all Functions well we’ll have to wait and see on that One and the sun Saying again? Now it must Admit it is a Tiny Bit frustrating That This redstone Torch Tower Right Here Isn’t going to be centralized Throughout the farming district but Thankfully is Kind of Hidden Away Inside this sugarcane So hopefully It Shouldn’t Be too noticeable I’ve Got a Lot of This to do Now that That’S done it’s time to do the Actual inside of our Pillar so this Is What’S going to be controlling all of The Dispenses and it’s going to involve a Lot of slime blocks and also a Lot Sort of redstone as Well Each One of Haring each Set Of dispensers also There’s so many Monsters Inside here Now i don’t know whether to build This from the top down or from the bottom Up i’ve Just Realized That it’S gonna have to be from the top down because there is no way that i can think of in that i could Place That’s probably Smart i Can in the redstone and then the slime blocks Okay and Then Up like This and okay okay oh? Yes okay we’re fine oh i got scared then i thought those were the dispensers and we Built it all Wrong We’re making some serious progress Here now that we’ve done all that We Need to grab Ourselves a Whole ton of Buckets and We are going to take those Up Throughout the farm and Gradually fill in all of These dispensers With Water Now i’m Wondering Would It Be Smart to potentially Dump off some of These Buckets Here and Actually Craft Up a Few more Stacks of empty Buckets so that we can create infinite Water Sources While we’re up there i think That’s probably a Better idea Yes It Would Be Smart according to my calculations i have enough Buckets to do the entire farm Right Here? So let’s go if i can Take off Yeah That’s not Very dramatic is it no i must Say the one Thing about Doing this is that traveling Between the levels is Extremely difficult i can I’ve Already done that one No i haven’t done that One but i might not have done the one before it i have come up with a method Though Right The Way over to the edge and then Walk Forwards yes this is going to make life easier we’re about three quarters of the way done with all of the water buck is in We Now have to do something i think i have to go right the way up to the top and i have to power The redstone Mechanism i Am so scared i am I’m Genuinely Absolutely Horrified at This point in time but i think i have to place in redstone Block for a Little While and Then remove it And We Should Fingers Crossed and It Is looking Good We Should Have Water all the Way down to the baba? Ba-Ba-Ba-ba Well Maybe Give It another Go maybe oh? so wheat okay this is the Bad news and it’s something that i thought might Happen but Just hoped Wouldn’t but powering so this piston is Bad powers okay Don’t know how to fix it really Unless i replace These Central Sections with Slaps and Then Run The redstone Up and we don’t have a Movable objects we Just have redstone There and Just hope That nothing Spawns i Don’t know iF it’s because i’ve Played a Lot of Minecraft Today but i Just can’t. Seem to write this out in my head i Don’t know what to do i thought something i thought something Hopefully It Functions as i Expected To so i’m going to place in a bunch of Regular pistons facing Downwards Next to the pistons but not where the slime blocks are i think this Should Work this Should Definitely Work No the idea is totally Flawed the the dispensers Kind of cover Where the piston Would have to? Go ah? Ah we might have a problem ah I Just Making noise i think for the time being ladies and Gentlemen we’re Actually gonna have to call It a day I? Have Got Three Hours Until This video Is meant to go live i have want to fix it so Unfortunately Lazy Jenn’s that Is all i’ve Got time for today i hope You enjoyed This video if You did be sure onto that like button And if You Really Loved It then Make sure to subscribe but Thanks for watching Guys This bimbo i’m out i’ll see ya Later Oh and As per usual check out the latest film on the filming Channel Literally Just Released today It’s a Good one

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  1. In the crafting helper book if you shift click while hovering your mouse over what you want to make it will put in up to 64 of everything in the slots.

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  3. Mumbo it’s really easy to craft just hold shift and click on the item the you want to craft it will take everything and it’s faster

  4. I thought the mob cap was 70 and if you're killing 70 as fast as possible then "size doesn't matter" oh but I guess multiplay it goes up. Well I followed gnembom's tutorial and as best I can count I'm getting close to 70 per plush, and it's only 10 layers tall. These big towers are beauties tho and once they're made you can alter them and play with them in different ways.

  5. You should (have?) added a few blocks of ice in the center to make sure all the items go into the chute at the bottom of the mob grinder

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    shows spawner
    From illmango's design
    shows spawner that looks exactly the same, couldve just done a 360

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    However, his builds would be kinda boring if he only used prismarine, so, yea…
    Prismarine slabs and stairs are nice tho…

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  13. My issue with this farm is how some levels glitch out so it's not possible to entirely turn off the mob farm to allow adjacent farms (slime/guardian) to work better.

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