Greenhouse Farming in Jamaica- Wattown- St. Ann, Greenhouse Cluster Tour EPISODE 2

Greenhouse Farming in Jamaica- Wattown- St. Ann, Greenhouse Cluster Tour EPISODE 2

Hello……….Look how fat he is Pinky, Pinky,
look how fat he is. Okay, people, so we are at Wattown Greenhouse cluster and as you can
see, you are looking at the water harvesting pond. This is what the farmers use to supply
the greenhouses and plants with water. I am basically walking from the top coming down
and as I showed you before, some of the greenhouses are at the top and some are at the bottom.
There is a metal greenhouse and I am sure I will be getting a better look into these
greenhouses when I reach where the owners are. However, I am just giving you a walk
through. There you have few drums and there you have another metal greenhouse. And we
are going down there where you see those three greenhouses and the shed. Hello………….So
I actually just miss the truck that collect the harvested produce. When I was basically
setting up my gear, I saw the truck pulling out and I thought it was going to come towards
my direction but it went the other way. I am just basically walking through the tracks
here to reach there. As you can see, we are actually passing some greenhouses. There is
the pond over there, and we are going to take a closer look at the pond later but I am going
to meet the people first before we proceed to anything else. I am actually very excited,
it has been a while since I saw the farmers and it has been a while since I have been
around here also. think I am on the wrong path, let me walk through this bush here,
here is one of the greenhouse. But we will get
a chance to look on them a little better soon. Almost there, a few more drums here and remember
guys, this is Wattown greenhouse cluster. I think this greenhouse is for Mrs. Lawrence.
Yes, we have arrived! Who are these people, laugh. Do not bother videoing. Just exclude
yourself from the video, laugh. So why you do not want to be in the video? Am I a stranger,
I am going to put you on YouTube. I am only joking, I am only joking. You are so fat,
am I fat? Give me a hug. Look how fat he is Pinky, Pinky look how fat he is. Mario, yes-
I am happy to see you, very happy. Hello, now that you are at the end, if this
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  1. Hello, episode 2 is now up- Have any questions or feedback- please feel free to write them in the comments area, thank you and stay tuned for episode 3, adios!

  2. Technically these are not greenhouses, they are net houses. A greenhouse is typically defined as CEA 'controlled environment agriculture' which can control temperature, humidity, light penetration etc. Great to see these operating in Jamaica but we're planning to bring state of the art CEA to the island including CAT5 hurricane resistance suppporting high yield hydroponics. Reference:

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