Green Energy Giants: Wind Farming in Australia (GE)

Green Energy Giants: Wind Farming in Australia (GE)

I've been with chief for about three and a half four years now and I've moved over to Australia to Sisseton jeez Faust one fun project for renewable energy there's a kid I used to ride my push bike down here and go fishing with my mates down on the wharf now I work for GE and I find myself down here unloading for a wind farm that we're building out at mamita the scale of these things just never ceases to amaze me the sheer size as they come off the ship they're just a massive piece of machinery but have the turbo stations coming from Malaysia we've got the bleeds coming from Santos in Brazil and the hops South main session coming from Salzburg and in Germany so the logistics part of this our normal day that the activity for GE once we discharge the equipment from the port we then despite it to the lead down area we call from here we take up to say we install it the Commissioner and we get onto the local grid for our end user which sub customer the satisfaction providing West Australia with the renewable green energy is an honesty this is the Operations Centre for the wind farm construction being part of a green energy company that is providing power for the district that I grew up in is something I'm really proud of this is a 50 meter blade sections that power the top a top of the blade will have the serrated edges which is a GE innovation you could see cutting edge and when in operation it reduces a nice level this cereal in my younger days with birds and bush since then we've developed it to crime lab and cereal growing and then we have been approached to go into wind farming we think it's a great idea we see no great problem with the farming business we can farm the clinic and around it and I can't wait to see it when business for the growing business because winters everywhere in the world I think my job makes the world a little better clean

8 thoughts on “Green Energy Giants: Wind Farming in Australia (GE)

  1. It is time to develop clean energies before it is too late.
    It is a question of life and death.
    Read -The Present- on truthcontest . com and you will know what I mean (there is a part about clean energies page 53, check it out).

  2. I recently read an article on the production of the magnets for these windmills which alledged there is a massive lake of toxic waste in China near where the magnets are produced. It is a bi product from the refining of the natural resource used too make the magnets.

  3. Salzburg is in Austria, geniuses. I came here just to let you know that, after having this ad piss me off multiple times as I try to watch a video.

  4. Hi GE, as a high school teacher obviously we have failed your engineers. The last time i checked Salzburg was in Austria!

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