Gardening With Cody Week 1:Hydroponics!

Gardening With Cody Week 1:Hydroponics!

Hi everyone, welcome back to Cody’s Lab So as you can see, here are my fish. And you may see these in the background of several of my other videos. These are the actually the same fish that I used in my hydro aquaponic series from a few years ago And as you can tell they’re quite large Now, the reason why they’re in this tank here, and this is a pretty small tank for the size of fish, they were only supposed to be here temporarily because their pond was getting moved and destroyed because we were taking the greenhouse and putting the turkeys in it for the winter. And well, the turkeys are still there, and so the fish are still here but I do hope to get these fish moved back into a larger pond very soon. But anyway, since these are my hydroponic fish, I thought I’d set up a little system around them Just to, you know, make use of what I’ve got here At some point I may actually, when I move these fish out, put some smaller fish in here, and leave this all set up So, first of all, this is my automatic feeder, you can see I just got that, so… We got so that it automatically drops food in there a few times a day So I don’t have to keep remembering to feed them Eh, just gave a little extra there 🙂 So I got all the pump here, which is pumping the water up and around This is a pump that’s rated for 10 years duty And you can see it’s only half-way down the tank, that way if there’s a leak somewhere You know, I only lose half the tank of water and I don’t kill the fish, and I don’t completely flood everything So we go up here… Here’s a sock That’s my little particulate filter, that’s to get the particles, you know, first pass and… As you can see there are two grow beds, a little water spills into This top one up here, I’ve got some lettuce growing, along with some seedlings, and the water flows into this gravel here And the gravel, of course, is growing bacteria in it, which helps break down ammonia in the water Converting it to nitrates, and the nitrates of course, is what the plants absorbe and use So that water is going down through here, into the second bed It’s basically the same thing, slightly different plants, this is spinach, a little bit of lettuce, celery over there And, strawberry plant… Yep There’s probably not enough room for all these plants, but The strawberries for instance, I think I’m actually going to be moving outside soon So yea, it goes down, there, into the tank, and as you can see the way I got it set up it pulls a lot of air down with it So it helps aerate the tank, and… You know, the water right now is very clear, this system actually works rather well Anyway, so that’s a little update, I definitely want to do some more work on the hydroponic systems this year The green house, once we get the turkeys out, I’m going to… Probably cover the entire thing with buckets and basically scale up the system that I had Because it worked really well, and also I’ll probably do something here, in this house that I’m renting Probably along the side of the garage I’ll set up a bunch of buckets as well… So! Anyway, hope you enjoyed, I’ll see you next time Next time I do this, I’m having the tank outside the green house You know, it’s taking up too much space and… I really don’t wanna have it down the floor where it picks up dirt and stuff *Dog barks* Umpf! Just tearing this apart, think I’m gonna re-use the buckets, just gonna lay them out differently then how I had them

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  1. Do you supplement any of the micronutrients the plants need for optimal growth, and if so, how? Thanks in advance

  2. Hey CodyDon! (I bet no one has called you that in a while! :} ) I saw a video recently saying that you can make gold from nitric acid and salt. it would be nice if you can test this… Thank You.

  3. i feel like cody is lowkey paranoid that theres going to be an apocalypse and he's just preparing himself with all of this so he can survive the longest out in the middle of no where

  4. Hey Cody, enjoy your videos, and will look forward to updates particularly on this and the shrimp boxes.

    How did the basil go in your last aquaponic set up? I've had good luck growing it in aquarium aquaponic set ups. Do you know what the nitrate levels in the system are? I'd be interested to see if the three fish can keep up with the demand from the plants. Take care, T.

  5. Awesome Cody! I'm doing my own hydroponics system this year because I was inspired by yours last year. Only difference is I have a separate barrel of water which is aerated and filled with compost so the nitrogen cycle produces all the nitrate I need!

  6. question are these edible plants actual safe or are they inedible as they pull contaminates in to them from the water ?

  7. you should evaporate (I think that's the correct word to use?) silver in your vacuum chamber to make a proper mirror

  8. I loved the old series, next year I'm going to be maintaining an aquaponics greenhouse, and my friend is going to try and build one from scratch, could you show and explain all the steps for that?

  9. Hey Cody, I don't know how often you take project ideas from comments but I don't have the necessary equipment for what I want to do so maybe you'd like to give it a shot. What I'm interested in is the hydrolysis of cellulose from wood or other plant matter into glucose, which could be used for animal feed, or like I'm thinking fermented into ethanol for use in biofuels or even drinkable spirits. A reply would be greatly appreciated but a video on it even more so!

  10. Hey Cody, what would happen if you put a storm glass (Fitzroy glass) inside a vacuum, since it works off of temperature and pressure, I think it will be interesting

  11. You should make a freshwater Idopod/Amphipod farm that leads into a Ghost Shrimp farm, that leads into the fish tank.

    That'd be free super healthy fish food, and you'd have a mini ecosystem.

    The Waterlouse isn't a live plant harming creature, and neither are many Amphipods. They eat decaying material and Algae.

  12. nice video cody! i think i have a nice idea for a next video, you could try to extract
    uranium from pitchblende, if it is possible.

  13. why did i get an alert for this im not subed and ive never watched any of his other vids. its completely random.

  14. This is awesome! Way to be someone who ACTUALLY took the time to build an aquaponnic system! How long have you been growing veggies with that system? Any noticeable increase in yield or flavor compared to standard N P K fertilized food?

  15. goldfish are such sadly misunderstood critters. bettas too. I love seeing people treat their fish right. One time someone said that three years is "an absurdly long time for a goldfish to live" and I wanted to scream.

  16. Can't wait to see how you expand on this! I'm thinking of building a small hydroponic system (without fish) sometime this summer.

  17. sometimes humidity will cause the flake food to clump up in those autofeeders and not be properly released. i think there might be an inlet for an air pump to help prevent this. not sure tho

  18. Very nice. You can use a buffer tank to keep the pump and pump the water from the buffer tank simultaneously into your plants beds and the fish tanks, then the water will recycle back from the beds and fish tanks through gravity. This way you can have the option of turning into an hydroponic only by cutting the water to the fish tanks or an aquaponic by opening it. You want to do this if you are adding pesticide maybe for a few weeks and don't want to contaminate your fish tanks. Only issue (which is a non-issue actually) is the water recycled into the buffer tank is only half as clean or half as nutrient rich. But there is so much the plants can absorb and the fish should be happy since the water is cleaner than before.

  19. When can we expect a permaculture with Cody video? Your land is more barren than than the surface of Mars (figuratively speaking).

  20. You deserve 10 million subs because every one of us learns a new thing when we watch one of your videos.

  21. Hi' I found Bell siphon system ( or some other kind of flood and drain ) to work better than keeping root always under water. It give some time for the roots to dry and absorb some O2. plants are growing quite faster

  22. Cody is set for the apocalypse. Growing his own food with hydroponics and turkeys, generating power with a water generator and gas generator, and likely solar panels, and a bee hive for some luxuries (honey). You can fend off raiders with bottles of nitroglycerin.

  23. what are the lettuce plants in? I plan on starting this project myself on a small scale for one or two lettuce plants.

  24. So i am just looking in to hydroponics. Just curious why you filter the particulate with the sock. I thought that would be good for the plants? Isn't that why we put cow manure in gardens and what not? Forgive my ignorance.

  25. Hydroponics is quite interesting. Pretty cool to have fish in the reservoir. Would be cool if you did a video on how you keep the PH and EC at the right levels.

  26. This year is the first time I'm doing aquaponics but I don't have fish so I'm doing a reservoir and whenever I refill it the water will leach through some compost, watching this series so I don't make the same mistake you do. Its currently half way through aipril and I've got my green house built, bucket coming in the mail and there is still 1'1/2 of snow here in Alberta

  27. I feel like cody has a doomsday air tight bunker and is farming fish in it and using this filter to produce O2

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