Gardening Tips & Tricks : Growing Cactus

Gardening Tips & Tricks : Growing Cactus

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from Vanveen Bulbs.
And next, we’re going to talk about how to grow cactus. Cactus or cacti, if you have
more than one plant, grow naturally in the desert. They’re found all over the planet
but usually in areas with very little rainfall. Well, if you live in the NorthWest like I
do. We can still grow them without living in the desert. They do really well in our
climate, as well. So the trick with cacti, is to make sure to only put them outside over
the summer. If you live in a cold climate. And make sure and grow them inside in the
winter. If you get below maybe, 50 degrees at night. Because they really don’t want to
freeze. If they freeze, you will lose them. So they’re very easy to grow. I just put them
out on my deck. And they love the hot sun and they like to dry out, in between. And
so whenever the nights get below fifty, I bring them back inside. And they seem to do
really well that way. So there are so many different ways you can grow them. The key
with cactus, is to not water them too much. And this is just one in a little bowl. And
it seems to really like it. It gets lots of moisture that stays in there. And it looks
neat there, too. So there’s lot of different creative ways that you can grow them. And
I water this, maybe once a month. Very, very little, do I water it. This small cactus,
I really like. It’s a kind of Euphorbia, which isn’t considered a true cactus. But it’s so
beautiful and it’ll just keep growing and growing. And I started with a little one like
this, about ten years ago. And the little one, now has to be transplanted. Because it’s
got this big. I just love. It’s just grown and grown and grown. And as you can see, I’m
using gloves when I play with them. Because they’re very sharp. And I can’t tell you,
how hard it is to get the little cactus, little pricks back out of your skin. Because it’s
really hard. And they come in all different shapes and sizes. And this particular cactus,
I like too. It’s very sharp. So you’ve got to be so careful. And I over watered it so
the the mother plant actually started dying on me. It just turned to mush. So I just broke
of the top parts of the cactus. That still looked good. And I put them back down, in
the dirt. And they’re, now they’re living. Even when you think, you killed them. Half
the time, you can still take parts that are still alive. And put them back down into dirt.
And they’ll grow again. That’s why I love them so much. So I found too, if they get
too big or they start falling over. You can give them a little bit of a haircut too. And
these are so sharp, you’ve got be so careful. But like on this one, when you break it. It
actually makes kind of, a. It gets really gooey, like Elmer’s glue. So the real danger
that you have with cactus, is watering them too much. So when in doubt, don’t water. That’s
been my rule of thumb. And I only water them maybe, once a month, if that. Then in the
winter time, maybe, only once every two months. And I kind of, look at them or put my finger
into the dirt. And you can kind of, see if they’re wet enough or not. You don’t want
them to be really wet. You want them to be a little bit on the dry side. So that, they’ll
do really well. And even if they do die, I try not to take it personally. Because you
can always get a new start off, of another one. And they’re so easy to grow.

18 thoughts on “Gardening Tips & Tricks : Growing Cactus

  1. Ima get one tomorrow maybe for getting b honor roll and I'm so exited it takes a long time to grow but planting is my hobby I'm so good I want to plant for the rest of my life

  2. This article fails to provide useful steps in planting a cactus and fails to note differences for the wide variety of cacti, agave, aloe, and yucca.

    What soil amendments are needed? Add any or no compost or humus to sand soils; add 70% sand to clay or humusy soils?
    What fertilizer is needed?
    How deep?
    Stake or not?
    Also not well addressed are differences between planting in a pot or free-standing in the garden.

  3. Its not smart to grow plants in clear glass. Roots dont photosynthesize and require no light and can turn to stems and die.

  4. Gardening Tips & Tricks : Growing Etiolated Euphorbias and Calling Them Cacti (added bonus: we put a Hawthoria in a fishbowl just to see what would happen)

  5. and there are cacti that grow through the winter, i have many of them planted outside here at my house in northern ohio

  6. Terrible advice, you obviously know nothing about growing cacti and succulents. And warm water is best junnybugg, cold water may be a shock to them.

  7. @charlie12102 there are lots of cactus species, and from differents places .
    remember that the climate where they live is hot during the day , and cold at night , so cold water is not as bad as you supouse .

  8. @kevinanelo Yes, over 3000 species, mainly from central/south america, and cold and wet is definately not good, especially in cultivation and pot culture. The question was, 'Do cacti do better with warm or cold water' – The answer is WARM, preferably rain water at room temperature if possible.

  9. It seems only the Prickly Pear can survive north of the Montana border in the Palliser Triangle. But only right near the border where its super dry and hot! (SikSika Confederacy Lands!)

  10. ps: The (Palliser Triangle) got it's name when Captain John Palliser did a Lewis and Clark thing in 1851. All Botanical information was sent to London scientific types.

  11. complete fuckin mongo and shite advice, You dont take it personally when they die, well a think you should your the one that killed them idiot.

  12. cacti are not found all over the world they are only new world plants… aka.. the americas and some parts of canada

  13. Where I live cactus is not a big seller and I love them It took me 2 years to find the tall one you have and it's not but about 6 inches tall and a bit expensive I did not get any directions n how to care for it like how much water etc., if anyone know I would thank you for the information.

  14. How many times do I have to say, Euphorbia is not a cactus, and the plural is not even "cacti"! They are succulents ! 
    Like tulips aren't tubers and dahlia's no bulbs . A potato is not a carrot . 
    This beautiful genus deserves and begins to be properly pronounced by enthusiasts or wannabe's.
    Euphorbia representing more species than any other succulent whatsoever.

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