GARDEN TIPS: Top 10 Gardening Tips and Lessons – Beginners Guide to Gardening – English

GARDEN TIPS: Top 10 Gardening Tips and Lessons – Beginners Guide to Gardening – English

Hello Friends! Today we will look into the top 10 garden
tips for novice gardeners and lets boost the confidence of the beginners in gardening and
also for those who are still planning to start gardening. That�s Coming up.. Gardening is not an exact science. Even experienced gardeners make mistakes,
so novice gardeners should start with a positive note and with full confidence. It takes hardly few minutes to gain some basic
knowledge or some basic garden tips to start gardening. Here are the top garden tips for beginners
in gardening. 1. Know Your Region
One thing you should note is: not everything grows everywhere, so what you plant is your
garden is determined by where you live. So you have to survey few factors in your
garden area like the sun light exposure, temperature and so on depending on your zone. Best tip is to Talk to someone who works at
your local garden center or a plant nursery, regardning the best native plants for your
region, 2. Spend Time to Prepare your soil or the potting
mixture. Carefully plant, what you want to grow � whether
vegetable gardening or ornamental plants or flowering plants. Spend time and make the right potting mix. You can watch my video on the Universal Potting
mix from a link in description after you finish this video. 3. Start With �Easy to Grow� Plants
�Growing vegetables is a fun introduction to gardening,� by sowing seeds, because
they don�t take as long time to grow and will give that GREAT FEELING OF SATISFACTION
AND the confidence required for a newbie gardener. 4. Watering Carefully: In newbie gardening, Over
watering is actually the main villain that kills your plants not under watering. Best tip for beginners is first check the
soil by dipping the finger into the soil to atleast an inch and if its dry then only water
the plants. 5. Sunlight exposure: The basic tip here is Know
about your plant. Know its name, google about the care tips
of your plant. Different plants require different amount
of sunlight. Some are completely shade loving plants and
some need atleast 6 to 8 hours of sunlight. 6. Have Patience: Patience is the key to success
in gardening. It doesn�t just happen in one day�it takes
time.� Sometimes impatience will cause you to overwater or fuss too much with the plants
in the hopes that they will grow faster. 7. Spare Atleast 30 to 60 minutes daily for your
plants like water them, examine them closely for any pest attacks or nutritional deficiencies. And Gardening is the best exercise, Try to
get atleast one plant in a week. Repot this plant in your favourite pot or
container. Spend some time to fertilize or spray pesticides
to your plants atleast once or twice a month. 8. Weeds: Actually when I started gardening,
I used to feel happy when weeds started growing, but be cruel to your weeds and just eliminate
them without mercy. 9. Fungus and pest attacks: Be watchful for any
pest attacks or fungus in the early stage itself. Spraying an organic pesticide like neem oil
mix plus some liquid soap once every 15 days as a preventive measure is the best garden
tip for novice gardeners. 10. Pruning: Do not hesitate to trim or cut off
some branches off your plant. Generally beginners have some kind of mercy
in their hearts and hesitate to trim their plants. But trimming is a good habit and must be done
without any hesitation. And particularly trimming a diseased branch
is compulsory. 11. And one last bonus take home garden tip is:
Experiment Experiment Experiment: Also Do not get scared of repotting , root pruning,
trimming or even uprooting and shifting your plants. So there we have it folks, that was our episode
on the top 10 garden tips for beginners in gardening. If you have some more tips, please suggest
them in the comments section below the video. Also give a thumbs up if you like the video
and consider subscribing if you are new to the channel. Happy Gardening and a Happy New Year 2018.

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