Garden Robots: Vermi-composting by Earthworms in Gardening | What are Worm Castings?

Garden Robots: Vermi-composting by Earthworms in Gardening | What are Worm Castings?

Hello Friends! Most of us know that earthworms are a gardener’s
best friends. Some people even call earthworms as “nature’s
first gardeners” or even Robots of Garden. In this video we will learn about Earthworms
in Garden, What are worm castings and What is Vermicompost and its benefits and Lastly
How Much Vermicompost to add to your potting mix. Coming up.. Firstly we will know about some Concepts of
How these earthworms are beneficial in gardening. Concept 1: We all might have seen farmers
ploughing the fields. This is done to breaks up or loosen up the
soil, allowing air and water to get to seeds and the roots of plants. Earthworms act like tiny ploughs when they
live in a garden soil. As earthworms move through the soil of a garden,
they make tunnels. Just like the farmers ploughing, these tunnels
allow air and water to get to the roots of plants. Concept 2: This is about Worm Castings and
Vermicomposting. As earthworms in the garden soil, they eat
organic matter, such as kitchen waste, dead leaves, grass clippings, and so on. After they digest this meal, earthworms produce
their potty or the excreta that helps enrich the soil further. Their earthworm excreta is called “worm castings”
which helps plants grow because it’s rich in phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen, and magnesium. This process is called Vermicomposting. This process is usually done by Red worms
and white worms. We will discuss on the details of what is
vermicompost and how to do vermicomposting at home and what waste you must add and must
not add to your compost bin, in a separate video. Well, a little more on Vermicompost. Its also called Vermicast, Worm cast, worm
humus or worm manure. Vermicompost contains water-soluble nutrients
and is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. So listing out the benefits of vermicompost:
� Improves soil aeration � enriches soil with beneficial micro-organisms,
� Improves water holding capacity. � Enhances Overall plant growth and root
growth Now Finally, How much Vermicompost to mix
in your garden soil or how to make potting mix with vermicompost. In any potting mix formula whatever is the
formula of the mix, you can add 10 to 30 percent of vermicompost to the soil for best results. So, that�s all in todays episode folks,
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  1. Thnks sir. I was having lemonade while watching. After the worm casting part I just cudnt drink anymore. Yiiikkkeeessss!!!!! I know its beneficial but u cud hv skipped showing the actual process.

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