FOREST MACHINES – American Truck Simulator (with Wheel Cam)

FOREST MACHINES - American Truck Simulator (with Wheel Cam)

hello and welcome to simulate gaming and welcome back to American Truck Simulator here on my channel been a long time since we went on their 80s or even ets – for that mother and but there's been some nice DLC released today so today is the 11th of June 2019 the time of accordionist washington dlc is out today but other time recording this is not out just yet but the forestry machines dlc came from nowhere and just dropped so we're gonna go ahead and check out right now we've headed up north in our one and only truck this is a new profile for those you that ever watch this on the channel before what would start from scratch yes we're in a nice little Kenworthy so we've already gone ahead and come to the pickup location so i'm gonna do right here is jump into the truck so once again this is of course forestry machines hence the name and let's go ahead and get the head tracking on real quick where's the head tracking is on that let's go ahead and get the ignition on here we're in reverse for some reason right let's go parking brakes on let's go ahead and turn our side lights on over we need our headlights today so it's it looks like it's an evening time it's not it's actually bright and early in the morning so we're gonna have the whole day to record this so let's go ahead and get our parking brake off the do poises affair i on forgot i'm using it or mike though so I'm not using it manual gift no manual shifter today like I usually do because this video is meant to be looking up the the forestry machines DLC not how bad my gear changing is so let's go ahead and pop in to the market here get the handbrake on and we'll see what we've got because here's our log cover server to go ahead and accept this right now everybody get 7,000 pounds for this trailer is ready proceed to the loading area where is it in the last question it's not over there as it please don't say it's over there let's get the parking brake back off we are in Drive I have a horrible feeling it's down here you know which is gonna be a bit of a get to get out oh that's right there there we go so there is the actual machine I'm gonna go ahead and once we've got the truck lined up I'll go into camera mode so you guys can actually see the machine itself this is just one of many by the way so if we have time this is quite a short trip might do another one let's go ahead and get this lined up and like I said we're going to camera mode we'll take a look at it let's back up into you do Podge if you're the sort of viewer that gets a bit queasy watch people use head tracking I cannot not use head tracking anymore it's very annoying right let's go ahead and put that back into neutral get the handbrake on cool just go ahead and get it hooked up like so and like I said we're gonna go into photo studio photo mode and we'll take a look at the actual machine so you know the truck you've seen the truck before so this one here is looks like it's a scorpion starla equipment if you guys have played farming simulator this is the one that actually cuts down the trees and cuts it into lengths of your choosing very nice it is a oversized load so yeah this looks like it is actually just say a scorpion install thing it's obviously been D Brad it would be badged Eva not be branded to for copyright reasons but we're all good traders the default trailer that we're used to is a low loader so it's go ahead stop it yo gavurin and get this thing taken down okay everybody so we've actually scrapped that first job and I did do it I dunno if I'm gonna leave it in video or not we'll soon find out how long the video is I might put it after this one but we found out a much better job now so at least forgot to show you the Scorpion or the Qatar Elvis or whatever you want to call it we managed to see that yeah but like you see we're now in an actual logging area which is pretty cool and so I think if I remember right we're picking up a stump grinder and let's go ahead and see if we can get this now we're on desperate need for fuels although every all stump grinder let's go ahead and collect that one so yeah the first job was basically taking it from where do we take it from the dockyard no sorry was from the dealership I think it was – just like a machine distributor or something like that it's basically a warehouse well that was what we were meant to be picking up that red thing yeah I was that one's being used but that was one of the Chicago as we were meant to collect but well you're too late pick it up so we've come to this one instead I'm currently looking for my stump grinder so there's the trailer we could have picked up ah there it is so yeah listen this should be a lot better video eyes and it's also more daylight now so you guys can see a lot better and we are in desperate need to feel the what's the only thing let's go ahead and get this thing into reverse here so this is definitely the one we're gonna be using in the video light let's go ahead and straight then why are you going backwards if I put you in forwards it makes no sense it's for them pretty improperly so she said let's get this put in to reverse once again we'll back up a little bit straighter this time hopefully like so slow it down awesome so we're in let's get a handbrake um going to third person who just will hook her up like so so what's getting I'm going to photo shoot your mode here or the photo mode and I'll show you the actual implement so I did actually show you another one which was the it was a excavator with a hydraulic pick up on it I forgot to press record to the midea but here we go here's the stump grinder so obviously that complete demolishes the stumps and the ground and the big bulldozer excavator style body pretty cool Mergent weighs quite a lot we'll check that in a second alright so let's go ahead and jump into the truck first of all like so well like I said we're a desperate need a few of today so hopefully there's a fuel stop along the way it's good it's all animated so yeah we weren't even picking up that red thing originally but we were too late picking it up so we've got this stump grinder instead I'm gonna go the way we came just we do have to try and do a little bit sharp turn around there also this is actually my first ever time in the login area by the way so pod eyes if I a fanboy over the scenery I have not been up this North yet once again I'm still waiting for Washington which is why we're having hovering around this state here orbán come on you struggling a bit and we have to put a diff locks on the second and we're off that little wrecked truck that's pretty cool so once again if this is the only video more than print on channel I repeat everything I've already said once in this video but welcome to China if you are new here similarly gaming I do will cam on most of my most of my videos usually if actually for the regulars you may notice the shift is back we've not used a shifter for a long time I'm using what my today in 80s because this is about the forestry equipment not how bad my gear changing is so I didn't want to bother doing that I think we're gonna run out of fuel you know hopefully as a fuel stop along the way there's also will cam and all my videos you guys can see what I'm doing and if it's a driving game of course let's go ahead and for our Jake brake Anya I don't want to waste the brakes going along here but I also don't trust ourselves so close to this edge so if we've got a few machineries that I've seen on the pack I've only seen three of them so far in games so we've got the Scorpion which is what we picked up Aborigine boots the drivers very bored and we were is all motorway so speaking of which we are now on tarmac so slow down a little bit go ahead and turn our lights off I'm going to leave the side lights on them so we do have the Google Maps a hue cable installed on the navigation stop here my break is a little bit sensitive I think all right let's go this way a truck that cars gonna swerve into us then I'm we're free well beautiful scene here we go it was again I've not been up this nor fear I think that I've been to reading and that was it I've never actually been up in like the mountain area which is pretty cool Wow but you know just sitting around today waiting for Washington so once again today is the 11th Wow yeah a huge traffic jam feels like for this truck I think either way about every one thing I will say before we head off in time-lapses that's never thing I do its stead of ranting on for 20 minutes or whatever however long the journey as I do time that's most of my videos um so you guys could see the whole thing this here is the Logitech side panel previously side tech I have two of these and I recommend these a lot I'm not sponsored to say that I just do think they're really good units and I'm not gonna show you on this road but I've actually control the camera with this you could do it if you're in care but of course I got head tracking on so it's not going to do anything inside the cab for me if I go in too quickly here control the camera with that which is really cool I do wanna get one of those them proper American Truck Simulator ones only save up one of them I think cata for one just yet they look pretty cool too shame there's only the American configuration I'd like the poor we're on levers for the ETS too as well yeah we've got the yellow buttons here are all of our lights the stuff we've got the purple one just off functions like the wipers and the diff locks and stuff like that and radio as well as on here about no I really very was a steer I'm sorry and you will notice if you've never seen this before you go online that there's a wheel you can get a wheel package don't get the wheel actually there's a corporate mill the road here you have to come out onto the yellow line a bit not very safe place to stop there is it sure the machine that I've seen is the stump grinder which we've got the back now the Big Red Machine which I've forgot the name of which is actually the chipper if we're gonna call it chipper we also had the pickup it's like an excavator with a pickup arm on it and of course as you guys saw at the start of the video the scorpion I'm gonna call it a scorpion because that's the brand that I know by who is in the posse Ponty posse something up from Farmington I never think you're going to see me do in this video quite a bit as well is it go to the third person if I don't usually do that when I'm playing ETS 3:8 ATS or ETS to Bob Sears were showcasing the trailers and the cargo would be doing it quite a bit today I'll try to get some more interesting ones but like I said it's very hard to to find one and get to that look city or location in time to actually pick it up could have done quick job but like wasn't the only person showing all the names and stuff for them just yet alright I'm gonna stop yammering on sit back enjoy and I'm going to catch up you guys in just a second that's time-lapse something okay so we are out of fuel and as you can see we're sort of coasting down the road now and try to look for a straight place to stop that's not too dangerous at this point in bro life we've pretty much have to stop instantly because we'd have no brake pressure but um here's a pretty good place this gives me an opportunity to show you a new feature in 1.35 ER so in case you don't know so usually when you run out of fuel you have to teleport all the way to the service station no war so let's go ahead and stop here we used to trade a break flow is you they don't know this big button on my side panels to trade a break which is why you may have seen me pressing it in the time-lapse but let's go ahead and stop here let's get our hazard lights on so new feature we can go ahead and if I bring up the main menu we go to f7 new services and just a view services and adjustments what we can do now is emergency refueling and it's gonna cost of syringes 35 and will take 30 minutes it was gonna accelerate time 30 minutes take $335 off us and give us some fuel now you've got to say some fuel we will not be filled we literally have enough now to hopefully get us to a gas station hopefully be in the key word so let's go ahead and get the truck turned back on again tick valve and we're always get the cheek brake off a second it's a bit of a traffic jam cause earth they didn't go around of course they're not intelligent enough but yeah there we go there's a brand new feature in 1.35 which i think is amazing no longer a teleport to the services and potentially you'd lose your job so yeah a bit of a fuel once again it's to give us hardly any fuel but it should be enough to get us to the service station now ourselves yeah a really neat feature let's continue hopefully we don't break down again Recker Issa we made it to a fuel stop however this load is a little bit oversized heads the oversized signs so I'm hoping we can actually get in here it is articulated so we should be okay so we're gonna go into this first one here if it all that turn in time so well we made it to fuel secretary go that's $325 off our beetle butter off our profit but real quick get the engine off and will fit up yeah pretty cool do you feature save just get towing getting towed away even and losing cargo it's pretty happy with that now we just got to fill up the rest of our tank right we're good to go again let's go ahead and get the truck turn back on what is that I've never seen that before looks like they've changed the color of the dr.jones of course John Deere tractors I keep seeing them that color now so I'm wondering if they had a bit of an issues a copy right we'll just change it to be safe I know look he's carrying a cousin that dragon hey or animal may possibly even an animal itself this is going to be very comfortable this turn but we're nearly there once again away not a strong bond I keep pressing f2 into the two nice new car girls I'm hoping we have to take this thing off road not like a warehouse or anything right can we go yeah we're good there's a stop sign here which I'm gonna try Nick normally there's no traffic here so I don't want to be clogging up that Junction there we go full tank now so hopefully we'll have no more breakdowns let's get to our locations we okay so we're pretty much there right now we're just reached this town here whose name I do not know see if we can make this corner without flipping the sides this combines gonna make things very comfortable because he's kind of on the line gosh I think we're perfect that site yeah just scrape past there they even go on the curb well that was very lucky and but it's just a pure belief our drop-off location so just like the one that I didn't end up recording I don't think we have to park this for anywhere particular I think it's pretty easy the park up I think they just tell you to put it there and that'll do if she gets up the hill eventually there we go Lake very nice it's a structured what is this truck noon be suspicious okay so I've just got ahead and go into quick jobs to find this one I just want to show you of logic can you be doing it on camera earlier so this is not our truck once again I just want to show you this is called the tub grinder this one's pretty pretty big let's go ahead and go to photo studio and we'll take a look around it and from what I can tell this is probably the strangest one in the forestry pack they usually just ask of ayres and stuff like that this is the probably the most alien one that you'll see it looks like it's just basically it I know I don't really know let's say we've got a pickup there for the logs and a conveyor belt there so it's poised to chipper I think it just chips up but there's one working over here but I don't think the camera will s go got far there's one working just if they see the pertinent logs into the middle there and then it's come out as chips so yeah it's just basically a chipper okay so thank you very much for joining me in this video if you guys did enjoy it please up a thumbs up button and read as mean a lot hit subscribe to see more for myself the link to this DLC will be in description box down below I get nothing from it I just think SCS deserve the credit because this is a fantastic fantastic DLC and also Washington be up late as all so that could be down there as well I'll be similar gaming and I'll see you in the next one

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