FORD 6810 – Mod Contest 2019 – Farming Simulator 19

FORD 6810 - Mod Contest 2019 -  Farming Simulator 19

hilary and welcome to simulate gaming and welcome to the first model I'm looking at here for the mod contest this is as you can see the Ford 6810 this was sent to me by Matt X yes I've actually had this thing for a while now but not been allowed to showcase it for obvious reasons but really really really enjoying this tractor so this is part of the mod contest like I said my ex GS is the guy that bought us the Ford TW s in FS 17 and also the Massey Ferguson 6 9 8 in FS 15 so really good experience with their create interactors and stuff like that so before I go ahead and show you this tractor running ensure the interior so we're gonna head to the store and I'll show you the options and stuff that we can get so we're head to 4 to 6810 it's 38,000 pounds configurations we've got the standard of course and we've got the 420 clear own front weight design we've got no beacon and beacon so pretty basic stuff but of course it is a small tractor and I'll show you how small it is later on but you can't really tell when it's by itself but I'll get a small tractor and park it next to this so you guys can see we're gonna go ahead and keep this one so what I'm gonna do is get the Fiat real quick we're gonna go ahead and lease the Fiat obvious we're not looking at the Fiat I don't get it for a size comparison and so let's go ahead and take a look at the outside first of all so obvious you can get the one with the front way here we've got an actual grill that you can see through which is nice we've got all the engine details around the side here decals are really nicely done there's no like pixelation on that or whatsoever here's a three-pointer around the back once again a lot of detail gone into the three-point and stuff we've got all our air hoses which do have the point to touch them so you can use your cables and stuff let's go ahead and jump in so here is the interior once again this is the 68 10 this is to scale by the way taught it is in real life so we've got our digital dash on this one like probably if I'm wrong this but I believe they made one with a analog – as well but don't call me that it could be a different model I'm thinking of but this is the digital version we've got our speedometer and stuff like that as well rpms take a look around we've got some leaves this is a manual track – of course we've got our hand throttle down there are three-point linkage controls our PTO control look storage box and one's got a nicety attention to detail on this case I've parked it next to the Fiat so you guys can see the size comparison here now once again this is to scale this is how big the 6810 actually is as you can see it's quite dwarfed looking I love it this thing's adorable so on my off-camera stuff I've been using this to clear out the animal sheds stuff like that press scraper on the back it's been pretty good tractor to use around the farm really loving this thing so much you haven't showed you it turned on yet so it's go ahead and turn it on now these sounds as well are the actual sounds recorded from this tractor so Matt actually s actually went to a show and recorded the sounds from a 6810 there so what you're hearing is the actual sounds of a 68 hour which so you don't really see in mods most mods just use the in-game sounds like from that Fiat for example but these are completely custom for this pedals and stuff work done now you see accelerator going down without our brakes working there as well and of course the animations on the outside accelerator foot brake fire was actually moving his feet in the proper places he's like I said the second to go I'll be using this thing for like scraping out the cowshed and stuff like that or maybe you could do it for some leveling and this obviously isn't the menu escaping I've got cuz I've got no other mods turned on the part from the Ford so I can't show you that well there this is it a three-point and stuff all lines up perfectly so more details on this will quit ahead to here this has 90 horsepower 148 liters of fuel top speed of 19 miles per hour while I do real quick as well as get the the beacon and front weight problems we can see what that one looks like I'll get this and turn off there gives that it looks a lot different with the problem I own I actually do prefer that I think with the front way on we've also got the beacon of touch this one obviously that works as a beacon yeah this is just my quick look at the Ford 6810 really really really love this truck like I said I've had this thing for a while now have not been a – ok sir up until now but yeah this definitely be a permanent addition on my let's place I think love this thing to pieces so thank you very much for joining me make sure you support the mod in the description box down below they'll be other links and stuff you need to the mod so you can vote for it and stuff like that I think you're joining me I've been submit gaming hit that thumbs up button if you did enjoy and I'll see you in the next one you

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  1. I expect you to do all the entry's or none at all to be fair to everyone who has taken the time to make some great mods for the community.

  2. All great mods really good. But some one out there ho could find a way off getting them on play station not everyone can afford gaming computer. That's problem.

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