44 thoughts on “Felsbrunn Timelapse #73 Final Episode Farming Simulator 19

  1. I liked this series. Can you please make a season 2? Also, what happened to the Ravenport timelapse? Did you stop making Ravenport timlapse videos or what? Otherwise great video.

  2. Oh my god i'm crying. I loved that series soo much because of the many big fields, the new holland and the default map itself with the river, sell points and nature. Fantastic how much money you earned on that stage.
    I am so excited for tthe new adventure.

  3. Noooooooo come on man please. Just keep doing this series you can play until you get to 10,000,000 dollars 😭

  4. A suggestion for the next map: Take before and after screenshots a few episodes apart, that way you really can show the progress that you have made. If it is a map like this or Ravenport or similar that you can build a farm yard and extend fields on… Those UK maps doesnt let you do much with the map, thats why I dont like them as much

  5. Love the videos. Loved the series. This was the map that made me watch you and sub to you. Thank you for all the videos and all the hard work. I look forward to the new series and hope it is as enjoyable to watch.

  6. Great series sim!! Looking forward to the next one….

    Ps. You still haven't done final episode on ravenport

  7. i think it’s really cool that there’s a mod out there that you can buy anything without it taking up slots wish i would come to console

  8. this was my favorite series. Watch all episodes. I hope you will choose good map for continue this series.
    Do you plan some series on maps from Mod Contest ? I mean especially Geiselsberg or Ellerbach. For me this 2 maps are best.

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