Farming simulator | bobcat skid steer mod

Farming simulator  | bobcat skid steer mod

ok i am gonna show you guys this new mod its a bobcat skid steer we are gonna do so hay and manure with it so i am gonna go ahead and buy that i already have tools for it so ok well i bought two of them i am going to use one for the manure and one for hay its like it doesent want to turn very well like it turns just like a real one so oh and the steering dont really go back to normal unless you are driving which is weird but i guess thats like it is in real life you push on the joysticks forward and reverse and you turn them sidways to go up and down or push them sideways so yea its pretty much realistic i mean who ever did the mod knew what they was doing so lets uh get over there to the manure and hay see on this whatever you put on there it doesent it will move around a bit but i mean thats not a big deal i mean it really doesent mess you up or anything im making manure for my hybrid tomatoe plants and if they will turn white if they run out of water i did that once and was like what was wrong with this mod so yea lets try this out here and see what it does i have not used this that much i used it once this morning early when i first downloaded it i was gonna make a video then but i was just pretty beat from being up late and i was too tired to talk so i just didnt have the energy to do stuff so you can put like two bales on top and it will actually pick up two i would show you that but i am not that great at it but it will do that its a little tricky to get used to but it works great other then that i dont know how much more you can get out of a skid steer if you notice that little mixer thing holds more cause i was tired of messing around with just little bit here and there around 16,000 and i think i upped it to 32,000 or something i dont know i just pretty much make it my way to have fun cause like i said in three days or whatever of first getting the game i pretty much mastered it and was rich and could buy anything without cheating i do like to play games sometimes without cheating if there is cheats for them i can cheat i dont really like cheating on online games though because that is very unfair cause a lot of people dont have the same thing and that just isnt right you know if your gonna play something that is online you might as well just do it honest because of course you know we all want stuff super fast we all love to have what the other guy has in the game like better stuff like clothing, weapons, whatever but i mean in due time you always get that and you feel good about it too when you do it otherwise you just get everything handed to you and then well its pretty booring and you gotta move on to another game and that gets booring and then your life is just pretty much just getting booring and then you have nothing really to play because you have done mastered everything and you have owned everything so lets uh get this other skid steer and uh get some manure see the steering is weird its like you have to hurry and get back on it reall quick like if you turn left you have to hurry and turn it back to right its pretty much realistic though i dont know how much more you can get it to be real so if you guys dont like skid steers you might as well not even get this because expecially how it is i dont like skid steers in real life but i dont mind them on the game i think they are the hardest things to drive cause there is no brakes just the brakes you have is the auto i dont know about new ones then or if you push back on the pull back on the joysticks forward or whatever i dont remember what it was its been too long ago but i didnt like it it was a bad experience this fork holds more then it does in normal so i think they can lift like 6,000 pounds or 6,000 in the bucket oh the cows are like its feeding time no lol little do they know i am getting their cow patties now why am i getting hung up in there thats odd here we go what is the manure like really heavy yes it is what is going on that must be like really heavy i picked up wood chips today and it was about 6,000 worth of wood chips in there and it lifted it so i dont know why this is different maybe because it is wet ahhhhh we will just have to keep our bucket down low maybe it is high centered that is how we drive it in real life anyway not with our arms up so yea i have these hybrid tomatoe plants that produce a lot i turned them up a little bit because i though this is a lot of work just to get some of these plants and with your illegal tomatoe plants you should get a lot more out of it i had to try this mod so i was like yea lets do this mod and try this that hybrid tomatoe plant mod we are gonna call it that lol turns white when they are out of water i was like what is wrong with my tomatoe plants ha ha wouldnt want the farm simulator police coming to my farm and repocessing my tomato plants or anything would be bad for business here on the farm simulator land all my neighbors would be upset because obviously that is where i am selling it too i dont know just for the record i dont do that in real life so i dont do nothing with that so i have nothing against it if others like it but i dont like it so am i gonna hate you guys for it no do i care what you guys do no i had to put little ramps there so i could down on the hybrid tomato plants because i couldn’t reach it which i didnt want to do that because then i cause it was so easy to pull the water tank right there and i could just pull it back and could just go from tank to tank and fill it up with water but yea this is a pretty cool mod i will put the link in the description along with who made it because that is what i do its always nice to be credited for your work oh oh ahhhh picked myself up oh oh i think i stuck myself here oh i did stick myself oh my goodness there we go when you put your ramps up put them like really close to the thing if you can its kinda hard to place the ramps but if you put them put the hybrid tomato plants somewhere else you can have them about like this you can really pick the hybrid tomato plants i dont know why so we get money actually cause i upped it so yea just something to do lets go ahead and fill this mixer up with hay and then we will go dump it off for the cows i think this is a pretty cool mod i mean i think i am gonna use this from now on on different things it works good i am sure there is some kind of like i said that little bug you know with the arm stuff you can put the bucket on there too and everything oh i must have it like at 50,000 i dont know its been too long since i have did that oh gosh i just wrecked the tractor just took that wall out or that door tractor running it just feeds it in there and the more cows you have the more manure you will make quicker i figured that out cause i have well i think i have like 150 cows or 156 cows i dont know but i didnt really cheat to get them so pretty much this is my manure farm i dont feed the cows though it is magical they feed themselves somehow i dont know its like they cook a buffet or something they eat a grass buffet out there they just keep eating the grass they are gonna fander our fonder whatever that is called they are pretty fat cows out in here jump the fence see if we can get charged by one oh listen to them eat sounds good doesent it yea i hate cows in real life just so everybody knows i been snorted at by them had my foot scratched by them been chased by them yea i dont like them i hate cows look at the udder on that one oh look here is a milking cow you could get some uh milk out of that one just get you a bottle of chocolate and some hersheys chocolate and get you a glass and milk that cow and have you some fresh chocolate milk would be pretty good yea i used to milk cows too just so you guys know that at a dairy farm would put these little things on their utters well first you clean them and then you put these things on there these little suckers and you put them on there for so long and then when they are about done they will set there and make a suction noise like really bad and then you just pop them off there and untill the other ones are done then when that is all done you move them all out and then your tank is full and you flip a little take thing and it goes to the big tank its kinda cool so i have milked cows by hand and by machine its kinda like that thing there but you do it by hand you reach in and put them on there and then there is a big tank you flip it and it goes out its good times ha ha then you go out and scrape the lot cause with shovels because the bucket loader i guess they did it so long it was ripping up the concrete so there for you couldnt scoop up all the manure so you pull your tractor up there with a bucket loader and then you take and scoop it all up with shovels that was all tore apart because the jagged edges against the concrete then you take it off in the feild and dump it and spread it through the feild and if you raised up too high it splats all over you it was a big john deer tractor we was using so but if you put it up too high it would just splat everywhere so i have worked on farms before dont like it its a lot of work id rather just play games and have fun be a little more easier a lot easier so this mod is pretty cool its kinda slow at turning i dont know sometimes you can sometime like when you try to turn it doesent it doesent go like it doesent want to move if you guys like that please like and share and suscribe hit that suscribe button see more stuff cause i wanna try to do my best to put up some stuff on here i think is awesome its unique and its in english so bye

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