Farming Simulator 20 – ALL NEWS (Trailer, Download, E3) *NEWS* (FS 20) | Android & iOS

Farming Simulator 20 – ALL NEWS (Trailer, Download, E3) *NEWS* (FS 20) | Android & iOS

right hello everybody welcome back to a
burning video my name is Matt and insert video we are going to be going over all
the news we have about families in those twenty all the news we have and I’ll be
covering it this could be yes videos gonna be going over stuff like the
downloads all right stuff like the trailer it’s pretty much gonna be
covering every single aspects of like news I have covered in previous videos
so this video will be a pretty long video with me just compelling every
single bit of news we have so yeah but before we do get into the video I like
you to go down into the description there is link and like you to click on
that link and tell me in the comments which game you would buy from there
so tell me any game on that website just tell me which game you would buy from
that site I appreciate if you could do that right so the first big mission we
have is the release date so the release date is estimated to be around the 20th
of June so this move to the 20th of July so pretty much that’s about now – a
month where there is now confirmed however that is the estimated day and
dice we know that because a previous mobile game for families metal have been
released around this time however they do usually change the dates by a couple
of days or maybe a week at sometimes that’s the release date then moving on
to the second piece we have brands so brands is obviously you can have class
you could have John Deere you can have all these that was a bad example start
off with however so we do know that they will be featuring a lot more a lot more
brands and this is purely because the mobile game industry is obviously
developing and there is a lot yeah there’s a lot of competition obviously
over the recent years there have been a lot of good Android and iOS games
released so and Giants have got to actually keep up with trends and
actually make a really really good game good quality that will sell so by doing
this they’ll have to incorporate all the brands they have in FS 19 so which were
pretty easy to forever they’ve got all the like a licensing for them sure
pretty easy it’s put line into the game and hopefully we should see up to about
80 maybe 70 brands depend I don’t know fertile my homily
bronzer when I first nineteen but I wrote rap now actually over 100 brands
in FS 19 so the lies to this day of miracles video there might be more soon
and yet so that is probably what about 70 to 100 brands will be enough is 20
obviously can’t put them all as it’s quite small mobile game but probably
will feature or quite a lot then there’s vehicles FS 19 features over 300
vehicles and tools so it is potential there is potential that they will
probably be around that number in the first 20 however nothing is confirmed as
we don’t even have a trailer yet so that I’ll bring me on to my next topic in a
few minutes so keep watching and yes so the brands the brands in the vehicle
should be around the same as they’re on FS 19 so you can just look them up
pretty easily so moving on to the next top you next we will be talking about e3
so III is probably with the biggest gaming convention yeah ever and it’s
happening right as I’m recording this video and will be for the next day or so
so III all the big video game companies like Mew be soft and all them companies
like revealing their new games so these couldn’t like include trailers news
gameplay anything and they showed them off in e3 so if a giant software could
be showing our families in their 20 or even a trailer for our first 23 so I
will be keeping tabs on this and keeping everyone up to date so if I do I will be
the first to know about it so make sure to join my discount server I’ll tell
everyone on there immediately if a trailer does come out so make sure you
do join that link in description this card is free if you don’t have it for PC
or Android or iOS so make sure you get it enjoying the server so anyway that’s
III so III should hopefully bring only like FS 20 but also some amazing other
games I’ll be quite excited to look at some of the results of III so moving on
next we have like download so download is a big topic as some people are saying
that you we’ll have to get from an app and which
is like an different file from like dodgy websites that is not the truth
however you will be able to get it from the Google Play Store and Apple Store I
don’t know what it’s called I don’t have an Apple device I have an Android and
yeah so you cannot get it from the App Store or you can get it from Google Play
when it comes out soon and that’s pretty much download it make sure you do not
download it from over scan website it says you probably will end up with a
virus and you don’t want that so that’s the main part the video really download
and then trailer so I’m gonna be going over what the trailer will feature so
trailer will probably feature showing off some of the brands that FS 20 will
of so it will show probably john deere as i was a main part of that has 19 and
some of our main tools and like components of FS 20 so will show off
some of the new features that FS 20 is brought to the mobile like FS series so
hopefully it will bring some new features and that’ll be pretty cool so
moving yeah moving on to the actual trailer so the trailer should be
releasing shortly I don’t know exactly when but hopefully before the actual
released it which should be will sure get drillers shortly yeah pursue so I
have no idea when that will be but hopefully should be within the next week
or so so yeah yes it’s all I can say about the trailer and
not the trailer yeah will feature showing us some gameplay and showing off
the new features of FS 20 moving on from that I will be talking about the
gameplay so gameplay will obviously be a lot more high definition
yeah high resolution it will be a lot better quality previous families the
motor gears from mobile and there is obviously well yeah obviously is gonna
be amazing graphics but there is potential that it will feature like if
you have plays FS 17 on console before so we’re on Xbox one or Playstation 4
then there is potential that efforts 20 will look like that if you have an
up-to-date so if you do how like it’s something as
10 or s 9 or Kip will form running good games oh yeah like an iPhone 9 or iPhone
to him there is no I find that I know normal about an iPhone night 8 or an
iPhone 10 and you will be able to run it really well in good quality so not only
will again be good quality but it will also run really well so you’ll be able
to play like free and I’ll say oh yeah in real good friends so that will be
yeah that’s probably the main feature of me that’s good quality and really good
and yeah then another thing ref is 20 is being being able to leave your tractor
or vehicle this is one of the things that you’ve never been capable to do in
over farming simulator mobile games however FS 20 scenes yeah it’s the most
up-to-date and probably will probably be the best on the App Store in my opinion
um they could bring a feature and it would be really really really exciting
hope they add that and I hope hope they listen to me in the community and add
what we’ve been saying so that’s pretty much sums up video I don’t have anything
else I’d really want to say and I make a part to this video if it does well so I
hope everyone enjoyed and yeah make sure you do what’s that video make sure you
just read what I say in description make sure you go into that link and yeah
pretty much go down and comment below in the comment
section which games you would buy from there I’ll most likely would buy or just
any games you like on there and yeah thats thumbs up to this video if you did
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and yeah tell me if you like these videos and I hope everyone is lovely
dear and see everybody in the next one bye sweater to mama put her right on
trying to make ratata dreams alone like see travel banking industry
the saffir from uh team so they can acquire dream we did life to a dream my kids won’t
believe what Green is too cold
nothing like I remember life spring is over there and every day is like
December so bring on your colors bring on your sweaters
because I remember the moments when I was the chosen I joke it don’t I don’t
try to keep you although you could do it if you wanna

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