1. i mean i went to gotton gin earned 1.5k dollars a month and cant say it was hard.. lol more like super easy and got my 88 days done aswell

  2. Is the experience worth it? I'm planning on moving to Australia next year and most likely will want to stay for an extra year…. Now 19 I've become socially awkward and get nervous around people I don't know. What should I do?

  3. Hi my name is george from ghana please I'm looking for this job I wanted to work with you guys for three years please how can you guys help me you can whatsapp me or my email+233542695525 or [email protected]

  4. Wow my name is Alimamy Patrick kamara IAM leaving in Sierra Leone Freetown west side of Africa I really love this type of unty I'm interested in this job please take my email [email protected]

  5. With this weather you can grow whatever you want… Probably the water is a problem in some areas there… but with some drip irrigation system and a good source of groundwater. I think you can do whatever you want.
    In Canada we do what we can…. we have 5 month of winter and tons of snow.

  6. Wow. What a positive video.
    Some people think going to work farm in Australia is really hard as I know.
    Coming out people in the video are looking like very happy but I don’t totally believe in it just because As I know, Some people in our Internet say there is difficult to achieve my own goals. I heard Many people returned themselves to their mother country. So, I’m always thinking a lot about how to do to go to Australia. I have Too a little information to live in here

  7. Orite guys , i know this is right at the start of your journey and ive followed you all the way 😁 but this is where id love to start my journey !? Id love it if you guys could tell me which hostel and farm you worked at ? Bowen looks f**king amazing 🏖😊

    Ps ive watched this video so many times to get me going for this trip haha

  8. I must say .. Farming is really a Hard Work even when you're at younger age .. it depends ! I did try to do the Strawberry picking at the farm .. boy o boy .. it's killing my back because you have to bow all the time since the strawberry is grown on the ground and the tree is so short (not even 2 feet tall) .. so, all those strawberries are hanging on the very short trees. Imagine if you do it all day long !

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