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  2. so my dad always told me when i get a boyfriend (mind u he told me this when i started kindergarten) that he needs to be able to work on the farm. I told him "ok". Now the boy that i like is hard working and isnt a farm boy but he works on things with his brothers and dad. I told him stories of things my dad has said to me… my dad isnt the nicest person i guess u could say… and i told him what my dad told me when i was 5. well he knows i like him and we always say that we hate each other…. found out today he doesnt hate me and also found out that we love the same songs… i play my music on the bus and his face lights up so yea if ur still reading this thank u and if not the umm thats kinda creepy… how would u know what this says then?

  3. Just can't wait to hear how that turns out in a year
    "Hey, Farmer's Daughter do you know where the cow tags are?"
    "I told you my name is Sarah"
    "Come on Farmer's Daughter, yes or no?"

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