Farmer Hurt By Trump’s Trade War Challenges Jim Jordan For House Seat

Farmer Hurt By Trump’s Trade War Challenges Jim Jordan For House Seat

Republican representative Jim Jordan has found
himself a new challenger for his seat in 2020 now, this man is not somebody who’s challenging
him as another member of the Republican party. He’s not going to primary Jim Jordan. What he’s going to do is run as an independent
against Jim Jordan, and here’s the thing. This isn’t just some Yahoo off the streets
saying, you know what, I’m sick of Jim Jordan. I’m sick of everybody. I’m going to run for president. No, or excuse me, house representatives. This is a man in Ohio by the name of Chris
Gibbs, and Mr. Gibbs is a farmer, a soybean farmer, and he’s a farmer who has been financially
devastated by Donald Trump’s trade war. Also happens to be a soybean farmer hurt by
Donald Trump’s trade war, who up until not that long ago, was a Trump supporter and the
president of his local Republican group, but he is now, according to a lengthy, a writeup
in Yahoo news has now renounced the Republican party, resigned as president of that little
local chapter of the GOP and no longer supports the president or the Republican party. Now, he’s not a Democrat. As I said, he is an independent, but he is
a victim too. He is a victim of Republican policies and
he’s tired of being a victim and so he wants to run- uh is formed an exploratory committee
to run an independent bid for Jim Jordan’s house seat. A couple quotes from him and from this Yahoo
news article, some that I agree with, some that I don’t agree with. He says the discourse that we have in the
United States now between the parties and in Washington in particular, someone had to
stand up. Somebody has to say- stand up and represent
real people and the only way I thought I could do that is as an independent voice. Now I do agree that we need more regular people,
more everyday people running for Congress. That is exactly what this country needs. I disagree that we don’t have anybody doing
that already because we do. We do. We, we have AOC, we have Rishta Kya Kehlata. We have Ayanna Presley, you know we, we have
Bernie Sanders, we have Rocana. These are people who are speaking up for regular
people. There’s not enough of them though, and that’s
why I do think we need more. We need all of them to be this way, so I agree
with him on that, but I also disagree that we don’t have anybody doing and the voices
aren’t many, but they’re there. Oh, he continues. The Trump administration’s failed on China. Hands down. We lost 30% one third of our soybean sales
right off the bat because of the trade war and there is no guarantee that’s going to
come back and he’s right about that because they have lost so much money. They have lost such a big market and because
Donald Trump says this trade war could trade war could continue indefinitely. They don’t know if it’s coming back. They don’t know if it’s going to be in six
months. They don’t know if it’s going to be in six
years. They don’t know if it’s going to be ever,
it’s somebody has to stand up to put an end to this. He goes on to talk about the fact that the
Republicans simply aren’t standing up for them. They’re not doing their jobs. They’re not out there actually advocating
for the average American people because the Republican party doesn’t care about the average
American people. And he’s sick of it. And here’s the thing, I may not agree with
Chris Gibbs politically on most issues, but what he’s doing is the right thing. And not just because an independent bid from
a conservative leaning person could be a spoiler for Jim Jordan and get him out of the house
for good. That’s, that’s a positive. But more people need to follow this lead. And we have seen so many people do this over
the last few months, average everyday working class Americans saying, I’m have had it. I’m done with this. People aren’t representing us. I’m running for Congress. We need more of that. We need more of it on the left and the right
and the independence. It’s not going to hurt anything. It takes a lot of time and it takes a lot
of effort and it takes a lot of dedication. Something, a lot of people in this country
simply don’t have the offer. And that’s not an attack on them. It’s the truth. We don’t have the time. We can’t afford to do these kinds of things. So anyone who does say, I’m going to make
that personal sacrifice and stand up and do it, whether they’re on the left, right or
center, we need to applaud them because this is a big step. It is a big commitment and it’s a big financial
obligation for these people. They’re putting their life, they’re betting
their life on these runs, and at the very least, we need to congratulate them for taking
that big step that some of us have always been a little too scared to take.

100 thoughts on “Farmer Hurt By Trump’s Trade War Challenges Jim Jordan For House Seat

  1. Does anyone consider that Sinclair Org. controls 60% or so of the smaller TV stations, the average American isn't told what's really happening, but what big business and the conservatives want them to hear.

  2. Jordan's the biggest scumbag Ohio ever sent to Washington, he sold his sole to that draft dodging piece of shit trump

  3. SOUNDS GREAT!! BUT LET US BE REAL!! Do you really think that we can afford this B.S.?! This is the reason why the rich,(financially) upper class stay there! They are there, they got there, and they will always stay there. THE REASON IS MONEY AND GREED! This guy is running for a "pawn position!" So why bother? I Love My Country,🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸 because I was born here! But, I am not taking anything with me when my time is up!🙏 ❤🙏🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸

  4. It's about time some of these yahoo's start figuring it out that Trump is not trying to help them, Trump is for Trump and that's all he will ever stand for the guy's a total loser or as Trump would spell it losser

  5. calling him a victum is not right because he voted for what happend to him. Ignoramus maybe but he did vote for all those policies. will he fight for the children or for the money?????

  6. He voted for a crooked businessman who bankrupted 6 businesses. Who cheated on his wives. Who paid woman he had affairs with. All this and he's suprised Trump screwed him?

  7. He was a Republican and he is a victim . the question is does he want to be an independent who helped America ? or be another victimizer of America ? That is one good question . is he in the Republican Party . the Democratic party . or have we got a full-blown Nazi party leader here ? so far everyone that Trump and the Republican Party pretty much follows Nazi protocol we might want to check into this ?

  8. If your a democrat please get off your behind and vote "Trump" out do not say someone will do it for you it is so important trust me go and vote this is crucial please u don't want 4 more years he wants to be " king of America mark my words I have said it before stop him and his family trust me

  9. Chris Gibbs – GO FOR IT! China will have nade NEW contracts with OTHER nations, and Trump has left America pissing in the wind…

  10. We need good Repu licans to do the right thing and speak out againt trump. Rather unfortunate that Republicans do not give a damn until it affects them

  11. And you fucking idiots don’t recognize that Trumps right and we’ve been getting screwed for years? Jesus do you people pay attention to anything but fucking CNN?

  12. I just feel that those in power, those who have the money to be in politics, has lost their ability to understand the average person. They don't suffer as the average American does. For the Majority of those in power, how can you understand people and work for their needs when they have not suffered as the average American has. The majority have not had to wonder where their next meal was coming from or if it was coming at all or where they may lay their head or if they will have a paycheck to keep that house over their head and their family's head. I would like to see the statement 'of the people, by the people and for the people' mean more than someone having 20 million dollars in their bank account.

  13. " Gym Jordan " should never have been a politician. Although it's no surprise that he's a republican. What he is is a scumbag.

  14. The Republican Party hasn't actually represented farmers and ordinary working people for decades. Just because they wave the flag, support the second amendment, and are against abortion at election time doesn't mean they actually represent ordinary people. Those are the issues they use to get people to vote against their own best interests.

  15. The "which state is the most supportive of child rape while being more corrupt and stupid" rivalry with Kentucky will compel Ohio to stride into the voting booth and make the wrong choice…again.

  16. Yes, we do!!! All these are corrupt Russian republicans, now they work for Russia not America, it’s a corrupt criminal syndicates, enterprise. It’s a disgusting dishonest disgraceful unethical racist bigot regime.

  17. I'm waiting for one of the wrestlers who complained about sexual abuse to Jim Jordan, which he ignored to run against him.

  18. Ohio Trump supporter just means it's just another dangerously stupid fear-driven, hateful, bigoted, racist piece of shit. The farmer turned on Trump and the republican party only because his fear-driven hate, bigotry, and racism convinced him to vote for the most unqualified, incompetent, and criminally corrupt piece of shit and it screwed him.

  19. What I’d find funny is if Gibbs is seeking more to get Jordan out than himself in. Conservative independent? Yeah sounds like he’s trying to just leech votes off Jordan to make it that much easier for someone else to take the seat

  20. Got what he deserved. No empathy for someone who voted for the orange hog and getting burned is what they voted for! I can't feel sorry for a GOP crybaby now that he is hurt. Suck it up you got what you voted for!

  21. Welcome 🙏 Farmers! It’s time we ALL COME TOGETHER!!! We’re destroying where we LIVE guys! Let’s unify 🇺🇸 USA!!! We need blue tsunami 🌊 in 2020

  22. Since Trump the republican party has split. There are now republicans and Trumpublicans. All the republicans in Congress still defending Trump's blatant corruption are now Trumpublicans.

    What we need is for Republicans to take their party back from the Trumpublicans. I'm not saying the republican party hasn't been heading to what we're witnessing today for decades but the people I know do not agree with what's happening to their party. They're embarrassed by the radicals at Trump's rallies. They're angry that Trump lies. They're sick of being humiliated by their party. Now if they'll just do something before the Trumpublicans take our great nation straight to hell, that'd be great.

  23. ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT AAAANYONE that's a trump supporter doesn't care about anyone but themselves. If a HE or anyone else voted for Trump in 2016 when he said Pussy Grabber and all Mexicans are murderers and rapist, you're a racist person that cares about no one but yourself. That's my TAKE. I mean HOW can you see it any other way but, "Well, as Long as it doesn't affect me, I'm cool with it!" I got three words for you…"Kids in Cages" " "NO Mo Talk" Willie D

  24. Nope. This farmer is fake news. Farms are fake news. Soy beans are a deep state conspiracy payed for by Soros and propagated by Shifty Schiff. The FBI, CIA, IRS, NSA, DEA, FCC, NBA, CNN and NBC are all in on it, they all hate Trump and the republicans and are trying to get rid of them.

  25. tRump's trade war on farmers is designed to force independent farmers to sell to agribusiness for pennies on the dollar. Most of the aid tRump has given has gone, not to independent farmers, but to agribusiness conglomerates.

  26. Why are these voters this stupid? Trump and his party destroy people. He tells them what a great job he doing for them. He is about the most vile, despicable, nasty person that I have ever seen. Yet these idiots stick with him and trust him. Are they all brain-dead? Who is Trump? Is he The Pied Piper or a spawn of Satan?

  27. What! Someone challenging Gym " Jack-et off" Jordan! That will take all the fun out of laughing at the idiots in Ohio that put the limp appendage in congress in the first place. Nice to see Ohio sent Trump their BEST predators. And a coach at THE Ohio State University too. How klan can you guys get.

  28. He got what he voted for but I'm glad he's seen the light. The sad part about it he'd probably vote for Trump again in the next election.

  29. On the contrary, they know it isn't coming back!
    China has made agreements with new soybean sources, like Brazil. Once Trump – or his replacement – ends the trade war, American farmers will have to significantly undercut China's new suppliers in order to win back that market. History shows us that the Chinese have a very long memory for those that have betrayed them. The prices necessary to win back the Chinese market may be well below the American farmers' costs to produce.
    So, not only has Trump tragically hurt the American farmer today, his past policy decision will continue hurting them for decades. The US government would have to heavily subsidize soy farmers for them to find markets for their produce, which would run afoul of the many free trade agreements that America has with its trade partners, incurring penalties that will further cost American citizens. This is a SNAFU for which all Americans will suffer for many Administrations
    And just for good measure, this pointless trade war can credibly claim at least partial responsibility for decimating the Amazon rainforest. Trump was never going to be satisfied with merely destroying American ecology, it was always about destroying the entire planet – because economic exploitation recognizes no borders.

  30. Perhaps Mr. Gibbs is the start of a new Republican Party. The new intake in the Democrats are also regular people. More would be great.

  31. The trade deal with China will be inked within a few weeks and Jim Jordan is the voice of the Republican Party he is the most secure member of Congress.

  32. Jim Jordan needs to be shoved into a grain car and shipped to China. Oh that's right we probably can't so I guess he will just have to rot in the car like the grain that the farmers can't sell for enough money to stay in business. You see the difference between most of America's farmers and trump is that they actually try to pay the people that they owe!

  33. Jordan is a pure "Human Scum" repub! He does not deserve to hold a seat in the house! He knew there was a sexual predator abusing students when he was at Ohio State and did nothing to stop it! He needs to resign his seat immediately! He is the biggest hypocrite and needs to go ASAP!

  34. It's hard to step up these days when you get crucified for any remotely off color thing you may have said or done in a lifetime. But if you're that rare, squeaky clean individual, please do run. Or maybe we should stop being so judgmental. I used to pretend to be Muhammad Ali as a kid. Is it better or worse that I'm a girl? Anyway, think that disqualifies me.

  35. The man who ignored, walked away from Sexual Abuse victims and always protecting Criminals, can not, should NOT represent Americans.

    Small carrot Jordan must GO.

  36. Farmers are hurting because the Democrats wont vote new trade deals. Democrats are to blame. Farmers will support Republicans overwhelmingly. Stupid fucking morons

  37. This Ohio farmer apparently didn't stop supporting tRump when he was caging children and separating families…he didn't leave when clean air and water laws were heavily compromised….he didn't leave when 2 million Federal workers went without pay for months just so his Donald could get what he wants….he didn't leave when DJT made a laughing stock of all of U.S on the World stage….he didn't leave because of the crookedness of this administration……the 14,000 (and counting) lies spoken and written by tRump didn't bother him….the "big beautiful tax cuts" that did mostly the rich any good didn't change his mind…..the appointment of dozens of highly incompetent people to life time Judge positions didn't sway him….the rampant disregard for law and norms shown by this incompetent orange buffoon didn't phase him either. No , none of this , and so much more, didn't lead him to leave his party and decide to run to right the wrongs he felt were being done. NO, it was only when it hit him personally … his problems … his WALLET! To hell with all the other evils perpetrated by the moron in chief to others and to the country…self interest is ALL.

  38. Although it is nice to see that there are people waking up it is horrible to see that they got awake only when it directly affects their ass. Not a wise choice in my book. People need to search another candidate. Candidate that will care about them.

  39. Vote The Corrupt & Complicit GOP In into Political Extinction in 2020 and beyond #FarmersAgainstCriminalTrump 🥳
    #FarmersAgainstComplicitGOP 🇺🇸

  40. There will be no more denial and the greatest evidence will be shown to the public and world as soon as we get rid of this orange piece of shit and put a democrat in the White House and our allies begin to respect us and global warming becomes a priority and this stupid ass trade war with China ends and a real president starts to become the president for the people there will be no more denying that the Republicans are just a bunch of hypocrites that serve their rich donors!!

  41. Good, the molester protector Jordan shouldn't be allowed to hold public office! 😡🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊
    Good luck to the farmer who has seen the light! ☘

  42. I'm happy that this fool lost money because he voted for this crook. Any farmers who voted for this pathetic weak joke of a useless president should be the one that should suffer the most since they are responsible for what is happening to them.

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