Farm in Alentejo (Traveline Portugal)

Farm in Alentejo (Traveline Portugal)

The countryside of Alentejo is home
to a large number of animal farms. – This time I’m staying in a farm, far far
from big towns, this is a very nice place… …with old traditional stuff and also the breakfast
here is made with typical products from the region Alentejo. – Here you can find even real Iberian pigs,
which is a special breed of pigs… …and they are very well known for the most
delicious ham you can have in Portugal. – So delicious… Unlike in other places, here the pig farming is not intensive,
the animals are left to rove around in the open spaces… …which makes their taste so special and the price
of these products a bit higher. But they do grow big too. – They are so extremely fat, that they can barely move. Iberian pigs are a variety of pigs that can
only be found in Southern Spain and Portugal,… …and they normally stay on the grasslands
among oak and cork trees, from which they feed. – Look, they will follow me. In these conditions, the pigs of
these herds can live up to 15 years. It is said that the presence of the pigs improves
the sustainability of the farms, so in some way… …this way of farming is Eco-friendly, preserving
at the same time a traditional cultural landscape. It is also in these environment where bulls for bullfighting are
bred, so it’s advisable to know what kind of animals are around. – It is a lovely walk, especially
knowing that this is winter in Portugal. – There is a word in Portuguese language which
perfectly describes this kind of landscape,… …rolling hills with the plain where you have this artificial
landscapes, where oak trees and cork trees they are growing like… …separately, like one-one-one,
just like this, not in a row but spread all over. – And it is perfect fields for animals, such as sheep,
goats, cows and pigs, and this landscape is called “Montado”. – And, Iberian pigs they eat
particularly the berry from these oak trees. Acorn is the name of this fruit which is produced during the summer,… …but the variety of plants is the main resource in
Montado landscapes, and economically cork is even more important. – This must be a cork tree, and Portugal is a well
known leader in export of cork, in the whole world. – They cut the bark of the tree every 8-9 years, once every 8 or
9 years, and the tree itself can grow from over 400 years,… …but when you plant it you need to way something like
20 years before the tree will give you the cork product.

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