Farm Bankruptcies Skyrocket Thanks To Trump’s Trade War

Farm Bankruptcies Skyrocket Thanks To Trump’s Trade War

We’ve been talking for a very long time here
about the fact that Donald Trump’s trade war is absolutely killing American farmers and
sometimes that’s actually quite literal because the rate at which farmers have been taking
their own lives since the trade war began has skyrocketed and part of the reason for
that is because bankruptcies among farmers has also skyrocketed. Earlier this year we talked about the fact
that since Donald Trump’s trade war started, bankruptcies among farmers had increased by
8% well, we recently yesterday got in the new numbers that added a couple more months
in there that we did not previously had when the number was only 8% and that number has
now jumped to 13% in just 12 months. Between June of 2018 and June of 2019 bankruptcy’s
among farmers in the United States increased by 13% over the 12 month period. Prior to that, during that time, nearly 13,000
American farms shut down, 13,000 American farms shut down. Jesse Higgins running for UPI explained it
this way. There is always cycles in the farming industry. Some years, prices are low, some years prices
are high and when prices are high and farmers make more money, they tend to set a lot of
that aside for when prices are low. So they have that cushion and starting in
about 2014 prices got low. So farmers had been, you know, subsidizing
themselves with the money they’d put aside in 2018 prices started to go back up. So they were making more money until of course,
that fateful day, July 6th, 2018 when Donald Trump announced the first tariffs on China,
China retaliated and that sent those crop prices that were finally rebounding after
a four year low, it’s sent them plummeting. So the farmers who had already exhausted all
of that savings that they had had from the low years, finally thought, okay, now’s the
chance we’re going to be able to build it back up. Thank God we have nothing left to live on. And then Trump personally, single handedly
destroyed it for him. Then they had nothing, they had no more cushion. The prices did not go up as they were supposed
to and they were not prepared for this cycle. so nearly 13,000 farms have shut down in the
last year. 13% increase in the rate of bankruptcy among
American farmers and the problem is still there. Yes. The little bailout we’ve given them has helped
a little bit. They’ve said most of them didn’t get anything. Most of it is actually gone to the big factory
farmers. You know, the Purdues out there. They’ve gotten a lot of money. The rest of them didn’t get enough to even
scrape by, and this again is 100% on Donald Trump. Congress did not pass this. Congress did not vote on this. Congress didn’t have a say in this. Honestly, this wasn’t a left issue. This wasn’t a right issue. This is a Donald Trump issue and American
farmers need to understand that the people, the person who did this to them is Donald
Trump. He did this to you and you’re the only ones,
the only ones who are in a position to do something about it and that’s something that
you need to do is vote them out. That’s what it’s going to take. There is no relief in sight for these trade
Wars. Most people, because of all the nonstop scandals
from the Trump administration, seem to forget that they’re still happening. You know? And that’s what’s really frustrating about
this. The media is hyperfocused on all the scandals
right now, and they’re not talking about the suffering that his actual policies are causing
American citizens. Yet here we are. Farmers are losing their jobs. They’re losing their identities, they’re losing
their way of life. Their losing what has been built up in their
family over generations, and it’s all because Donald Trump decided to get into a feud with
a country that he can’t beat.

100 thoughts on “Farm Bankruptcies Skyrocket Thanks To Trump’s Trade War

  1. Farmers may go bankrupt but they will crawl on their knees over broken glass to vote for Trump. Farmers don't vote Democrats…

  2. That is what the Trump guy want than he can buy up the farms.That is what he said.He d estroys the farmers.He will get it eguel back on the voting.Farmers vote him out.This guy is getting you very poor on purpose

  3. Trump does what he pleases , He does not care about farmers he does not care about any one . He promised every thing to get elected.

  4. And they almost all voted for this turd …. probably doing the trade war so big agribusinesses can buy all the small farms … I hope they get thru this but if they support this asshole trump they deserve to go belly up …

  5. No they did to themselves they voted for him,….the sad part is there are farmers who are still supporting this Idiot….

  6. These same farmers voted for trump because they were selfish and wanted to make america great again , for whom , I don't gamble but I will bet my house , 2/3 of these farmers WILL vote for trump in 20/20 and I quote ( he still a republican and I must vote republican) . this is their own doing now they have to live with it.


  8. Don't see Trump making any campaign stops at family farms do you. He's making it so these family farms go bankrupt and are gobbled up by agribusiness conglomerates so they can cheat and poison us to their hearts (if they have one) content. Trump is the equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction launched by Putin to destroy the U.S.!

  9. You can blame yourself? For believing Donald Trump making America great again, he con all of you? I don't feel sorry for you because you're going to vote for him again?

  10. Here is how the farmers wll vote in 2020. They will cry about the policy that the Trump Administration pushed on them, state their embarrassment and shame for voting him in. Then during the voting process in 2020, these same farmers will walk into the voting booth, close the curtain and vote for Trump.

  11. But he was going to bring back the coal jobs and help the farmers and bring back American jobs that went over seas; so what happened? I thought he was the "negotiator" he's knows all about " The art of the deal" he couldn't negotiate his way out of a paper bag or make a deal on a happy meal.

  12. "These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy."

  13. Wait !? But he said he was the one to solve everyone's problems on the republican convention he can't solve his

  14. I don't feel anything for these bankrupted farmers, they voted for the man who ruined them. You reap what you sow.

  15. Trump did not think about the Chinese president never having to hand over power to someone else. China just has to wait out Trump's term and the next person will set things back to normal. It won't help for a while, but China isn't stupid and they have no problem playing the long game. We were always from the beginning going to lose this trade war. One of the many reasons tariffs do not work.

  16. Congress did have a say. They just abdicated. They could have denied Trump his 'National Security" cover and taken control of trade, which is under their mandate. They just didn't.

  17. I'm not going to exercise ignorance and say you deserve this, you just happen to make the mistake of voting for this CLOWN…hang in.there my fellow AMERICANS and help VOTE HIM OUT !!!

  18. That's ok. They will still vote for him. Sad. Wtf, we need our farmers and trump is not protecting them. This is madness.

  19. Farm gone, wife gone, dog gone, President caught betrying oath of Office, they will continue to support Trump. It’s solid..

  20. I understand this might sound callous but now they don't have to worry about estate taxes, which is why so many voted Spanky.

  21. Have he and his friends grabbed their land yet? Executive orders need to be banned without congressional approval. He's closing social programs, defunding schools, destroying farmers all to pay for illegally locking up asylum seekers and steal their children, probably to sell.

  22. Family Farmers and the Rural Populations listen to Fox News
    and Right Wing Talk Radio that
    misinforms them and blames
    The Government for all their

  23. Im sure Trump will save them once hes done fixing the 2020 election the president has lots of important things to do like tweet hate texts to everyone for his own misdeeds

  24. Nothing Trump does affects him, his family or facilitators emotionally of financially. The banks and mortgage companies have gained through farms closing, so not all bad news. Trump 🙊🙉🙈💩

  25. NO sympathy, not even a little. Those stupid people need mental/emotional/psychological help. Stop playing victim. You did this to yourself by being really really stupid and ignoring a psychopath…..yeah, a psychopath. I'm not educated or sophisticated and I knew he was a psychopath the minute he spoke!!!!!!!!!! So, put on your red hats and sit and spin!!!!

  26. Trump fucked the farmers, fucked the miners, fucked a porn star, fucked a playboy bunny, fucked a bi-sexual Slovakian Woman who denies she was a prostitute, and he fucked Michael Cohen too.

  27. Not only farmers but the businesses that they buy from. Machines, supplies, groceries stores, restaurants, gas stations, banks, and so on.

  28. Thousands of Indian farmers have killed themselves due to the corporate greed of Monsanto/Bayer and the very bad advice given to them about farming methods and use of fertilisers. You have exactly the same situation in the USA where modern farming methods are literally destroying the soil and on top of that you have a complete and utter cretin in charge of the economy making things so much harder. Expect a wave of suicides.

  29. That’s the prize of winning for you farmers. Are you tired of winning yet? Fuck the farmers. Glad they got what they deserved.

  30. Universe help us All… thanks and be safe. .. prepare for TRUTH. . . THANK THE UNIVERSE FOR BRINGING THE TRUTH. .. EXPOSE EXPOSE expose . . .be at peace. . .👁️👁️🌈💜🎹🎶🎵♥️🎼🕉️💜💙💚💛♥️

  31. I guess $17 billion does't go as far as it used to. It was not just trade war but flooding brought about by climate change as well that done them in. The Trumpster is no help on that front either.

  32. For some reason I can't force myself to feel bad for farmers that support Trump. They were stupid so I can't say their suicides were a major loss anyway.

    I feel terrible for the farmers that didn't believe Trump's bullshit. I hope that they can recover once Trump is gone.

  33. This a great lesson for all Americans in the future…never elect a businessman (a man whose genius at bunkruptcies) to hold the highest office of the land.

  34. If he's being investigated why is he still aloud to do his duties
    I thought he ya broke the law things were taken away???


  36. Trump is dragging on the trade wars because of his ego. He wants to "beat" China into submission. He does not want a fair deal.

  37. Good because of them still supporting president Dump and said they would vote for him again smh 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️

  38. Trump is a typical republican! He destroys everything he touches! Republicans destroy Democracy, the Rule of Law, the Constitution, common decency, the environment, women, minorities, jobs, 401 k's, America's reputation, integrity, principles, values, animals and humanity! The only thing they help and cherish is power, greed and Satan! Satan is who they try to emulate!

  39. That's a good way to lose an election just have your voters kill themselves .
    Conservatives in Australia have a similar model they denied climate change and blocked renewable energy for the last ten yeas
    That would have brought money and jobs to rural areas.
    And they screwed up a fast internet that would have had optic fibre to the rural areas creating jobs and businesses .
    They turned it into a ADSL speed plan of 50 mbps and less .
    They did all this while our farmers are suffering from one of the worst droughts we have ever seen .

  40. So!? Don't blame Trump, Blame your patriotic Congress you elected for the last 50 years. Did you forget when Congress allowed China into our market supposedly "to help" our economy early 70's. American businesses were on their hands and knees begging Congress to stop it, but it continued, steel plants CLOSED right and Left, manufacturing of everything left the USA. This aint Trump's doing. Where have you people been the last 40 -50 years, hiding or growing up. It is too bad 'tariffs' is the only thing the government can do. Well congratulations to all you whiners, China has developed the largest most dangerous army in the world, and will not stop trying to take over the world, trade routes and kill off miles of corral reefs to build a military fort on top of it ALL THANKS to AMERICANS BUYING CHINESE CRAP. It all breaks, cheapest ass shit in Walmart. We have to stop helping China and other enemies by sending USA hard earned money OUT OF THE COUNTRY. Yeah some will get hurt, but we have to help USA first. Dumbasses, take it like a man!

  41. I am so sad that those hard working people will loose everything because of Trump. But every choice has consequences. Lets see if they will vote for Trump again? If they do, then they deserve to loose everything because they are stupid… amazingly stupid

  42. Poor farmers. They voted and now he s rupting their banks. It's a shame how many are committing suicide.

  43. most farmers vote red every time and now the rump shoves it up their asses, its their own fault for voting for the orange turd as they knew what kind of person he was so to hell with them let them suffer.

  44. WTF?! Illegals didn't have nothing to do with all these bankruptcies😱 OMG!!!
    Is this accurate? I mean, are you sure illegal immigrants have nothing to do with this issue!? LOL😅

  45. Trump is forcing US allies to buy the surplus corn, in order to cover up his mistakes and somehow get back the US farmer's support.
    In September, Trump asked (pressured) Prime MinisterAbe of Japan if he could buy all the surplus corn off the American farmers. The US and Japan were in the midst of a trade deal negotiation then.
    Abe said that Japan had a bad harvest due to pests, and was short of corn for livestock feed, and said the private sector was willing to buy more corn from the USA. Basically, he agreed.
    The fact is although there was a pest problem resulting in a lower harvest for certain livestock feed purposes corn, Japan didn't need to buy more than they import annually. Furthermore, the surplus corn to be bought wasn't suitable for such type of livestock feed. Abe is now pressurizing Japanese businesses to buy the US surplus corn. He might also use Japanese taxpayer's money. He is just a liar (to the Japanese people) and an ARSE KISSER and an idiot, not realizing that Trump could throw him under the bus anytime.

  46. It's all about Trump. He cares nothing about America. As long as he looks good to his base, that's all that matters.


  48. It's hilarious repub voters are fvcking themselves so that coastal elites can protect copywrites in China 🤣😂 so dumb

  49. Didn't farmers massively vote for trump? Well, f*ck'em!
    I don't agree that trump did that to them, they've done it to themselves by voting for trump even after they where warned what an scumbag he is.

  50. Its actually pretty genius if you think about it from a real estate standpoint, a lot of land just became available cheaply for development.

  51. Farmers should grow weed and hemp. And buy out the banks, don't let them tell u which of gods seed u may plant he has given them all to u and all the authority of man. Anything else is am infringement on Life. After they try and sink u they try and buy u out. They want the land to do what I suggested themselves.

  52. Anyone notice that trump is killing the American farmer right around the same time his good friend and fellow capitalist in Brazil is burning down a rainforest to make room for more farm land…? I'm not saying that American capitalists have a history of enriching small groups of people in other countries in order to export jobs in exchange for cheap labor or anything… …but…

  53. In the Midwestern state I live in, as well as in the surrounding states, a lot of the soybean and hog farmers are pissed off about Trumps Trade War with China because it's costing them a fortune. Even subsidies aren't going to make up for the amount of money they've lost because of this idiotic Trade War.

  54. if we can all hang on, very soon we will have a new president, one that will appoint the right person for the department heads, and he will listen to their advice. the one fool show is coming to an end, no more, my way or you're fired. we must keep our faith, the trade wars can be renegotiated with a new leader at the helm. the whole world has suffered alongside us, they want to resolve the mess the trumps have created as much as we do.we must look toward the future.

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