Epic McChicken! – Made in the Forest from Scratch!

Epic McChicken! – Made in the Forest from Scratch!

برغر الدجاج المطبخ بيضة ابتكار الخفاق نخفق صفار البيضة الزيت تابعوا الخفق حتى الاندماج المزيد من الزيت بعد مدة من الخفق و اضافة الزيت ملح عصير الليمون بقدونس كعكة برغر محلية الصنع طحين ملح فلفل ابيض مطحون صدر دجاج ملفوف صيني بياض البيضة زيت نباتي برغر دجاج معد انطلاقا من الصفر في غابة شتوية بالقرب من شلال متجمد

100 thoughts on “Epic McChicken! – Made in the Forest from Scratch!

  1. Why am I even watching this while I'm fasting. Must resist temptation…must resist….must…oooh look at the chicken! 😩

  2. When the "mixer" went from low speed to high speed, I had to pause the video because I was laughing so hard. I love your videos!

  3. For all you people saying he ate his sandwich upside down. It because its known to stop everything from sliding out the bun

  4. There s something that i actually like about this channel, other than the way you guys cook, it s just how simple the dishes are to be prepared, it s incredible

  5. I really like your channel and i try out your recipies and they come out really good but this was just a regular recipie.

  6. You should open a forrest restaurant. Charge people way too much so they think its luxury. Meanwhile you leave them sitting in an forrest while sturring their food with twigs

  7. Love your channel bro. I subscribed right away when I seeing you make that Burger. That looks so 🤤 delicious. You got a talent bro don’t waste it😎
    Looking forward to your other videos😁

  8. Every video I watch in this channel makes me hungry and make me wanting to do this myself and that's why I subbed.

  9. There's no pavement! How can I see the arrow to the drive-up window if there's no pavement!
    I'm not comin in here again…I don't even see a cardboard clamshell for my sandwich to go in. And no fries on the menu? Sheesh! What's a guy gotta do to get a napkin around here? I bet there's a plastic straw polluting that pristine water back there…deal breaker for me fur shur! Wait, is that a phone number for delivery I see carved in that tree? Bingo! Hello, Almazan? 2, no make it three. And step on it! I know it's cold out; extra tip if ur here in 20.

  10. تسلم يديك بالعربيه 👏👏👏👍👅 انت حقاً طبخً ماهر و ذو ذوق يفتح الشهيه ممتاز 🥚🥙💯💯

  11. Je préférais que ça soit toi qui me fasse un McChucken plutôt que Macdo…. xD Il a l'air d'être super bon !

  12. I went camping this weekend built a fire set a pan on the coals and made us dinner it was amazing I thought of y’all the whole time!!

  13. Since I started watching these insanely enticing and delicious videos, I've pretty much tossed Barefoot Contessa and friends to the back of my pantry. Oh, McDonald's, in regard to the above: "Eat your heart out!"

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