Enough of Tegridy Farms – South Park

Enough of Tegridy Farms – South Park

People are fed up, Marsh. The past few weeks you’ve held parades
for yourself needlessly slaughtered a thousand cows made deals with
the Chinese and nearly poisoned everyone with your Halloween Special. People have had enough of Tegridy Farms. Enough of Tegridy Farms? South Park is NOTHING without Tegridy Farms! You’ll be taken to county jail to await your trial. Get him out of here! I didn’t do anything
wrong You people are
just JEALOUS! Jealous that I took
over South Park and I’m successful! (door closes)

100 thoughts on “Enough of Tegridy Farms – South Park

  1. I was honestly waiting for “I thought this was America.” I’m not a huge Randy Marsh fan, but I loved that line

  2. Yasss! No more tegrity farms. Its been fun, but the opening is so annoying now 😂 the first two time it was okay, but the third times was like "okay I think I get the point now" the fourth was like "right…..this is getting old"

  3. Am I the only one that’s fine with terrify farms the same way I’m one of the few people that’s fine with Disney Star Wars? Also I don’t want this comment to start a debate on Disney Star Wars it’s been done to death already and both sides are fucking annoying.

  4. It says season finale in the description of the video. I figured they would do 10 episodes this season or do they plan on releasing the remaining 4 in the spring?

  5. finally the tegridy farm gets an end that has also been time for long and the same randy to overstrain, back to Season 1-18 and movie 1999 times (golden age in my opinion) where randy was also more often but had kept well in limits. Season 23 episode 7, 8, 9 and 10 will hopefully get the old feeling of the 4 boys back and also some side characters like Wendy, Clyde, Craig or Jimmy and more maybe and the last one is still the open relationship status of stan and wendy, what about the both of them now, i hope they will come back together or they are still together then there will be also more older south park feeling!

  6. This season has been great and i love tegredy farms. I felt they were going to move away from the farm and back to town all season. People dont get the self awareness of the show and its disappointing

  7. The Mayor is a nod to the audience who is fed up with the whole shit surrounding Tegridy Farms and how Randy took over the show.

  8. I feel like Randy has become more of the face because he's about the same age most of us are that have been watching since 1997

  9. Every time I spin a new episode and the Tegridy theme starts I laugh my ass off because Trey KNOWS how sick everyone is of it and he just…keeps…doing…it. It’s brilliant.

  10. My so it's cone too this he is and has been guilty of making weed blowing up the competition msking nice wit the Chinese too sell it there killing childhood hero whinnie the Pooh having parades of feeding people wit propaganda that's cartman's mum by the way the girls is nowwa rembrant ew selling weed as burgers possibility too kids or teens slaughtering innocent cows n poisoning people sabotage weed u thought look good ooh now that is wut u call serious charges

  11. Wait u mean the Halloween special those people taking on roots was serious I thought it was a side effect from all weed I mean shrooms does the same thing wow will say this he has gone all reefer madness all over the field but he did'nt kill anyone oh he's finally getting his where justice blown up guy Pooh n cows oh say the parade thing I hear that was the 300th ep was that true n wut bout this finale already how it's barely November n it's only been 6 episodes ?

  12. I'm extremely surprised that I'm the only person in the entire world who actually liked the idea of the entire season being centered around Tegridy Farms and I still like the fact that nearly the entire season was completely centered around it. South Park is very well known for having story arcs lasting for entire seasons. For Season 18, it was completely centered around society and technology. For Season 19, it focused on the infamous PC Principal and dark side of advertising and sponsored content. For Season 20, it was all about gender wars and internet trolling. In Season 21, the president and the relationship between Heidi and Cartman and in Season 22, it focused on a huge variety of almost every character getting their own storylines though the only story arc that the season had was ironically the last two episodes which was conjoined into one 2-parter episode about commercialism, economic status, and inequality. So it's not really that surprising that this season also has a certain story arc that centered on Tegridy Farms, especially since they played a very huge, important, and significant role in the very end of the last season.

  13. Randy has become the result of what happens if a Turd Sandwich and a Giant Douche fucked and had a baby. A Giant Douche Sandwich with a side of Shit.

  14. Did they also learn that Randy was the terrorist who blew up people's backyards to destroy their weed crops in the first episode?

  15. I love Randy, but I miss when he did a different weird and funny thing every few episodes, instead of one weird and funny thing for an entire season. Nightmare on FaceTime and White People Renovating Houses were great.

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