Enjoy and improve watercolor sketch | light and shade | farm road

Enjoy and improve watercolor sketch  | light and shade  | farm road

Hello, everyone! It’s a beautiful day today. It’s so bright and sunny. Look. The sunny areas and shady areas are clearly different. This is a great opportunity. We can paint the light and dark that is the contrast between light and shadow. I’ll try and paint the difference quickly. Stay tuned! It feels great here with a light breeze. Let’s get started. First I’ll draw a line that indicates my eye height. Then roughly draw lumps of objects. Without any details at all. Use rough touches of the pencil to place these lumps. Just crudely. Indicate that this area is shady. You don’t need to color the section if you keep in mind that it’s shady here. Here as well…. To remember the pattern of light and shadow. It shows what you are going to do. Then you can add a house as a tangible object but it doesn’t have to be precise. This is not particularly important because today’s theme is light and shadow. So it’s good enough if it shows what’s seen in the landscape. You only need to be always aware of what the focal point is. What do you think? I’ll just go pragmatic today. What’s important is to enjoy painting. Never mind about small errors. Try not to find what doesn’t look good when painting. Just try to find what’s looking good in your painting. Keep that attitude and you can stay positive. The sketch is done while I’m chatting. Look. Isn’t it simple? Really. Well? Well done! Because I’m doing light and shadow, why don’t I try something different today? That is… …painting the shady areas first. With a thick brush… Paint the shades in Prussian Blue temporarily. It’s a new approach. Thinking flexibly is the key. Here for example. We can paint anywhere shady now. Like this. And here, too. It’s all shady here and there. This little spot is in the sun. Here it’s not… Keep it simple. Praise yourself as you paint. Fall in love with your own work to have fun! I always keep positive. I’m so happy I’m painting. It’s fantastic. While painting, you will find the pattern of light and shadow. It’ll be all clear in your head. That’s it! Maybe I’ll add a little more shade here as well. Good! That’s the pattern of the shade. Now we know where the shady areas are, why don’t I start painting the sky? In Jaune Brillant here for example. This is the usual process. Try and place some color. It’s sunny today, and naturally I’ll add some blue as well. Well then… Now I know where the shady spots are… …and I can paint anywhere… What about the ground here? What color should I use for this area? I assume it’s a warm color because it’s in the sun. It doesn’t have to be the exact color. From this side up. And as usual, blend some colors little by little on the surface. Well? Paint vaguely by using the force of water flowing. Use a lighter color for a distant area as a basic rule. Then the ground in the sun is finished. The grass has been cut because winter is approaching. I’ll paint over the already-painted area. The color painted over the blue distinguishes light and shade. Painting blue first makes it convenient for that purpose. Will this do? Maybe. And a little green here. And on this side too. Here too you can see the green in the sun and green in the shade by the overlapping colors. Like this? And here the entire area is in the sun. I’ll go bold. Keep in mind the difference between the area nearby and the area in the distance. But see how light and shade are represented by the overlapping colors? The order of painting should be determined when you are painting outdoors. That’s whether to paint when the surface is still wet or to paint on the dry surface. The objects in the front need to be painted with clear details…, …and you need to allow yourself some time to paint and wait for it to dry. It is typically said that a landscape should start to be painted with the objects in the distance. But if you’re painting outside, you want to know if you need to wait for the surface to dry while painting. So paint the objects in the front temporarily and wait until the surface dries. Oh it’s becoming windy. This spot should be secured with a paper clip. Wait a second… Now it’s perfect! The areas in the front here are being painted over paint by the wet-in-wet method. Here I used a dark color, and now you can clearly see light and shadow. Now I’ll paint the areas in the distance. This spot where the autumn leaves are beautiful should be paint to bold. I always say objects need to be simplified in the painting… …but it’s particularly true when you’re painting the distant landscape. Don’t hesitate to use colors for simplified areas. Like this. And the mountains in the distance… …will be even more simplified than they actually appear. There are light and shadow here as well, but don’t be too precise. The contrast should be emphasized here so that for example some particular trees in the sun can be focused on. This area is painted for the contrast to be appreciated. Here I intentionally left the paper unpainted so that the light can be represented… …with the color of the paper. It’s all simplified here. Well? This area’s almost done. Now go on to this side. So now it’s roughly done. The area in the front and that in the distance… …and the areas in the sun have been painted. The shady areas were painted temporarily in light blue in the beginning. Now I’ll drastically paint the shady areas painted in light blue. And I’ll represent today’s theme : the contrast between light and shadow. The shady areas are dark and cold. Use Prussian Blue and Mineral Violet. Prepare plenty of a dark and color. The contrast will be emphasized in the main focal point. That’s the theme area where you want to gather viewers’ attention. This much emphasized. Then make a lighter tone of the color and use it in other shady areas. In these areas. What do you think? Light and shadow are more visible. This is almost done. But a few more details in the front will help create a stronger sense of perspective. The addition of hydro poles and their shadows will also emphasize the contrast of light and shadow and make the painting more interesting. That’s what I’ll do to finish the painting. So this is it! It’s done. Today’s point was light and shadow. How the landscape is viewed changes as the sun moves. Don’t overthink and paint quickly. It took me 20-30 minutes. What did you think? If you find it interesting, please like this video and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t. Thank you very much for watching until the end. See you next time!

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  1. I relay liked the way the colors bled into each other in the shaded area next to the house, and how three-dimensional it ended up looking. Thank you for always explaining thing very clearly and for being such a motivational teacher.

  2. Advance merry christmas to you sensei! 😉 I love this video! But the video editor made me dizzy, too many camera movements. 🙁

  3. おはようございます☀🤗 こんな良いお天気は絶好のスケッチ日和ですね😊🖌🎨 素敵な風景です💕 とても楽しく描かれてらっしゃるので私も見ていて楽しいです😊🎶💕 鳥のさえずりも気になりました😃💕 最初に影から塗る方法はいいですね!明暗、コントラストをつけてメリハリのある絵に、そして仕上げに電柱とその影をつけてさらに効果を出す🙌 なるべく簡略化するのも大事ですね!失敗しても気にしない😆 私もこれを目指します!💪😃 どうもありがとうございました🙏😊💕 残りの日曜日を楽しくお過ごし下さいね🤗🎶

  4. 影をきちんと描くことで、一気に遠近間が出るのですね。

  5. 先生の生き生きとした楽しいスケッチに見入ってしましました😊🎨

  6. 柴崎、あなたに敬意を表します。あなたは世界中の多くの人にとても感謝されています。私はGoogleの翻訳者を使用しており、字幕を使用しています。皆さんのために作成した多くの貴重なチュートリアル動画をありがとうございます。

  7. スケッチには風景を単純化してとらえることが大事だと良く分かりました👍

  8. Somehow this video made me feel like I'm spending a nice time with my grandpa who promised to teach me his watercolour techniques. Is this what it feels like to have a grandfather? Thank you Shibasaki-sensei ;__;

  9. やっぱり先生が実際に外で描かれる動画は生き生きとしいて、とてもいいです。

  10. 元気な先生が見られて、私も元気。私はどんな絵でも影と光は、表現するのにとても苦労します。なので、今回もとても勉強になりました。よく、曇り空の隙間から光がさしこんでいたりしますが、あれがどうにも上手く描けなくて…。いろいろ試行錯誤してみたいと思います🤔今回も癒しの動画を有り難うございます🤗

  11. your enthusiasm to teach warms my aspiring artist's heart. sending love on your way Shibasaki-San. you're a gift in this world

  12. 「おおお、いいじゃないか!いつもノリノリ。絵を描いていて幸せだなあ、よかっったよかった。」のフレーズがとっても素敵です。

  13. こんにちは。

  14. He's like the Japanese Bob Ross, I wish he was my Japanese grandpa. I even think he may be better than Bob Ross for one big reason – Bob Ross never really talked about composition in his artwork. For example, Bob Ross never really explained why he would place trees, mountains, or light and dark in a specific spot on the canvas. Shibasaki gives you that – when he shows you to put the line where your eye level is that is something you'd never have gotten from Ross. I love that Shibasaki's artwork is so expressive and the colors are delicious.

  15. Your welcome, each and every time, is such joy…such good medicine!!! Thank you.
    Long ago someone observed, "you see and hear so clearly, if only you would get out of your own way". When I heard it I knew it intellectually but I knew it not in my heart.
    Big stumbling block for rendering…I see what I see but when I go to render it I put down what I think I "should" see;
    I am missing the sheer unadulterated joy of being in the moment and working in the beautiful shades and hues of all of the pigments and allowing it all to flow in and through and out of me.
    Just watching and hearing your joyful enthusiasm gives me hope.
    If I would only allow the response within me to the beauty which I see to flow through and out of me.
    Each programme you air you lead me, invite me, encourage and support me to take that leap into that greater dimension. Cannot do it with hesitation. I want what you have, master Shibasaki, to allow the beauty to bloom forth.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you unto the nth degree for being a fully giving teacher!

  16. It's finals week and I've been working on essays all day for the past few days and I was so stressed, but now that Shibasaki-san uploaded this video I feel so much more calm. "Praise yourself as you paint, fall in love with your own work" really got to me. This man is so wise and we're blessed to have him, both on youtube and in the world. <3

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    Watching you paint in a clear sunny day is therapeutic, i hope your staying healthy and hydrated pops, and as always very cool painting 😊👏👌🌻❄

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  22. You always say something so helpful and profound in your videos. Thank you for showing us about light and shadows today. I needed this help 😊

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  25. Watching you paint masterly at this beautiful place made me want to go there and paint alongside with you😊 it's a dream learning from you. Despite the language barrier, your smile and enthusiasm for work needs no translation😍 So grateful for your cheerful personality and educating tutorials👏 Nice blue shirt sensei. Arigato💜

  26. Your smile is beautiful, the drawing is beautiful, the colors are beautiful, I really enjoyed it. Thank you

  27. This is excellent advice. I've never thought of doing shades first, but I think I will try next time I paint. The encouragement to praise oneself while painting was so good too. Thank you for showing this!
    Edit: that's a smart way to pin the paper!

  28. My most valuable learning today was not the light and shadows. It was his words "Praise yourself as you paint. Fall in love with your own work to have fun!" So THAT's the secret. Thank you!!! 😊💚 💜

  29. 実践的だな~

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    穏やかな自然の中で先生がスケッチしている姿を観ているだけでも 幸せな気分になります😊

  31. 建物を描く場合、影を先に塗ることはありましたか、絵全体で影を先に塗る方法もあるんですね。非常に勉強になります。

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    忘れがちな 絵は楽しく描く これですね‼️

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  37. 最後に電柱が描かれると一気に素敵になりますね❗参考にさせて頂いて、風景画にチャレンジしてみたいです。ここはひなた、ここは日陰・・・と呟きながら描いてみようかな😊

  38. 柴崎先生

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  41. 待ってました!光と陰のテーマ。感激です!今回はさらに実践的で、またものすごく為になりました。ありがとうございます。

  42. Love this lesson, I really like the "paint shadows first" method. And the philosophy you embodied in the painting process is just gold! Thank you!

  43. 柴崎先生😊❤️こんばんは😃🌃✨いつも素敵な笑顔で😊✨絵を描くことを楽しみながら光と影の表現を教えて下さりありがとうございます🤗✨とても楽しい動画でした😊❤️❤️❤️のどかな風景が先生の力強いコントラストで奥行きのある素晴らしい作品となりましたね😊✨✨柴崎先生を尊敬しています✨✨

  44. 外で描くときの手順のお話は目から鱗です。確かに外ではドライヤーは使えないですし!2〜30分で描くのだから、重ねて描きたいところは乾く時間のことも考えた手順が大事なんですね。勉強になりました。

  45. 先生、can you please make a video of how you choose your materials like brushes, paper, paint? :3

    also as always your paintings are so calm.. 先生の絵が大好きです!ほんとにありがとうございます。嬉しいです。✿

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  48. Shibasaki-san! So glad to see you looking so well and happy here. Lovely weather, too! 😊 Thanks for the upload! ♥️

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  50. Bonjour monsieur
    I'm happy to see you so happy when you are painting. It's very beautiful and interesting to learn Thanks.

  51. 以前の動画の続きだと思い直ぐに見ました。
    お得で 楽しく 勇気をもらえる。
    畑作業が暇になったのでこの冬 何か描いてみよう

  52. 従来の色付け手順とは真逆のグリザイユ技法ですが先生は仕上がり具合の違いにどのような感想をもたれていますか?

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