EASIEST Summer Crop To Grow | Ready in 21 Days

EASIEST Summer Crop To Grow | Ready in 21 Days

today is harvest day and what I'm doing right now is I am setting up our news watch tank we were using the cooler that you saw just a few moments ago using it to wash out our produce we clean it out dump it out and then we would put our produce that we're taking to our customers in it to deliver so we're gonna go ahead and cut that off just use the cooler for what a coolers for and we actually have an official wash tank now and this is a hundred gallon wash tank Rubbermaid I believe makes it so I think I've been adding the course of block on there to raise it up so that way we could work in it easy and efficiently and without somebody hurting their back but I think I'm gonna race it one more course of block so that way basically you just reach down instead of having to reach over so let me have one more course and that's actually give me a little bit of workout in because these block are pretty heavy than I'm actually heavier than the standard size so yeah this is the perfect height right here you don't have to reach over too far you can get out what you need and not have to worry about bending over and breaking and hurting your back so since its brand new I need to go ahead and clean this out before we use it but we got a lot of work to do getting harvest is gonna be a busy day today so I pretty much harvested what I'm gonna get out of this bed of arugula here is to have a couple more beds of a little harvest from but I really do recommend arugula as a summer crop or it's really a great green to grow during these hottest month these hotter months it's actually really easy to grow and the germinates very very well in this bed right here I've gotten to in some spots three cuttings off this bin but now it's time to retire this bin because another thing that's happening here is well there's a couple things happen one is we've pretty much when you've you've gotten what you couldn't need to get out of the rugal a– it starts to get thicker stocks and some people don't like that quite as much they usually like the leaves to be smaller the stems smaller so that's what we're going for also since this is a new bed there's still a lot of weed seeds that are in here so as what we're seeing right here is we're having grass and things that are have come up sprout it up and we want to go ahead and get this bed cleared out before they go to seed because once they go to seed they're spreading their seeds all over the place and we don't want that that's just creating more problems so we will nip that in the bud before it becomes a bigger problem and look who we have here right behind me say the harvesting some tomatoes look at those Tomatoes you're harvesting they're Salo it look pretty neat there thank you for doing that I do want to get a bubbler set up for this tank here that the bubbler aids in washing the greens and keeps you from having to put human hands on a meat stop cuz just each time you touch them that increases the likelihood of them getting bruised and damaged well still have more rugal to harvest but we're gonna go ahead and eat some breakfast first good morning Monica what you doing good morning everybody breakfast ready so what do we have here have you eaten breakfast yet no have you you didn't break fost no we're gonna have whoa so we're gonna have some eggs Oh gran I'm gonna have some arugula with it do you like oat bran Micah and blueberries you like arugula hear that what what about you decide will you eat some arugula no used to eat it straight out of the garden what's happening you will there you go tell them say it's good for you a rule is actually high in vitamin A and vitamin K and it's good for detoxing the body and I'm all about growing things that not just for the sake of growing I mean for being a farmer but to know the health benefits associated with growing arugula also helps with decreasing information you talk to find the body helping bone health and things like that somebody say that was pretty good eggs the oat bran with the blueberries with a little bit of molasses on top and then the arugula with tomatoes that lacy chopped up for me and with a little bit of molasses on top of that like molasses put that stuff on everything tastes good I like they liked it too right so now it's time to get back outside and get some work done because it's harvest day you guys ready to help me harvest so here's how the basic workflow goes for a wash and pack station after I bring in items off the fields mainly our greens will come here over here and we'll dump them right into our wash tank so after that then we move them over here to our spinning table which is where we'll use our salad spinner our green spinners and we'll get them mostly dry and then from that point we'll take them over to under the fan under our dry table where it will just dry them off a little bit more before we package them I ultimately want to convert this wash machine here into a salad spinner but we're not there yet another benefit to growing arugula I mentioned it being a quick crop you can actually get go from seed to harvest in less than a month about a month's time period so that's another huge benefit to grow a ruler I finish up the arugula and Josiah was working on harvesting some new variety of okra that we were trying out daddy is this an interesting my I'm carrying oh crap it sure hit us never seen that one done before thank you buddy next we harvested some radishes oh and I forgot to mention that there were some radishes some volunteers that were in our compost pile but I also harvested and they look pretty neat they actually were microgreens it had grown full size to be some radishes full-sized radish inferencing off the edges I put him right beside our mere sake peppers so that way as I was cleaning off the radishes I was also watering the peppers at the same time so right here decides gonna help me out and we're gonna harvest our mira sake peppers so i really really recommend the mere sake pepper one reason it is so prolific look at it right here check it out right here there's so many peppers on these plants so I think between the arugula and the peppers we're definitely going to be using some of this in dinner tonight so we're getting a lot of meals off the arugula and peppers here too so if you want to purchase this variety of pepper go to rear seats calm Baker Creek sales these mere sake peppers as well as the arugula that we're growing over there and our arugula that we're growing is rocket arugula really good one of the fastest growing Rula and really efficient for Marc gardener and the mirror sake pepper it's not a hot pepper at all it just really just similar to a bell pepper in flavor so for those of you who don't like hot peppers this would be a route you could go for a smaller more prolific pepper and for those of you who do like spicy peppers you may want to choose something like the five Chinese five color one did you find one for you Micah no so check out all these peppers that we just harvested and they're still peppers on the plants so but that'll be good for now so just in a few plants that we have here in this section we are filling up this bowl here of all these peppers so these right here are some peppers that were trying for the first time this year these are a bell pepper called purple horizon and they're not growing as big as I'd like for them to we've tried spacing our plants out a little bit further out this year because we had have we have had in history of plants or the peppers not grown to be large for bell peppers so I think we're just lacking in some nutrients we're gonna try to work on improving that but right now then we just have these little cute purple thingies oh wow check out this neat grasshopper and that is one neat looking grasshopper never seen an orange one before so earlier it was overcast and it was actually pretty nice but now it's sunny and hot and humid but after we harvested everything and I harvested the arugula brought it over to the stock tank to wash it off and then from the stock tank took the arugula put it in our salad spinner our new salad spinner and I'm pretty excited about and they actually get a little bit of an arm workout spinning out the greens in this South Bend and sale was pretty eager to give it a try however the salad spinner was a little bit all over the table so I came by to give her a hand after we dry off the arugula in the salad spinner we carried over to our drying table and the drying table has a fan right on top just to help dry off that last little bit of moisture to help before package and then for packaging I typically package the arugula either in two pound bags for those are typically for our wholesale customers like a restaurants and chefs or I'll do them in six ounce bags and those usually go to our CSA customers and as I was cleaning and finishing up from harvest a place it was inside prepping dinner using some of the arugula that we harvested today all right so our day on the farm of harvesting is over and it is dinner time which is one of my favorite times of the day and Laci has prepared a couple items using the arugula that we harvested today so let's check out spread so what do we have here Shh you yeah we know we have you so what do we have to eat here we have tacos tacos Tuesday what about Micah Wow right what else yes meat yeah yeah where's your tortilla aren't you having a taco you ate it already is it in there so what about the arugula what did you do with the arugula Lacey we have some fresh arugula here if you want to use this lettuce but I also made almost like a pesto sauce it's garlic arugula a little bit of salt some olive oil was it coming together quite right so I threw some mayonnaise in there and a little bit of apple cider vinegar and the arugula can be quite bitter sometimes so I added in just a little bit of brown sugar to kind of balance out the flavors and it's not quite as bitter as it was so is arugula itself bitter or is it when you make it into the pesto that kind of gives it a little bitter this is to the flavor like whenever you eat it as like a leafy green it really isn't bitter it has that nice peppery flavor but for whatever reason when I repin it in my food processor it it has a bitter flavor to it it may just be because the amount of arugula that I put in there but turn bitter so you have to balance out that flavor so what are some things that you added to the route I mean to the pesto there to kind of counteract that that bitter flavor well I most of the time are something bitter I'll add a little bit of like an acid this time I added apple cider vinegar and then I'll taste it again and if it's still bitter I'll add just a little bit of sugar to balance out that flavor I didn't have any maple syrup or honey this time so I just put in about a tablespoon of brown sugar and that helps it out a lot well I'm gonna sit down here and enjoy this dinner and enjoy the ruga that lacy is included in the dinner so pretty excited about that make sure you stay tuned for our next vlog because we're gonna get out there we're gonna be getting busy with prepping our guard for fall and winter so see you next time so I'll put the pest on there so I'm going to add just a little bit more to rule

21 thoughts on “EASIEST Summer Crop To Grow | Ready in 21 Days

  1. Hello from TN! My Mother used to say, "One year to seed, 7 years of WEEDS!!" She was pretty right!
    I love salads! GOD bless

  2. Love your videos! We are homesteaders from Magnolia, Tx at the moment but are looking for land in west north carolina

  3. If possible, let us know what's good to plant for the Fall garden. By the way, your dinner looks delicious! 🌼

  4. I love that u have the kids helpingπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— do you guys sell any of your extras at a local flea market or even start ur own??? never mind you just said what you do πŸ˜‚

  5. I didn't catch the brand or name of your arugula could you tell me what it is I'd like to plant some and I'm definitely going to try that pesto thanks Lacey

  6. Hi Mike. Love the channel. What shade cover and hoops do you recommend? Trying to grow okra from seed now. I live in South Carolina. Not much different than NC πŸ˜€. I’m in the city of West Columbia so not a huge lot of land. Grow on!

  7. The arugula is a good substitute for lettuce and blends well with it in salads. It's a good green to grow. You should have put some of those radishes in the tacos too.

  8. Btw Arugula also brings down the blood pressure which is why I and some others cannot eat it. Beides that, I find the taste impossible to cope with.

  9. I used to use a food processor for garlic but once I got good with a chefs knife I found it was far more work to clean the food processor than it is to mince the garlic with a knife.

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