Dairy Farm Tied to Cheesemaker Exposed

Dairy Farm Tied to Cheesemaker Exposed

In late 2011 and early 2012, a PETA investigator
worked at a New York state dairy factory farm. Milk from this farm is used by Agri-Mark,
maker of Cabot cheese. When PETA’s investigator reported that workers
were hitting cows, a manager had this to say: The
same manager repeated the electroshock to
cow, in the face. This calf is about to be dehorned; a standard,
painful practice in the dairy industry in which tissue on the top of calves’ heads
is burnt so as to stop the horns from growing. No pain relief at all was given to calves
dehorned on this farm. Cow’s 8601’s vagina protruded from her
body. A manager admitted that she and other cows are left to suffer from this and other
painful conditions. Those who survive are sent to slaughter. This cow is about to be artificially inseminated;
another standard practice on dairy factory farms. Here, a manager rakes feces out of
her rectum before inserting what the dairy industry calls a sperm gun into her vagina. If you do not wish to support the dairy industry’s
cruelty to cows, please go vegan for their sake.

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  1. let me be with this guy in one room for just 30 mins, and he won´t be able to abuse a animal anymore. son of a bitch

  2. What is the name of the farm?
    What are the names of the workers?
    Where is the police, when are they getting arrested, and procecuted?
    When will things change?
    Stop putting these videos if there is nothing we can do to make this stop!!!!!

  3. I really did try going vegan. I just can't find any really good cheese substitutes… I couldn't get over the texture and the almost dusty taste it had…. But I feel bad that I failed

  4. I admire the person who was able to record all this. I would just have been in tears. Thanks for exposing the truth and educating the public.

  5. This is simply unbelievable. Peta is doing such great work and officials have to stop this, these are unbearable circumstances for the animals and no one should support this.

  6. @johndeerekid623 The best PETA can do is continue to expose the practices of the dairy industry. From what I've seen, when PETA finds evidence of cruelty to animals, it files a process for that. But an UNDERCOVER investigator is there to capture the type of behavior workers wouldn't display if they knew they were being filmed. That's why the investigator can't do much.

  7. @johndeerekid623 Nevertheless, according to PETA, "When PETA's investigator brought these abuses to the attention of a farm manager, the manager admitted that the workers "get carried away with" striking cows.

  8. Would like to point out
    a) Of course they artificially inseminate, do you expect dairy farms to keep enough bulls to have sufficient genetic diversity to avoid inbreeding? Doesn't make sense cost wise, safety wise, or health wise.
    b) Killing the nerves around a calves horns is a preferred over cutting the horn (more painful and messy) and is for employees safety. I've seen someone pinned by a cow into a gate, and thank god it didn't have horns.

    Not commenting on the rest, just these 2 things

  9. @jesuria A lot of things are possible. Just ask yourself: how sure are you? What percent chance are you willing to take that you're taking part in a system that is even a fraction as cruel as what can been seen in this and other videos? It's up to you, but personally I err on the side of being pretty darn sure.

  10. I am going to ask my mom to start buying milk from the little farm down the road from me. There are like 50 cows and they are in a heated barn with stalls where they stay for milking and overnight and then when they are done milking they are out in the field next to it all day until they need to be milked again. That has got to be better than this. And if I can't get them to stop drinking milk I can at least try to get it from a less cruel local place that we know the owners of.

  11. Big farms will obviously have low standards, since they try to be as cost-effective as possible. It DOES NOT mean that all farms are like that. I grew up on a farm, and admit that some things in this video happen, just not as cruel as what is shown in this video.

    Artificial insemination (although gross) is essential, because the only alternative is having bulls on the farm, and that is VERY dangerous, to both cows and employees.

    Against dehorning? most farmers are too. it's a necessary evil.

  12. Just because one farm is like that, it doesn't mean anything: I grew up on a farm where our cows have waterbeds.

    Also, i have a small question for you (if this comments gets through uploader approval, which would REALLY surprise me. Organizations hate being proven wrong) which will you choose:
    a) ending cruelty towards animals
    b) supporting religious rights? Do you know the definition of "halal meat"? The animal has its jugular vein slit open, and proceeds to bleed to death.

  13. Not all dairy farms are like this. My father worked for 19 years on one and never regretted it . His cows lived the life! They came out of the barn to the pasture, where they grazed on grass 'till they were full, then he would put the food in their troughs and let them eat and get milked afterwords. They got bathes often. He worked his butt off but he got money for taking care of animals and that was his favorite job. He also took care of pigs,chickens,a bull, and goats.

  14. just so y'all know i will never go vegan NEVER! i will drink my milk BECAUSE IT TASTE GOOD AND I NEED MY CALCIUM! BUT on that same note, their are small farmers who treat their cows with much more respect then this video shows, and thats who i try to buy milk from!

    instead of going to the store for my meat, i go out and hunt! i do not support this huge meat industry! and how they treat animals! they live horrible lives! but that won't stop me from eating tasty animals

  15. You don't have to go vegan you can just buy milk from a sustainable organic milk company that doesn't treat their animals like this. Yes, you will have to do research to see what companies out there respect their animals, but once you find one you can just stick with it.

  16. a) YES, DUMB ASS, being raised on a dairy farm myself, it is not ONLY cost saving to have bulls naturally impregnate cows (Inseminators don't work for free!), but you also allow the animals to mate naturally. WOW, what a CONCEPT, a moment of pleasure before you hit the slaughter house!
    b) Cows are NOT naturally violent, unless mistreated, dehorning is NOT a necessity, it is a CONVENIENCE for cowardly Neanderthals such as yourself, who have ZERO regard for the well being of animals!

  17. This Dairy in Northern NY is one of the most renowned farms that ships to Cabot creamery. They do everything by the dairy standards. The uterine prolapse seen in the footage is not that common to see but usually it is due to an over-sized calf. I am sure the farm vet came and conducted the proper procedure to put the uterus back in by washing it with disinfectant.

  18. Milk isn't the best (or even the only, there are non-dairy foods high in calcium) source of calcium as many people think. I read that because it also has protein it makes your body suck the calcium out of your bones and causing osteoporosis in some people.

  19. Maybe, I hope. But, the manager CLEARLY states "We push the uterus back in and hope she doesn't die. We push it back in and wait for the beef truck." They are sold for meat.

  20. Actually, some cows ARE naturally violent. Ever been attacked by a cow in heat? I have. I was bruised all over. She was normally a nice cow, very calm and docile. I had NOT provoked her, i was just walking by with a wheelbarrow full of manure, just like every day.
    If she had not been dehorned, i would be dead. Skewered. Blood and guts all over the place. And i was only around 12 when it happened.

    Please tell me what is worse: parents losing a child, or an animal being in pain for a day or two?

  21. I'm a vegetarian but it's hard for me to go vegan because I don't like the taste of soy milk at all…

  22. All those cows will be slaughtered anyway…if they were not bred to produce milk they would not have to be slaughtered. What this video does not show is what happens to the poor calves that are born…you are aware that cows have to be pregnant half the time to produce milk? In any case milk is good for calves not humans. Have you watched "Forks over knives" it is an eye opener. Nearly forgot, the human body cannot absorb calcium in cows milk, look it up on internet.

  23. The reality is that 90-95% of America's dairy farms are like this. Dairy cows have debatably the saddest lives of any farm animals. The pictures on the milk carton lead you to believe that the cows live peaceful lives roaming around freely in the field but the fact is that without cramped conditions like those shown in the video they won't make much profit. Also all dairy cows will eventually be slaughtered anyway (and at a young age because when they are older they don't produce enough milk).

  24. I've completely gotten used to it, and strongly strongly prefer it now, it's possible!! 🙂

  25. and there is no rule stating that anyone after weaning age, ever needs any kind of "milk." almond milk, rice milk, hemp milk, coconut milk or soy mlk…i could live w/o all of them as long as i get the proper nutrition… and sadlyyes, it took me years to wean off of cow cheese, because i did not know about nutrition. Learn about nutrition

  26. It's important to know this is not the norm. The (sharp) stick used indicates allready that this is just purposeful animal abuse, not an incident. I work on a farm as well and treat cows like pets and still being way more efficient than these low life humans do here. I am not a violent person, but if I would see this I feel like hurting these people, in a very, very bad way 🙁

  27. What happens on some farms is horrible (disgusting!). But your comment is as well, accusing almost every farmer of being an animal abuser. on rare occasions a little force can be neccesary but in no way like being done in this video. That should be clear. Good stockmanship can prevent the need for negative interactions in many occasions.

    But you cannot generalize like this, thats discriminating.. especially when making things up 🙁
    i.e.: 'older cows produce less'?? > the EXACT opposite is true

  28. I'd like to clear up a few things. 1. most farms do use painkillers and shame on this farm for not. 2. Cows are hard to move so hitting them, so to speak, may be necessary. If the cows are getting hurt from it, then no, that is not ok. The uterus thing is awful, but it does happen, and there aren't many things to do about that. Beefing a cow, although sad is usually to put them out of their pain, not to just get rid of them. It may look awful, but the whole dairy industry is not like this.

  29. All of these abuses are preventable simply by choosing not to consume products made from cow's milk. When cows are beaten, it hurts them, why else would they move because of it? We can prevent the exposed uterus by not impregnating them over and over again so we can drink their milk. The only real way to make sure your milk isn't cruel is by not drinking it at all, and choosing soy, almond, rice, or coconut milks instead.

  30. But Josh's points are correct. A vast majority of the milk consumed in this country comes from factory farms, cows used for milk are slaughtered for low-grade beef often before their 5th birthday, and beating a cow or any other feeling being is never acceptable. We are being misled that cows live happy, healthy, peaceful lives. The only way to make sure that your milk is cruelty-free is by choosing rice, almond, soy, or coconut milks instead.

  31. This might be misinterpreted, I do not know what you mean with hitting too.

    A misperception in the dairy industry is that hitting is needed to get them moving. I cows are conditioned well just tapping them on a fleshy part (not on joints/bones) should be enough as long as you are consistend: when you tap, they need to move, or get up. Do not move on before they do.

    That way they get used to it, if youre being inconsistend they do not understand: tapping = moving and will get confused.

  32. Is that a solution? Whould you prefer seeing no animals at all in our landscapes? You should visit the farm where I work if you believe cows must be under constant stress in confinement. The cows there are very curious, social (likking) and relaxed (renumerating, heads low). But taking care well of cattle takes a many technical, economical and probably most importantly, spiritual skills to connect with cattle and eliminate stress. In future I will try to communicate this to the entire industry

  33. I agree that, for as far I can know, the situation in the US seems pretty bad but we don't know what is average for a US farm, I don't believe that 90-95% is this bad, I hope not even 5% although I tend to doubt that 🙁

    But animals suffer in nature as well: births for cows are risky and they would probably die in > 10% of all births without help. Or (first calf) moms that won't let their calf nurse. nature can be very cruel.. we can do better than that; but CAN, I don't say we do, on average..

  34. One farm does it so that surely must mean they all do it. It's like saying you know a woman whose a bad driver therefore all are. So ignorant.

  35. That's a great start, but we still believe that cows would be happier living their own lives, not a life dictated by forced pregnancies, zero chances to raise their calves, and often and early death.

  36. You are doing a great job exposing those horrible stockman, I sensirely hope that everyone of them gets caught so please go on with this. But pointing fingers only to an industry as a whole will not make things better.. I dont think you can ban animal husbandry, so couldn't you try to find solutions that are both better for animals and still profitable for the farmer in order to persuade them to increase wellfare. Communicate about research on animal health and profitability etc, be creative..

  37. In addition to asking the public to go vegan (as many already are!), we work on phasing out cruel practices within the industry in the meantime. We have all sorts of creative material at PETA.org, you should check it out!

  38. By assuming that we know what's best for these cows, we do them a disservice. At this point, because we have domesticated these animals over long periods of time, it would be irresponsible for use to release them into the wild. When the day comes for these cows to be retired instead of shipped to the slaughterhouse, they should be transported to a reputable sanctuary where they can live the lives they were meant to.

  39. Almond milk kicks regular milk's ass! I don't even like regular milk ( it hurts my stomach anyways), but almond milk is awesome! Even without this, I prefer it over regular milk! (:

  40. But it is terrible. Cows are artificially inseminated (an extremely invasive procedure) over and over again so we can drink their milk, while their calves are ripped from them just days after birth to become veal or another dairy cow.

  41. They were breaking the cow's tail in order to get her to move.

  42. you are ignorant and probably have brain problems if you think its okay to electroshock any animal in the face, ever.

  43. Jacon what the fuck is wrong with U? U don't see what's going on in the video? are you blind? I've never sworn at someone on internet before, but U fucken outrage me man.

  44. Keep up the good work PETA. Humane euthanasia at times is the best thing that can be done. Can U tell me if charges were brought against the people in the adirondack dairy farm video please?

  45. Really??? And who are YOU to make that statement? If you want ANY acknowledgement around here, you need to back up your delusional statements with some proof, like PETA does!!!

  46. How did a TOOL like you make it outside of the shed? Get back behind locked doors where you belong, I will let you know when I need you to clean out the cow manure.

  47. hitting those innocent animals that didn't ask to be in the position they are in, I get it we need food but you dont need to abuse them I hope those people get cancer

  48. HE ELECTRO SHOT A COW IN THE FACE and they burn there horns off with no treatment

    and any cows with desises they get left alone to die and if they live sent straight to slaughter

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