Credit Score Trashed Fix Credit With Credit Gardening

Credit Score Trashed Fix Credit With Credit Gardening

18 thoughts on “Credit Score Trashed Fix Credit With Credit Gardening

  1. Which Discover card did you get? I got those same Citi offers over the past few months. Simplicity and Diamond. I signed up for the Simplicity. I also got an offer for a credit card from my credit union. I signed up for that one, too. I guess it’s time for me to till the credit garden as well. Good news. Starting on April 16, ALL tax liens will be removed from all credit reports.

  2. Well I must say that I really enjoyed watching your Channel. Not because you are really pretty and your blue eyes are hypnotizing but because you are super smart and a real down-to-earth person.

  3. I currently have One Secured BankAmericard. Well in Capital One Platinum. And one Chevron Techron advantage. Saving the next two spots for Chase cards because of the rules they have, 5/24. No more than 5 cards in 24 months

  4. You walked your self to a trap ! Low credit score equals highest variable apr ! And guess what ! It will likely to stay that way and will influence other future credit cards that you will apply for since they have nothing to compete against for you and you couldn’t pick the best moment as the fed higher interest rate ! It’s like a casino you never gable all your chips in one night no matter what ! You never go from bad to good in credit business ! Only good to better ! It’s strictly business and you want the favorable conditions on your side always ! Or simply stay away from it !

  5. Seeing a 59 point decrease just for adding 3 cards still seems like a lot. I was under the impression that the more accounts you have, the better and that hard inquiries only gave your credit score a minor hit. What is your average age of account and how many cards do you have? The reason I ask is that I just got approved for two new cards and now I'm worried I'm going to see a precipitous drop in my credit score.

  6. LOL…yes. I was at 738 with a Discover card then thought more the better….wrong! Got two more back to back and now am sitting at 686. Was looking to get a (new to me) car in July but may have to wait a lil longer. Time will help 🙂

  7. Unfortunately, for a long time I could only get high fee cards. Now I have the capital one platinum and avant credit cards. Hoping to get the quicksilver one and citi double cash when my score goes up. I messed up with amex and discover a few years ago, so I won't be applying for those cards.

  8. My credit score just jumped up but I have too many hard inquires I tried to apply for something and got denied due to hard inquires so I'm gardening. I wanna try to refinance my car in 6 months then keep gardening again for a year. Before applying for another credit card.

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