Copics & Ink Blending – STAMPtember Collab set from The Greeting Farm

Copics & Ink Blending – STAMPtember Collab set from The Greeting Farm

– Hi everyone, Kristina Werner here. Welcome to another video
for Today I’m using the all-new To All Of You stamp set from The Greeting Farm. And this is a collaboration
stamp set for STAMPtember. And it has all these really cute penguins, a fireplace, a Christmas tree. You could build a scene
with all of these images and it would be adorable. But today I’m going to be showing you a different way to use
all these smaller images. Starting out by stamping
four of the little penguins in Simon Says Stamp intense black ink. I’m stamping this onto some
Neenah solar white card stock and I’m actually going to
stamp the images twice. This is for a couple of reasons. The first one is I wanna
get a really, really thick black line, and the second reason is my ink pad is getting
just a little bit dry so in order to get that thick one I’m gonna have to stamp
it twice no matter what. So now I’m gonna take some
green leaf card stock from Simon and I’ve cut it down to a smaller piece and then I’m stamping the Wishing You A Merry Christmas stamp
from the stamp set. I’m prepping that area with
a anti-static patter tool since I am going to be
doing some heat embossing. And then I’m stamping the
greeting in VersaMark ink. This is a really sticky ink, it’s perfect for heat embossing. I’ll remove that from my
Misti stamp positioning tool and then sprinkle on some
alabaster embossing powder from Brutus Monroe. I’ll tap off the excess
and then heat set this with a heat tool until
it’s smooth and melted. Now you’ll notice that the
greeting is on a curve. I think that’s so it
can actually be placed above the scene that you’re stamping. But since I’m doing something
a little bit different today, I thought I would create a
banner out of this greeting. So I use the pencil just
to draw a curved line below the greeting and
also above the greeting. And then I’m going to take my scissors and trim it out so that
it’s one long curve shape. And then I took my scissors
and just cut half way in to create kind of a
v-shape on the end here. And I apologize for my
camera being out of focus, it was focusing on my grid mat
instead of what I was doing since I wasn’t centered in the frame. So here I have my curved banner. And I wanna set that aside while I work on other areas of the card. Now I mentioned before that
I stamped these images twice. So I hit that with my heat
tool just for a few seconds to make sure everything was dry. That’s just going to prevent
any of the ink from smearing. Once this ink is completely
dry, it is very Copic friendly and you won’t have any smearing or smudging into your images. So now I’m using some Copic
markers and doing some coloring. I’m using a very limited color palette, mostly just reds, kind
of like a bluish-green, green and then just the
penguins themselves. So let me turn on a little bit of music so you can continue watching the coloring and I’ll be back after
I’ve trimmed them out with my scissors. (light music) I cut out the penguins
very close to the lines. And then I took a Momento
tuxedo black marker. You could use any
brush-tip marker for this. And I painted the edges
of each of these images that I’ve cut out. This is going to get
rid of any white areas that might be remaining
after I cut them out. And it makes them look just
a little bit more finished. I really like to do this
on all of these images that I color and then cut out. So now I’m going to work on the card base. The card base is made
out of schoolhouse red card stock from Simon. And I’ve cut that to five
and a half by 10 by 11, excuse me, and then I
square that at five and half to create a finished
size of five and a half by five and a half. I took some Post-it tape and placed that right above the fold and
then I prepped the area, just around the outer edge with
an anti-static patter tool. My idea for the background on this card is to have the three little snowflakes from the stamp set, stamped all the way around the outer edge and then I can place a piece of white card
stock with images on it in the center, so I don’t necessarily need to stamp this pattern over
the entire card front. I can just stamp it on the out edges and that’s gonna save
me quite a bit of time so I don’t have to fill
in all those areas. So I used some more
alabaster embossing powder from Brutus Monroe. Tapped off the excess and
then used the heat tool to heat set this. Nor originally my plan
was just to do the frame and it would save me some time, but I kind of like how this looks. I think you could actually
do this kind of frame and have it show that it’s just the frame. I think it would look really cool. But I am still gonna go
ahead with my other plan. So let me cut down some white card stock. This is going to be four and one quarter by four and one quarter. And then I’m going to
take a little circle dye from the Nest Of Circles
dye set from Simon. And I’m going to cut
out four little windows for each of these
penguins to be inside of. So I’ve got my ruler here,
this is a t-square ruler. I’m just marking the center vertically and also horizontally. This is going to give me some quadrants to space my circle dye in. So I ran that three or four times and dye-cut those circles. And then I cut down a second
piece of white card stock. This one is going to be four by four so it’s just smaller than the other one that I just did. And I’m gonna place that on the back. It needs a little bit of washi tape just to hold that in place. And then I’ll flip it over. I’m going to take a pencil and trace the inside edge
of these circle windows. This is going to give me an idea of where that circle window
will be up at the top. So now I’m going to use
four different colors of Gina K Designs ink. This first one I think is called cherry, I’m not sure what it’s, cherry something, cherry-red I think. I’m using some blender brushes
from Picket Fence Studios. And as I’m blending each
one of these quadrants, I’m going to multiple times
place that window frame piece over the top and kind of get an idea of how things are looking. I then use sea glass and jellybean. And then I’ve got this one up here. I think that’s, or maybe
that other one’s called kiwi. I can’t remember the names of these inks. I’ll have them listed down below in the video description
in the supply section. So the cool thing about those inks is that they might look splotchy
when you first apply them. But they do dry back
and kind of flatten out and are much more solid. I then took some narrow
foam strips from Darice and put those around the circle frames and also around the outer edges. And then placed it over the top. I’m then putting some Xyron
mega runner adhesive on the back and then placing that directly
onto the front of the card. So you could also make this
into a shaker card this way, I think it would look really, really cool. I decided to keep mine very simple and just have those windows giving a little bit of dimension. Put my banner right over the center in the middle of all those windows. And then I put some foam
adhesive behind the penguins and then placed them directly into those little circle windows. The card’s almost finished, I
decided that I wanted to have a little bit more detail
around those circle windows. So I took a point zero
five Copic multi-liner, it’s very, very thin multi-liner and drew some dash lines around
each one of these circles. I’m then going to take
a clear Wink Of Stella brush pen and I’m going
to add some glitter detail onto these penguins. So I decided to coat
their scarves and hats and I think I put a little bit on the coat of the penguin that’s
wearing that big puffy coat. And this glitter just gives
a little bit more detail, a little more sparkle and dimension. It makes it more whimsical. So here is the finished card. I think it looks so, so cute. Just a reminder that the
stamps that I’ve used today from The Greeting Farm is
a collaboration stamp set for STAMPtember, so it’s
a limited quantities and if you want to get the
stamp set, now is the time. It will not stay, I’m sure
it will sell out very soon. I have a link down in
the video description and also in the supply
section over at my blog. that will take you directly
to The Greeting Farm’s collaboration stamp set
over a so you can check that out if you’d like to pick up the stamp set. On screen I’ve got three more
videos for you to check out. I’ve selected some of the
cards I’ve made in the past using The Greeting Farm stamp images, so if you want some inspiration
on how you can color some of those fun images
you can check those out. Thank you so much for watching today, I will be back with
another video very soon.

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