Caona Bullys: Anacaona's Show Crop Correction before and after

Caona Bullys: Anacaona's Show Crop Correction before and after

38 thoughts on “Caona Bullys: Anacaona's Show Crop Correction before and after

  1. These dogs are beautiful…. I like the "show crop" these dogs have. They also have beast mode look. keep up the good work. Awesome bully's.

  2. Hey one of my pups ears is leaning just like yours did they end up going up by it self or u did something to help??? Plz help

  3. I'm sorry but the dog is born WHITH ears, if the dog must have this look it surly was born whith it. Sorry but this is animal abuse. In Holland you got jail time its forbitten or a high fine

  4. Why people dont understand that they are doing for their good health.. i have pitbull and i know how important to make ur pup away from infections its good for pitbulls i cropped my pitbulls ears at when he was 10 weeks and some days old..

  5. Anyone saying it's wrong to crop a dogs ears needs to understand this, floppy ears are NOT a natural feature of a dog. By natural I mean that it is not a feature that you would ever see on a wild canine. Fox, Wolf, Jackal, African wild dog, etc all have ears that stand up. Floppy ears actually cause problems with infection and germs, cockers are infamous for ear problems because they are so big. We created floppy ears on dogs with selective breeding because we think that it's cute. Cropped ears will actually allow a dog to use their ears better and when training your dog, you can see them use their cropped ears as a part of their body language. Cropped ears are for looks, function, and health.

    American Staffordshire Terrier – cropped ears .
    3 months.

  7. Beautiful animal! Cropping keeps many breeds healthier with less ear infections regardless what some say

  8. Un día compré uno mamalon pero cuando le hicieron corte de oreja el pendejo del veterinario le corto una oreja con el pico hacia adelante y la otra hacia atrás por lo que tuvo que darme otra cría :V

  9. It's so irritating reading comments from ignorant ass people. The dog literally feels nothing, like when people have heart transplants (also compare and ear op to a heart op). A part of it being done at an early age is to take advantage of the nerves being underdeveloped. "How would you like it if i cut off your ears" shut the fuck up. We love and care for out dogs, paying crazy attention to everything they need to grow healthy and strong. Ear cropping is done because we want our dogs looking like champions, its that extra step. If you don't agree with it then thats cool, but shut the fuck up. I bet we treat our dogs way better than you do yours.

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