Canadian farmer talks about their hard work and how fellow Canadians help them buying their produce

Canadian farmer talks about their hard work and how fellow Canadians help them buying their produce

Okay. So we are ready to leave. We’ll be going to the world renowned Niagara Falls. He’s going for the first time. Smile. He’s smiling today. We are going to visit Niagara falls and in that I’ll take you on the boat. It goes directly to the Falls and you get a wonderful panoramic view. You guys will get to see it as well. Let’s go? Let’s go. Shall we start shooting? For sure. Aunty gave us a free peach basket along with the interview. They are so big, them seem like apples, but are in fact, peaches. We’ll wash them and eat but before that, let us reach our destination. Today’s plan is to visit Niagara Falls. The place where we are staying, Mississauga, is around 1 hour 30 minutes drive away from here. There’s an accident on the way, according to GPS. So it will take us an hour an a half instead of the usual 1 hour and 15 minutes. We are leaving at 1:30-2pm, and we should reach around 3pm. After that we’ll explore for a bit and get him on a boat ride. And since Zeeshan is at his office, he stays near Hamilton. So once he get’s free, he’ll join us, it’s around 45 minutes away. He’ll get free from work around 5:30-6:00pm. So he will join us around 5:30-6:00pm at Niagara. After that we’ll have some friendly fun. After that, he’ll be taking us for a grand buffet in a huge casino restaurant. By “he is taking us” I mean, he is paying. It will take at least 1 hour and 15 minutes. Which is quite far, around 100 kilometers give or take. There’s an accident on the way, so there’s a delay of 16 minutes. There’s an exclusive lane here, we’ll switch to it. The exclusive lane is marked with a Diamond sign, it’s allowed only for vehicles with at least 2 people in the car or transport vehicles. And it’s not legal to cross this partition. This lane is basically for promoting carpooling because the solo drivers run on normal lanes. But people who share cars can take this special lane and speed up ahead. Then I stopped at the station, no for gas, but for something that I have on most of my drives. Because of Red Bull, we got to an exit where we don’t know the way towards the highways. So we will have to go through the route with villages. You drove the car off the pavement. As I was crossing the villages, I came across the Stop sign where I spotted shops by local farmers. So even though I didn’t get my Red Bull, I found a farm instead. These are farms owned by the local population which sells fresh produce. Behind me is the shop, I’ll try to talk to one of the farmers. This is the place where peaches and strawberries are grown. I’m thinking of getting a box myself. So if you headed towards Niagara Falls, take an exit prior and you will find a lot of vineyards and farms. These are present during the summers because during the winter season, it snows for 5-6 months. Nothing grows here during that time. And all the stuff is imported from Mexico or USA, specially food products.Hence, since it’s sunny for quite a limited time during the year, Canadians get excited and go out to enjoy the Sun. They partake in outdoor activities such as cycling, tanning, or anything at all. During this time, the weather is suitable as the land turns fertile and is ready to farm produce. During that time, people come here to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables and other locally grown food items. Peaches are one of those items, which is grown here locally. You can see them on the trees, they look so beautiful. Actually they are really nice and pretty. And if you want, you can buy freshly grown food from these shops. Whether it’s strawberries, or other forms of berries, or peaches. There is such a farm right here, I forgot the name, Bizz.. I don’t know, I’ll put the name in the description. There’s an owner here, whom I just had talk. So let’s go talk to them and I’ll give you an idea of the price range of this produce. They are huge in size, these are peaches the size of apples. So we’ll check that out as well. Yeah. Let’s talk to someone? Let’s go, I’m turning on the mic. Yeah, do it. We’ll try talking to Aunty he she is willing. You should go over the peaches here, cuz that’s kind of our main crops. And it’s peach season right now, so yeah, might as well. Okay? Okay. Where do you want me to look? Exactly, you or.. When I’m asking a question, maybe here. But when you are answering, you can look directly there. Okay. Okay? Hmm. All right. We good? So while going to Niagara Falls, I happen to take an exit for finding myself a gas station and I came across this beautiful farm here. And I saw freshly-picked vegetables. Fruits actually. Yeah, fruits. And vegetables. Yes, so.. And you happen to be a farmer here because I really believe that in a country where there is snow like for more than 6 months at a time. Yes. How difficult would it be because this country I guess most of the survives on imports from USA or Mexico. So, as a farmer, as a local farmer, what kind of challenges do you have to produce these kind of lovely fruits? Well, I mean, first I’ll say that I’m a second generation farmer, my parents came here from Slovenia and brother actually owns this farm here and me and my husband actually, and my brother work here on a couple of farms in the region. So, it is challenging to a certain degree for sure, when you’ve got a winter climate. But, you just have to work with it, your geographical location really. I mean we have about 7 months of the year where we are working basically 7 days a week. Wow. Growing fruits and vegetables. Yeah. 7 days a week. 7 days a week for both, that is actually about, 5 months of the year. 7 months of the year we can probably do about 5 days a week. Yeah. Okay. I like, really saw a lot of people coming there. I’ve been like waiting for you while you were on a phone call. Yes. So when you get free we can talk. Meanwhile, I had (seen) like about 7-8 customers just came in. This fresh fruit is really popular in Canada as compared to what people buy at Walmart or Costco or something like that? Well definitely, I think that what we are finding anyway, we’ve been here at this location for about 6 years. Okay. And what we are finding is (that) people are becoming more and more aware of what their backyard has to offer and Niagara is extremely populated with delicious home-grown food. And people know the difference of that taste. You know, I get all the time, I have never tasted peaches like these peaches. We have a lot of tourists, come through this area as well. And when you are tasting a fresh picked peach. Tree, ripened on a tree, days before it’s ready, or almost just about ready, there’s absolutely nothing like that flavor. Not only are you getting a better flavor, but you are also getting an incredible amount of nutrients. Un, nutritional value that is going to support your overall health. Yeah and people are realizing that they are very aware of their carbon footprint right? Yes. So they are, it’s less of an environmental impact. You are being more conscious about supporting your local community, your local businesses and benefitting your health a lot more. So, Canada grown, support Canadian, fresh Canadian. Absolutely. And yeah, just taste the difference. It truly does actually taste different. So in case you do happen to cross Niagara Falls region, then do take an exit. And I’ll mark the address of this place. Yes it’s Bizjak farms. Bizjak Farms. Perfect. Thank you so much. Thank you. I’ll let you attend your customers Thank you. Thanks so much. Aunty gave us a free peach basket along with the interview. They are so big, them seem like apples, but are in fact, peaches. We’ll wash them and eat but before that, let us reach our destination. You won’t have any difficulty in finding these farms. The fruits are on trees literally all around. A lot of farmers left fruits on their shops, where you can pick your fruits and leave the money in the box. Okay so we covered the farms in the Niagara area, Niagara on the lake and now it’s time to head towards Niagara falls. But I’ll show that to you in the next video. Otherwise the videos turn out to be too long and people ask me to not make half an hour long vlogs. And personally, if I divide a video into two parts, I get a day free just for editing. Zeeshan is about to reach in a little while. We are also heading towards Niagara Falls. I’ll try to make him pay $25 for the boat ride. I doubt that he’ll come because whenever a Canadian’s relatives come from India, the first place they visit is Niagara Falls. And given the number of times a person has to visit those boats… I doubt he’ll come. If it was me, I’d say no. But we’ll try to take him along because then, we have a whole another level of fun. So, I’ll show you Niagara Falls in tomorrow’s vlog. You saw (Niagara) by the lake today. You might have seen a lot of vlog by different people for this place. But this time, I’ll show you Niagara Falls from my camera’s perspective. Okay? Hold on to your veil. Wonderful. Oh, by the way, if you liked this video, Please hit don’t forget to hit the Like button and for more such videos and their timely updates, Please don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button and the Bell icon. I said it correctly this time around in the first take. Let’s go.

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