Budgies Parrot Purchase From 700 Pairs Breeding Farm / Budgies Parrot Price

Budgies Parrot Purchase From 700 Pairs Breeding Farm / Budgies Parrot Price

choose the color what you will i’ll help you choosing i like that color this one we’ve caught which we wished to have let’s count i’ve chosen all light color friends, do comment on the i color i choose Hi,Friends,Good morning, this is Dipankar & you’re watching my you tube channel “Parrot Dipankar” I cordially invite you all to my you tube channel “Parrot Dipankar” few days ago i made a video on 700 budgies parrot colony of Mr. Julfikar. i visited the farm i visited thoroughly, & shared the video with you & i concluded that if i wanna buy some adult parrots from him, whether he would sell me or not. Mr. Julfikar consented he told me that he wanna sell whatever i choose. on that show i asked you to comment which color of budgies pair should i purchase accordingly i found many comments i’ve gone through every comment but sorry to say, i couldn’t give reply of every comment though i read all 90% of you told me to go for Blue, yellow & white i also thought of that the budgies which i bought before are of 80 % green color so i thought not to buy any green color & your comment made me rigid that i only buy buy Blue, yellow & white from Mr. Julfikar only these three color budgies parrot i should buy & no green color let’s move there & fetch budgies in my farm & set them free here & share the video with you if the video delights you, please, do like ,share with your friends if you watch for the first time, do subscribe & press the Bell button by it so that new video notification will appear on you mobile or desktop. let’s move to 700 budgies breeding colony to buy parrots Ananda’s prepared food for them all my birds screamed loudly as it’s time for their break fast show you them eating before they get ready so waiting for’em today ananda has given them no seeds given seeds’ll be given at noon. apple gram seeds wheat pomegranate sugar cane piece of banana that’s all for break fast but seeds at noon we’re ready to move now my bro Debasis can’t join us he’s gone to manage his job out side on sunday we three’re going there we’ve taken small cages with us hope to purchase 30 pairs it may serve our purpose let’s move finally we’ve reached at Julfikar’s house park the bike here now i made a friendship with him so bought sweets for his family let’s go inside to meet Julfikar we’ve reached at Julfikar’s house how’re you bro ? fine some sweets for you today, it’s too hot out side so take rest for a while we should not wait any longer all my subscriber told me to take Blue, yellow & white get what you will he confirmed me earlier you choose i like Blue, yellow & white no green ,as i have many take tea first now we’re brothers i here feel at home don’t put pressure i hesitate when i feel i make you busy so help me feeling at home , wish to come always make video all my subscribers become the fan of you people like you more than me i wanna make a video later where you inform me about how much should i pay for a pair of budgies parrot ? how much on their food? how many chicks hatched in a month? how much by selling them? finally we wanna know the earning in a month you ‘ll describe it later ok, let’s move to the colony he has taken a net to catch birds, i also show you the net i use as i have big parrots, i use big net to catch birds but for budgies it is proper if we wanna catch a bird in side the colony, it’s difficult to catch them so this net helps you catching easily use this to catch the bird you want, very easily let’s see how Julfikar catches the birds finally we’re inside the farm i wanna give you which you like all my subscribers want me to buy Blue, yellow & white color budgies i won’t give green color but any other you like i thought of 100 pairs will you arrange 100 pairs? take 25 pairs now with eggs & all the chicks request to adjust it i’m happy with it 25 pairs i wanna take from different colony 4/5/6 parrots i also thought of that i’m not going to give you from a single colony then what’ll happen to the eggs & chicks? they may rot & die i don’t wanna damage your colony not even the eggs or chicks nothing what you think proper, even they’re not adult pair even i never make any violation to the eggs & chicks so i decide to give you 5 birds from each colony all right you choose the color you like i’m also finding out for you that color i like that bird yes in that corner no need to show me you select isn’t it right? yes very gorgeous color this ‘s Mr. Jufikar’s son what’s your name please? Mehebub Ali Khan he also joins us to help so pleasing !! last lime i hadn’t met him nice to meet you let’s move what happen that piece in front of you it’s of red eye Friends, i’m confused that which one i should take as all’re so pretty !!! stunning colors !! finally, we’ve caged many but or 10 piece i need total 60…. 30 pairs finally, we have done the job let’s count friends, comment please, i’ve chosen all light color comment, how’s the colors ? let’s count if it’s less than 30 pairs, we’ll collect later let’s move these’re all today’s very hot we’re tired of catching’em it’s difficult to catch’em entering into each cage tell us what’s the market price of budgies chicks available in market for selling? what’s the rate of that size pair? Rs- 260-265/ INR it depends on quality or color i’ve seen in you tube that birds having red eye are costly than regular one i’ve chosen many red eye birds & many’re there in the farm there’re red eye birds when you sell the chicks is there any different price for them? high rate or all sold on same price ? i never heard of that before i don’t know about it but those who purchase, never told me about it you’re so simple hearted !! i’m not selling for long time only two years you live in a village so you don’t have knowledge about it i’m not also sure about it i learn it from you i thought , i had seen but not sure about it people say red eye is costly here 60% is red eyed & of big size tell me what should i pay to you? for you nothing more pay me 260/ per pair but that for chicks no no you’re my friend i can’t accept much from you but i wanna pay much for red eye when it’s about money, no compromise everybody needs it if you sold the chicks, more over their food i’m not paying you much the expense for rearing them one pair consume food worth Rs-40/50/ may be more we remain friends but i don’t want you go through loss so i decide to pay you Rs- 300 per pair so count them friends, counting is complete total 64 do comment , friends, how’re the budgies ? according to me the size’re quite big !! & color….. you told .. Blue, yellow & white i took accordingly no green bird i purchase do comment , friends, it’s time to pay Mr. Julfikar his only profession is only bird keeping how many pieces ? 64/ 32 pairs 32* 300 Rs– 9600/INR i’m pay 300/per pair as he spent for rearing them yet it is less it’s too much you ‘ve given me no no , keep them there’re red eyed , full adult birds these’re your breeding pairs let’s leave see you soon let’s move towards to my farm leave them free there request you to come to my colony after 2/3 days to watch them if i need to change any (farm) your suggestion if any i may fix them you know better than me yet i do visit pray for them & breeding god’ll help you let’s move to my farm sohow you how i let them free there it’s 12 O’ clock, noon time have lunch here no thanks, but later i reached here one hour ago my bro Debasis is with me i’ve not release them as it’s too hot today in the morning i gave the birds water seeds but they are from different place as it’s too hot out side if they drink water immediately they may fall ill so keep them under fan it’s colder place keep them here for an hour no time to leave them lets move up stairs watch’em after release i bring the color you told blue, white, yellow news paper for them to spread in the floor sitting with ease here i feel very good i had 25 pairs before today, bought 32 pairs 25+32 57 pairs so i hang many nest box, earthen pitchers do comment on colors maximum red eyed do comment if red eyed’re costly i watch them in you tube is it true? fully red eyed all birds are left free in my colony have a look at them few days ago i hanged them how is the show ? do comment , friends if the video delights you, please, do like you do all re according to your choice if you watch for the first time, do subscribe & press the Bell button by it so that new video notification will appear on you mobile or desktop no more friends, see you soon with new topic , new show

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