Beautiful Bavarian Forest National Park

Beautiful Bavarian Forest National Park

Hey everyone! Dana here, and we are up and
out of the house and on the road at a pretty ungodly hour for a Saturday morning, but that’s
because we are now off on a day adventure to the Bavarian Forest National Park. We made it! It took us about two hours to
drive from Munich to the park, and today’s not really amazing park-going weather — sunny
skies. But it’s also not really raining, and weather like this means that neither I nor
Mr. German Man will suffer from those pesky springtime allergies, so that always good. In fact, it’s the perfect park-going weather.
Not too rainy, but everything’s covered in a light sheen of water, and the whole place
just feels so alive and green and bustling with energy. The Bavarian Forest National Park was founded in 1970 and was Germany’s very first national park. Many of the signs are in German, English and
Czech, and I learned that this is because the forest stretches into the Czech Republic where it’s
then called the Bohemian Forest. Here we’ve got a map of the different animals
you can see in the park, and I hope to see the piggies frolicking just like that one
there. He looks like he’s having fun. There are many opportunities to see animals
at the Bavarian Forest National Park, but what you actually see is a little bit of luck
too. So, looks like no lynx here! But we’ve got a second chance to spot him,
and no lynx here either. By the way, “Wildtier des Jahres” if you’re wondering, means wild
animal of the year, but it’s not some kind of animal beauty pageant. Unfortunately it’s
an animal that’s in danger of going extinct. Ah, third time’s a charm. There he is. More
information on Tier des Jahres and helping endangered animals in the description box
below. A few weeks ago there was a really bad storm
in Bavaria, and you can see the damage here in the park. But there’s new young trees growing
as well. There are super cute otters in the park too.
Just try watching them without awing out loud. And when a car pulls up, they know what time
it is. Lunchtime. There should be deer in this area, and this
is me looking for them. I even whip out my trusty binoculars. Ah, I found one! Can you make them out in the distance? And this looks like the perfect mud for those
wild boars they said would be frolicking about around here. There they are! Hm, not much frolicking though. Here it looks like we’ve come across a much
livelier creature eating what appears to be a perfectly prepared trail mix. Just look
at her go. Parts of the forest are so moist and green,
moss seems to be everywhere head to toe! And other parts, like by the brown bear den,
are a little drier. All of this beauty and wildlife and nature
is in the national park area, but the forest itself can also be hiked and explored. But
just watch out for fallen trees, because they don’t move them, but rather let the forest
recycle them naturally. Left alone the trees decompose, putting nutrients back into the
forest and during that process they provide homes and protection to other animals and
plant species More information on the Bavarian Forest National
Park in the description below. Thanks so much for watching. Please don’t
forget to subscribe and hit that like button, and also be sure to check me out on Twitter
and my Facebook page for more photos from this little adventure. Until next time, auf Wiedersehen! And this here is what we call in English an
outhouse, and I learned that in German it is called a “Plumpsklo.” So literally “plop
toilet.” And in this case, the woman is given options, so she can go either into the men’s
stall if she dares, or into the woman’s stall.

19 thoughts on “Beautiful Bavarian Forest National Park

  1. OMG!Just had an awesome flashback / deja vu feeling at 0:21! That building in the background…I thought "I was there…remember…deep in the back of my head…as a kid…more than 30 years ago." Wasn't sure but I thought "I think it had something to do with animals" and boom…you show it. I am sure I was there… 🙂

  2. Hello Dana!

    Thank You for this beautiful Video about the a part of the Nationalpark Bavarian Forest! The Nationalpark its much worth to get much more focus! Thank You very much for this!
    The Nature- and Nationalpark Bavarian Forest has much more to explore: I want to advice You and Your Husband the Biggest Mountain of the Nationalpark – The Arber – and before you go up to the Arber you can visit the small and the big Arbersee – – with the only Swimming Island of the World! Just here you can see Swimming Islands! All the Area arround the Arbersee and the biggest mountain inside the Nature- and Nationalpark Bavarian forest is out form the Icetime! Very interesting. Very seldom plants You can watch there!
    After this trip you should go to the Silberberg – – and you can drive up to the mountain with a cable-car. At the Mittelstation there is a very beautiful Wirtshaus with a fantastic view down to the Nature- and Nationalpark. Also You can go Archery in the forest at the Silberberg! You can go there a 3D-Parcour – Archery-Parcour with 24 Aims and one of the most beautiful Archery-Parcours in the Nature- and Nationalpark Bavarian Forest! It costs 10 Euro for each person the entry and if you need to borrow the Equipmnt it costs 10 Euro more for each person. And you have for hours a lot of fun there, too!
    Dont miss to take a Trekking-Tour up the the Rißloch Wasserfälle! It is amazing! A big Waterfall or Waterfalls directly through the forest for some Kilometers: – Its absolutely amazing, too!
    All in all its a long day this trip and normally you need 2 days for it! Maybe You can also make a Video of it! That would be great! Looking forward to watch it! Thank You very much, Dana, again!

    Greetings from the Nature- and Nationalpark Bavarian Forest,

  3. I would love to visit the Bavarian Forest,,,it looks lovely and tranquil. Must have been a very nice day to be out and about. Thanks for sharing!

  4. If you visit Nuremberg some day you should go to the 'Tiergarten'. You might like that (i love it 🙂 )

  5. As a native of that area who's currently living in Munich (God i miss my bavarian forest ;_; ) it's great to see someone else enjoying it as much as i did.
    But a pro tip would be…stay over the weekend (  ) and visit the national park right around dusk or dawn. Especially right before sundown you can see many more animals that are usually in hiding. A bonus is that tourist groups are heading home so you'll be alone when the wolfs get fed, or when the wild boars run around and enjoy the rustling leaves. A hike up to the tip of the Lusn is also something i can recommend. Either one choses the "easy" path that is whinding along the side of the mountain until it ends at the Gasthaus right underneath the top, or you chose to hike up the Himmelssteig. A path over rocks and roots until you reach the base of the mountaintip where you'll have to climb over more rocks until you reach the cross at the peak. 
    Lusn is also always a treat on during new year festivities. Imagine looking over the forest while the fireworks goes of and then riding down on a sled.

  6. I cant wait! I get stationed in vilseck in December for 4 years and iv always loved Germany. iv been watching as many videos as possible because I want to make sure I'm not known as the obnoxious American haha

  7. Dear Dana, i really love your videos and if you like going to the wild bavarian nature ( ;D) I recommend going to the Fichtelgebirge and visit the famous Luisenburg Theatre and Rock labyrinth 🙂

  8. Even though the BAVARIAN FOREST NATIONAL PARK project hat started with a scandel. The well reknowned Professor Grzimek had been on of the most prominent board members but he left the comission because his concept resetteling most of the there living people had been vetoed by the Bavarian Government. As many people  I agree with him, This is no National Park rather a tax avoiding areas for farmers and country folk. In such an area the animals should come first and not the humans. Knowing this area myself I can´t see any difference to the cultivated landscapes around.

  9. Dana? You haven't missed the Alps have you? They are just one hour car ride away from Munich. Don't miss the greatest ski slopes in Europe. There are dozens of them if you include neighboring Austria.

  10. Bayerischer Wald is beautiful and also fun to ski(skifahrer Arber) but it doesn't have anything on Berchtesgaden National Park. You must go sometime if you never been.

  11. I've been in that exact place about a million times! So lovely to see that you liked it, too!
    My theory about the animals that you sometimes don't see is that they actually only have half the animals they claim to have, and each animal has to moonlight as another species, like the Moose throw on a costume every other day and pose as the Wisents. I've NEVER seen both of them on the same day! 😉
    But it's probably only because of the large enclosures, which is so much better for the animals. I love that place! And they have baby bears at the moment!!!
    You should go again in the winter, by the way, that's great, too! Lots of snow in the Bavarian Forest.
    Greetings from one Münchnerin to another!

  12. Grüß Gott meine Damen, ich hoffe Ihr konntet aus Bayern, hier aus dem Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald gute Erlebnisse mit heim bringen und besucht mal wieder Deutschland und besonders meine Heimat Bayern. Weiterhin viel Spaß und Freude beim erstellen von Videos.

  13. Wald I have been there. But not a forest 🌳 man
    City man. You can see those animals in North America too

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