already already Gordon you want to do it you want to see I'm under pressure man yeah well I gotta say wizard that I gotta say I did a crop top today YouTube YouTube I need the brush though and a do-rag did a crop tops I do it all right let me tell y'all listen listen they too scared they're too scared you to miss your boy 360 Jeezy in this video I did a crop top I don't know if I'm a Paul light in there I don't know gonna make the cut but if you liked this video give it a thumbs up if you're new to the channel hit that subscribe button stay tuned all right so to start this haircut off I'm gonna start by using my endless cordless T outliners and I'm gonna set in my ball line I'm gonna set it in contoured to my clients head making sure that ball line is as neat as possible so now that I'm done with that I'm just going to use my cordless BGR sees two balled out the rest of the bulk at the bottom now using my brawn series 9 I'm gonna make it razor broad at the bottom I'm not gonna go all the way up to the line because I still want to leave some stubble about half an inch so you don't want to go all the way up to the line cuz then it's gonna make it even that much harder to get that ball line out so make sure you go a little bit below that line now using my fabulous goat effect with the lever open I'm gonna go up about a half inch and I'm gonna make sure it's consistent all the way around same thing with the one guard open going up about a half inch flicking out this time I'm going to go up and make sure I stay consistent all the way through now with the two guard I'm going against the grain going straight up now sometimes you can get away with not using this to guard but with me I like to make sure that you know I get the shape that I look that I'm looking for before I actually start clipper over comb so dropping back down to the one guard open I'm just cleaning up that area between the one and the two so here's probably the longest part of the process is to flick out that middle line I'm using my zero guard close and I'm starting below the line and flicking to the line you don't want to start at the line and flick up because then you're gonna create another guideline so the reason why this process takes so long because you're gonna have to adjust the lever as you go up and as you come down you're gonna have to readjust the lever to close it final step with the lever closed in a flick out motion flick out that bottom line now keep in mind again you're gonna have to adjust that lever as you go up so right now I see that the line at the bottom isn't taken all the way out like I wanted to so I'm using my endless quote listt outliner and kind of just flicking out that that bottom line just to clean it up a bit so right now I'm gonna put in my duck clips right here at the parietal Ridge if you don't know where the parietal Ridge is in that area that the top means to the sides it's kind of like that edge of a square so right now I'm doing clipper over comb technique I'm kind of putting my comb at a 45 degree angle and taking all of the hair that's sticking out just cutting it off with my clipper sometimes you're gonna have to well not sometimes well a lot of the times what you need to do is look at the front of your clients head to get the shape right so right now I'm gonna take out my clips and saturate my funds hair with water so now I'm gonna do some shear work starting from the front taking off about a half an inch using that front as a guideline and then I'm just gonna work my way back right here what I'm doing is doing some cross-cutting to add some different layers of texture to my clients hair being that he wants a crop top I'm also going to use the thinning shears to thin up certain areas in his head that way it could give it that messy uneven look so right now I'm just bro drying and styling using my styling comb and my blow-dryer making sure that I use my styling comb combing everything to the front so here I'm just gonna put the texture powder in my clients roots and then I'm just gonna apply it all the way around his head I don't have to apply that much because what you're gonna do is just mess everything up starting from the roots dig your hand in there during the scalp and just kind of mess everything up that's how you're gonna get that texture top look you too this is the cut and if you liked it make sure you give it a thumbs up if you new to my channel please hit that subscribe button make sure you guys check out my brother hustle dreams production he does all my beats his YouTube channel will be linked in the description below if you guys want to know where you can find any tools that you're sending this video check out the links in the description below as well otherwise you guys can follow me on Instagram and snapchat my snapchat is GZ 360 and my Instagram is 360 GZ but it's your boy 360 GZ and a modern human


  1. I fucking love you dude you’re such a badass barber and such a influentiat and motivational person to me !!!! Thank you for these Sickass videos !!!

  2. That fade/blend was fire 🔥🔥🔥 but this a funny looking hairstyle lol. It’s weird not seeing a line up.

  3. Jeezy i was basically binge watching your videos i saw you at a barber academy in pensacola and i cried because thats the shop i got for haircuts

  4. HELP! I have a long kinda slicked back hairstyle with a taper on the sides. But I really want to go for this look but idk how to ask for it. I need your help.

  5. I was just wondering if anyone does Bantu knots for curls because I sure as hell know I do. I have a super loose curl type and I’m thinking about getting a perm. Anyone that that’d be a good idea?

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