62 thoughts on “Another IMPOSSIBLE Freestyle Rap!

  1. I’m here early and there are only 3 comments. So much pressure to not screw this comment up. I guess I will just paint myself camouflage and hide out.

  2. I haven't been watching you for that long but your fire and I ve watched all of your recent vids keep going you inspired me to try it out and how you just make up a freestyle rap as good as u do on the spot 👌🤩🙌

  3. Wish I could see the list of topics for the 2nd rap. It’s easy to figure out roughly what they were but if we had an exact list it’d be easier to tell where the transitions were

  4. 1). Wonder Woman Saving Lives, 2). The Decade of 1984, The Amazon Tribe, Gal Gadot, Disco Ball Choreography Routines, and Mrs Patty Jenkins.

  5. Fountain of piss? We call that draft beer .
    Pull back the handle and let the piss flow …you look 21 , just let nobody know.
    You look kind of young to be having a bad night, oh right the stuff you’re drinking is Miller Light.

  6. At this point i think it would be cool to see you mix up the introduction instead of always saying the same line about being a middle class privately educated brit

  7. I just wish to add that you could cremate waterbased under power plant conditions (right before the turbine valve), where steam turns dry under high temperature and pressure (around 700°C and 550 bar should do).

  8. Thanks for watching, pals! If you’d like your own personalised freestyle rap for you or a special someone, you’re in luck! You can now book me on Cameo: https://www.cameo.com/christurnercomedy

  9. Have you ever considered going on CSGO to rap? Some people who are rapping etc on YouTube started on CSGO surf servers. You're criminally underrated and I would love to see you grow!

  10. I can't even remember any of the suggestions 5 seconds after they are said, and this guy goes and does a rap about all of them.

  11. The only explanation behind these raps: The whole audiences were paid actors and he rehearsed it more than 100 times.

  12. "we get Elon Musk and instruct him to lead us to alien destruction" Jesus, normal rappers need a day to think in this Level of clever wordplay.

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