Anjem Choudary wears electronic tag after London Bridge links revealed – Live News 24

Anjem Choudary wears electronic tag after London Bridge links revealed  – Live News 24

HATE preacher Anjem Choudary is pictured for the first time since his disciple Usman Khan butchered two in the London Briudge terror attack  Choudary was seen in east London with the ankle tag he has been forced to wear since being freed from jail last year  Khan, 28, was a student and “personal friend” of the radical cleric who was imprisoned for inviting support for ISIS in 2016  A new picture emerged today showing them together at a conference on sharia law in Khan’s home town Stoke-on-Trent in 2009  Khan and the eight other members of his terror cell were all believed to be members of al-Muhajiroun, the banned Islamist group founded by Choudary  In 2012 the nine jihadis – from Stoke, Cardiff and London – were jailed over a plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange and set up a terror training camp in Pakistan  Khan was freed last year, half-way through his 16-year sentence.  His licence conditions included a ban from entering London – but he was given a one-day exemption on Friday to attend a course meant to rehabilitate prisoners  It was during that event Khan went on the rampage with a knife, killing two Cambridge graduates and wounding at least three other people before he was shot dead on London Bridge TERROR LINKS  Other members of Khan’s terror cell included Nazam Hussain, 34 – who was taken back into custody over the weekend as security services review the cases of dozens of freed jihadis  Ringleader Mohammad Shahjahan, 34, was also freed half-way through his 16-year sentence  Mohammed Chowdhury, 29, who was described as a “lynchpin” in the terror gang at the 2012 trial, had boasted about launching a “Mumbai-style” attack at the Houses of Parliament  It is believed he is still in jail.  Another member, Mohibur Rahman, 35, was released in 2013 but jailed again for plotting an attack with a pipe bomb and meat cleaver  Six of the nine plotters jailed were personally taught by Choudary, The Daily Telegraph reported in 2016  The men were inspired by al-Qaeda and had been under surveillance by MI5.  Anjem Choudary was notorious for spreading hate for years but was able to evade justice for a decade despite ties to known terrorists such as the Lee Rigby’s killer Michael Adebolajo  In 2016 he was finally nailed along with a key deputy for inciting support for ISIS  Since his release last year he lives under the toughest licence conditions ever imposed, including a ban on mixing with his former al-Muhajiroun disciples  Dr Paul Stott, a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, said the “security services must consider immediately recalling Choudary to prison until the threat posed by him and his affiliates has stabilised”  Dr Stott told the Daily Telegraph: “All these years later, and Anjem Choudary’s one-time acolytes are still butchering members of the public on our streets”  He added that 25 per cent of all Islamist terrorists have some sort of “link to Choudary ”  The preacher was last snapped in May leaving his East London home. PREACHER’S HATE GANGUSMAN Khan was a student and “personal friend” of hate preacher Anjem Choudary  He spent years preaching on stalls linked to al-Muhajiroun, the banned terror group once led by Choudary   Other notorious associates of the the radical cleric include:  Siddhartha Dhar, a salesman turned alleged IS executioner, dubbed Jihadi Sid An aide to Choudary,  he is thought to have been killed by a   drone strike in Syria  Omar Bakri Muhammad, a hate preacher who founded al- Muhajiroun in 1990s and was banned from the UK in 2005  Michael Adebolajo got   life for the 2013 murder of Fusillier Lee Rigby. Was a member of Choudary’s Al-Muhajiroun  Brustholm Ziamani was converted by Choudary to radical Islam.  Caught  in London in  2015   with knife and  hammer looking for a soldier to kill and jailed  Dr Mirza Tariq Ali, an NHS doctor was a close associate of Choudary. Fled to Pakistan to become key Taliban member Reportedly died in a drone strike.  The London Bridge attacker was named as Choudary disciple Usman Khan

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