Ancient Creature Empowers Lazy Gardener

Ancient Creature Empowers Lazy Gardener

My name’s Jeb And it’s time to replenish the gardens I got real lazy with my fertilization last year This year I’m going to try to bring laziness to a new level I’m starting to think worm castings might be the difference between Laziness and efficiency Here’s the deficiency I’m trying to counter And a frog You squeeze out? You’re going to divide it? I’m going to see if I can get Four plantings for the price of one Oregano grows like a weed Behind the garden shed A month earlier I planted some lavender from seed Shake it! No, don’t shake it yet! Look, the fine pieces are going through The sifted bits should keep moisture closer to the seeds Day 8 Day 15 Day 20 Day 22 Day 25 Day 31 I’m staggering my cilantro plantings The blackberries did not do very well last year I think I know how to improve their situation I’m removing the branches that grow into the center of the lime tree Next I’ll balance out that side of the tree Am I not merciful? It seems like earthworm castings should work fine for fruit trees too Time to face the rose bed First I’ll get rid of all the dead material And the new buds will come out of these Lumps This is the kind of thing I used in the past The chemical whatever Garden is peace Garden is love It’s not that I’m interested in a one size fits all solution Wait a minute I am interested in a one size fits all solution It’s exactly what I want Oops I forgot to turn off the irrigation timer I’m just mixing in half an inch (12mm) of earthworm castings And then I’ll top off the bed with fresh potting mix Someone’s not happy about the changes to the garden I’m going to see if a Psychological deterrent can keep these chickens out of here Who knows? Maybe the dogs will stay out too These sweet mommas have so many memories here It’s time girls Say goodbye to the garden Before you say goodbye Make sure you check out the video description For details on these earthworm castings Share with Friends!

100 thoughts on “Ancient Creature Empowers Lazy Gardener

  1. Try probiotics with the birds- one has a poopy butt. A few days with a poultry specific probiotic from the feed store should help.😊

  2. The Almighty Jeb has returned. Weakened by the pestilence that attacks his garden, and lethargic due to the extensive amount of upkeep it requires, he has harnessed the power of the ancient and mystical Earthworm in order to better himself and his heavenly garden.

  3. Hi Jeb! You have a great garden! Please, can you tell me what plastic boxes do you use? How can I find them? I could not find them in my region. And Is it critical to use only non-transparent boxes?

  4. This is another fantastic video. Yes, encourage us all the be lazy please. Our plants will be happier for it
    "Garden is peace. Garden … is love."

  5. Forgive me.. I know I'm gonna point out those girls.. (the beautiful chickens) I have those same girls as yours!!! Omg. Did I copied you??? Or was it an accident??? Its okay. I love your video anyways 😊😊😊

  6. I think that since he started gardening, he lost the ability to rush things since he gained too much patience… and that's the story why he speaks slowly.

  7. “Am I not merciful?” just got you another subscriber. And the music? Too good man. All hail the mighty earthworm!

  8. Джеб, ролики хорошие. Музыка громкая и не приятная.

  9. Hey Jeb just wondering how many subs you had when your first video hit 100K views and also when you got 1million on the "Gardener Ignores the Laws of Nature" video? thanks

  10. I never thought Mussorgsky's music would be that much suitable for a garden/agriculture video! Life is full of surprises! Great content!

  11. Wait, that was like chucking a human into a sewerage farm and expecting it to eat its own species' excrement. You monster!

  12. Rabbits are better than chickens (except for the eggs) as you can pretend they are pets until harvest, their pellets are garden ready day one and you have a better chance of getting them through the HOA!

  13. You are brilliant in so many ways…..and sweet on top of that-the child, the cute little dogs, the chickens-I loved seeing and hearing all that. Your videos are mesmerizing-I could watch them over and over. I hope you will not be insulted but can I make a suggestion-prune your roses to outside, ie cut all the branches that are going into the interior off and always prune right above the "bump" going out. Great music also!

  14. I've read that mycorrhizal fungi and azabacter bacteria are also good for feeding the roots. Both help all plants but the fungi help woody plants such as fruit trees more and azabacter helps non-woody plants more.

  15. 1:10 That synchronisation of music though… LOL. your videos are the best. Cute kid, too:) She must be having fun getting involved

  16. I never cared much for gardening and I never believed in god. But this video was so thought provoking that I had to question my stance and reconsider everything I believed in. Do you have a cult following, Mr. Jeb? How can I use this unworthy material body to serve my lord and almighty?

  17. What can I substitute for the chickens and weiner dogs? I have a cat who doesn't go outside, and massive student loan debt.

  18. You think that's lazy? Instead of pulling out bindweed I train it to hold plants against Bamboo so I don't have to tie them on with that green string stuff! Haha ! Now they work for me!! AhhHAHA! MUHAHAHA !!!!!! >:-D

  19. "It's not that I'm interested in a one-size-fits-all solution… wait a minute… I AM interested in a one-size-fits-all solution; it's exactly what I want."

  20. You have such a soothing voice, i love it! nice choice of music too! i love your videos, they have a bit of sarcasm on them, but also great gardening tips, my hebs and my plants are growing very fast thanks to your tips and videos, thank you very much, keep doing the good work!^^

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