An Edible Backyard in an Eichler Home

An Edible Backyard in an Eichler Home

(light music) – We really enjoy the design of our yard. It’s a place where we can eat, it’s a place where we can play, a place where we can explore. People will pass straight
through the house and into the yard because it is the focal
point of our house. – [Tim] The first thing we
have is right near the house is kind of our first bit
of lawn as it walks out and then as you kinda leave the lawn, it goes down into our larger patio area where we have seating. – So we used to have a pool, and you’d think we’d keep it. We thought we would. It would be a great place for kids to play during the summer. The pool was a hassle to maintain. – Decided to fill in the pool and so we had a lot of space, and so that space now,
since it was so big, basically is the bulk of our
kind of entertaining patio and our garden beds combined. – Growing food is a lot of fun. And actually it’s a great activity to do with the kids because there’s certain
things that they’ll see in the grocery store that they’ll go, “Oh, no, I don’t want to eat that.” But if they pull it out of the ground, all of a sudden, it
becomes really interesting, and they want to put it in their mouth. Right now they’re really
into Padron peppers because you never know
which one’s gonna be spicy. So it’s almost like (laughs), it’s like Russian roulette. And they’ll take one at a time, and then whoever hits the hot
one (laughing) is the winner. – [Tim] It’s a luxury really, to have gardens that you can go pull from. Everyday we’re grabbing something. If we’re cooking food
something’s coming out. – In our family, we
have myself, my husband, two boys, a dog, two
chickens, and two beehives. We found out that there’s a woman who rescues unwanted bees, they’re a nuisance, or
someone’s scared of them, and she re homes them to foster homes. So we signed up. And we get to share in the honey, and not only that, our
vegetables get pollinated, and we’re helping the bee
population which is endangered, just by having them in our backyard. Really calming to watch
the bees go in and out. They’re beautiful. You have to get in this
really zen state of mind of just like being really calm. As you start getting a more trained eye, you realize some are cleaning the front, some are taking bees out, some are bringing in purple pollen, some are bringing orange pollen, some are bringing yellow pollen. There’s a guard bee up in the front, they’re all doing very specific jobs. – This year we’ll probably have close to 200 pounds of honey from those two hives. They produce so much honey, it’s crazy. – I think the part that I’m most proud of of our yard is the coop. It’s a very specific coop for
the small amount of space. We wanted to reuse lumber that we had gotten from Tim’s parents, beautiful old growth,
tight grained redwood. Visually I also wanted it to blend in with the design of our house so that it would look
like a rustic version of our modern house. – [Tim] When we built the chicken coop, our boys were really involved. They were just starting to get old enough where they really wanted to be involved. – My oldest is in middle school, and he still comes out and
shows all of his friends, I made this, this is
where my chickens live. And it’s really sweet. Most recently, they’ve been into history, so they named one Attila the Hen, and the other one, Genghis Chickhan. They’ll earn their keep. If I’m gonna clean up after an animal, I want it to produce something for me. – The accessibility to go
out and get your own egg, there’s something enjoyable about that. And they really, into
this day, still enjoy it. – One makes a really beautiful blue egg, and the other one makes a brown egg. And we’ll know, because we’ll get a nice little
song in the morning, saying, “I laid an egg! I laid an egg, come out and
check out what I just laid!” Anything that we have in our backyard has survived my neglect, or it’s survived the chickens, it’s survived the kids. At the same time, I love the structure that comes with really nice architectural forms. So our blue agave has a
beautiful rosette form, and I love that there’s
all these organic textures, and sounds, and colors,
and shifting light, and that for me just calms me down. And I realize, it does
the same for the kids too. And they have a ton of
things to do in the backyard. That outdoor, unstructured time, just to be able to hear their own voice, to be able to hear their own ideas, to come up with things
that aren’t prepackaged, that’s what I really
appreciate about our backyard.

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  1. Love seeing kids Not glued in front of the computer or their gadgets, instead enjoying the outdoors and learning

  2. Okay, maybe they talked to their neighbors about this, maybe not, but if I had a neighbor with beehives right against the fence, as someone who is (or at least was) allergic to bees, I'd be rather miffed.

  3. This is life, put life in your backyard and your kids will have joy, learn something, and have good non GMO food

  4. this looks REALY GOOD!!! although, in my opinion, there is nothing like a swiming pool, specially for kids… I remember spending my entire day in the pool during summer, and having my friends over…. it defenitively is a hustle, but not any more than growing your own food …

  5. I simply loooove everything about this garden, from the chickens to the bees! Beautiful, and inspiring! Thank you!

  6. There is nothing like reading up in a tree!! Lol! I had spent many a day up in our old apple tree! Thanks for bringing forth that memory! Your concept, initiative and sharing are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  7. So beautiful this would be my ideal of our backyard. I love to garden and a combination of Oasis to relax would be my dream come true backyard.

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