Agriculture : Rice Cultivation in India

Agriculture : Rice Cultivation in India

did you know that rice is actually a grass and we eat its seed rice is the main food crop in most parts of the world it forms the staple food for many people in India to the most common method of growing rice is by transplantation this method is practiced in areas where the soil is very fertile and there is plenty of rainfall this is the reason why rice is mainly grown in regions which received heavy rainfall and have fertile soil to make sure sufficient water is available to plant rice most farmers maintain flooded conditions in their fields this is achieved through various irrigation methods used to supply water to the rice cultivation fields flooded fields are maintained in regions which do not receive plenty of rainfall transplanting of rice is a very difficult process as the work is done by hands the seeds are sown and seedlings are prepared these seedlings are then uprooted after about four to five weeks and planted in a flooded field rice can be grown on flat lands and the slopes of mountains or Hills in hilly areas rice is cultivated through Terrace farming in this type of farming the slopes of a hill are cut in two steps and then rice is grown on them these steps hold the water which is required for the growth of crops after the rice plants are fully grown they are harvested with the help of machines the crops are cut and the seeds are separated with the help of machines in India some farmers still use simple hand tools like sickles and knives to cut the crop this requires a lot of time and labor now you know transplanting is an important process in rice cultivation can you find out about the different methods involved in the cultivation of other food crops you

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  3. it is now 21st century but they still use the way of farming of hundreds of years ago. This is one of the reasons that India is big with population but still a poor country. When will they change their habits of doing farming?

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