A Tour of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore: Part 1 – Supertree Grove

A Tour of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore: Part 1 – Supertree Grove

Gardens by the Bay consists of three distinctive waterfront gardens—Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. Opened in 2012, Bay South is the largest of the three gardens with its award-winning cooled conservatories and iconic Supertrees. The garden is home to more than 40 sculptures from around the world that complement the plant displays. The Gardens by the Bay lake system consists of Dragonfly Lake and Kingfisher lake. The reed beds planted along these lakes act as natural filters to clean water run-off from within the Gardens. Of the 18 Supertrees in the Gardens, 12 of them can be found here at Supertree Grove measuring between 25 and 50 meters tall. These iconic vertical gardens are designed with large canopies that provide shade in the day and come alive at night with light and sound. Each Supertree consists of a trunk core made of reinforced concrete wrapped with a steel frame. Panels are installed on the trunks for the living skin using different planting schemes in various colors. Over 162,900 plants comprising more than 200 species have been planted on the 18 Supertrees. The plants were chosen based on factors such as vertical planting, soil-less, hardy, and high visual interest. The OCBC Skyway connects the Supertree Grove into a 128-meter long walkway at 22-meters high.

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  1. I go to Singapore every month and never once I visited this place! I am from Malaysia and I prefer a natural nature environment! Each time after a few days in Singapore and riding on a bus back to Kuala Lumpur, the whole journey makes me feel peaceful looking at the view of the malaysia countryside of tropical jungle and hills , and hundreds acres of palm oil fields, wide rivers and cows bathing on riverside! Anyway,…. Gdn of the bay a amazing job well done by singapore! Sad! Singapore is a flat land and no natural hills and forest!

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