A Day on a Japanese Strawberry Farm

A Day on a Japanese Strawberry Farm

Good morning guys! Today we are here with Mr. Kuramochi-san! Hello! And we are at Kuramochi Strawberry Farms where we’re going to be picking some fresh strawberries and then we’re going to be making some ichigo daifuku with them! Which is a Japanese treat! Which is fresh mochi, with a strawberry inside It’s super delicious, it’s gonna be amazing! And today Natalia is helping us out with translation Hello! Just so you guys can see that even if you don’t speak a word of Japanese that okay, because there will always be a translator around to help out Let’s get started, I cannot wait! Today is quite warm, so I think the strawberries in the shade will be more delicious Maybe around here? This area here? Yeah I think around here is good These ones look nice! These ones are small, but I think they’ll be tasty Put your fingers around like this And don’t pull it, but take them off like this Take it with your two fingers but not pull And twist up Oh wow! You’re good! You’re a natural! Here’s our first strawberry of the day Shall we try it? Itadakimasu! (said before eating) Yum! Tasty, so tasty! They’re so sweet, and juicy Yeah! Kuramochi-san found some good strawberries Wow! Nice find! The shape is bad but they’ll taste good I think Not so beautiful but it’s gonna taste good! So big There, yeah They come off so easily when you pick them like that! Oh yeah, I wanted to ask him One time I did ichigo-kari and they said: take off the green part and eat it from this way instead of from this side which one is better? Yeah they say that eating it that way is delicious But I think you can eat them however you like! Kuramochi-san told me that You can eat it like this by taking off the green part and eating it from the top instead of from the bottom first And he said that’s a delicious way to eat them However you can eat them however you like and that’s fine as well So they have two kinds of strawberries here The ones on the lower level are called akihime and these ones are called benihoppe Apparently the lower level strawberries are slightly sweeter But they’re all really delicious! Ooo what about this one? This one looks nice Yeah! I think that one’s ready! Yeah looks good. Is it the same taste? So good Same taste? No, it is different They’re both really sweet, the lower ones are sweeter And something about the upper ones tastes like apples to me I don’t know why So Kuramochi-san told us that the strawberries with the pink flowers which seem to be kind of rare, we’ve only seen a few plants in this greenhouse that have pink flowers He told us that those are the most delicious ones So let’s try them I have located a pink flowered plant So let’s find a strawberry on here Maybe this little one? This one is pretty small but I think we’ll be able to tell the flavour still Something about it tastes like tea Mmm it’s really good yeah Okay those ones are good, he was right He’s definitely right Just cause it’s pretty These ones are pink right? Maybe this one? You gotta try some! It’s so different! Without these honey bees they wouldn’t become nicely shaped strawberries The strawberries that are poorly shaped are that way because they weren’t properly pollinated Oh no way! I didn’t know that That’s so interesting Look here Come on bees! Do your job! When this yellow part is properly pollinated it will become brown and we’ll end up with nicely shaped strawberries Since we’re going to be making some strawberry daifuku later We need to find some good strawberries Nice shape, nice colour, nice size So let’s look for those ones now We made a pretty big one, and we want it to be kinda roundish So that it’ll look nice when it’s covered in the mochi Ooo what about this one? Aw maybe it’s not red enough Close… close… Ooo yeah Nice work It’s time to start the mochi pounding I’ve got the kine, and the usu And this is where the mochi rice is gonna go Which they are cooking right behind us over here It’s so good guys This is so much better than regular rice It’s chewy and sweet and it’s gonna make the best daifuku ever! Only 30 more minutes of this Oh my god You are a strong woman, remember! It’s looking good, It’s getting there! The hardest part is over, we’re done the mochi pounding and now we’re gonna take the mochi and make our daifuku! Get some water on your hands It’s not as beautiful as the ones in the store But it’ll taste good! Not bad! It’s pretty round. We have finished our daifuku! They’re not as beautiful as the ones you see in the supermarket but the ingredients are the same, so they should be really good This one we put kinako powder on, that is optional – it’s totally up to you That’s a powder made out of soybeans It’s really delicious, you see it in lots of Japanese desserts I’m gonna try that one first Let’s get my fingers a little wet because these are super sticky Itadakimasu! It’s so chewy The mochi is still warm It’s really hard to talk with it in my mouth The fresh, sweet strawberries in the middle are such a good balance to the simple taste of the mochi and the kinako powder actually gives it a slight salty taste which is nice! I had a blast today, I hope you guys enjoyed that! If you would like to participate in this strawberry picking and ichigo daifuku making adventure yourselves I will put the link down below where you can sign up! We are in Kashiwa city today, which is about a 30 minute train ride from Tokyo Station Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you guys again soon!

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  2. I have no idea if you even know the answer to this but im gonna try it. Iv studied for this kinda things (how to grow plants etc). And I was wondering what kind of bees he was using? In the Netherlands we usually use bumblebees instead of honey bee shaped bees like the ones over there.

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