10 Terrific Tomato Growing Tips – Growing PERFECT Tomatoes at Home

10 Terrific Tomato Growing Tips – Growing PERFECT Tomatoes at Home

100 thoughts on “10 Terrific Tomato Growing Tips – Growing PERFECT Tomatoes at Home

  1. Thanks for the great tips! Have you tried using a Topsy Turvey or any sort of upside-down growing system? I'd like to know if they really are that effective?!

  2. Thanks for a very informative video, and they are great tips.. what type of soil you use for growing tomatoes from seeds at first?

  3. Nicely done. I like the fabric used on your greenhouse. Hope I can find something here like that. Something I could take down in the harsh winter here.

  4. clean off your nippers/sissors you cut the leaves off with alcohol and friction, or soap and hot water, v don't forget to wash your hands, (don't smoke or allow anyone near your garden who does), before going to another plant.

  5. planting different times are for Determinant Tomatoes, Indeterminate plants trim off suckers and they produce continuously.

  6. A great dish from the south of the United States is fried green tomatoes sliced, add salt and pepper, dip in corn meal, and fry in oil. You should give this a try, very delicious. Thanks for the video.

  7. Excellent video with so much information I'll have to watch it a few times. Thank You for the information….Happy Gardening

  8. Tu as la possibilité de replanter "les gourmands" que tu coupes …. Direct dans la terre, ils repousseront plus tardivement que tes tomates et te donneront des récoltes tardives !!! …

  9. I have my first polly tunnel (very similar to yours from what I can see) and I am trying my hand at tomatoes. Thank you for posting this video I have found it very infomative and I never knew you could grow new plants from the suckers. That's a great tip. Ok I'm off to plant some basil! Thanks Huw. Keep up the good work.

  10. Greetings from a wet n. Ireland how fantastic tips what would you making the top leaves of my tomatoes turn bright yellow could it be magnesium deficiency keep up the good work huw thanks Ricky

  11. Some very good tips for someone with a naturally black thumb. The more I learn, the more success I have. Thank you…Don in Nova Scotia

  12. When planting seedlings,strip the lower leaves,and lay the stem horizontally,gently bending the stem to a final vertical position.
    This will give much more roots, and therefore a stronger,healthier tomato plant.

  13. Thank for your videos. Strange, almost ALL of my suckers have been bearing fruit, so what I do is get rid of the branch it grew out of when the sucker gets bigger. Maybe it depends on the type of plant? Who knows.

  14. I am moving so I decided to plant my tomatoe plants in pots, I got big plants but not tomatoes what can I do to make them produce fruit? thanks

  15. I'm really enjoying your videos, I am new to gardening, you explain everything very well, makes it so easy to learn and follow. Thank you 🙂

  16. You mentioned Garlic as companion plant, but I found it difficult to mange together. Because Tomato takes a lot more water than garlic. And while I watered tomato, garlic gets too much. Any ideas

  17. Your knowledge, modesty, sincerity and innocence makes you a superstar gardener. Thanks. Having been to England, I understand why it's a super gardening plot. Great videos. Best wishes.

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  19. I thought blight was contracted when rain splashes the soil up onto the leaves? If you are growing in a polytunnel, how does that happen? Or is the information that I have read, incorrect?

  20. I should have said what my question would be!! I will use grow bags and seem to remember years ago, putting plastic juice bottles with their ends cut off into the grow bag and putting the water into them so that it was delivered straight to the roots. Is this a thing you would recommend?? I don't want to buy those self watering pot things. Hope you make more of these films. Thanks.

  21. thank you for the tips. trying to grow them for my wife since she loves tomatoes. planting them in our sunroom. great idea with the string

  22. I'm just starting to garden so thank you so much for this very helpful video. I noticed this was made a few years ago so I do hope your still doing this😊

  23. I have a big garden since this year and just stumbled across your channel. Great tips, and thank you! I subscribed. 🙂

  24. Very nice video thank you from a first time grower! Man those are some huge tomato plant's you've defiantly got some skills!

  25. very useful and well presented, i was looking for tips as my wife has started growing tomatoes this year, the tip about growing onion varieties and Nasturtium were very useful.

  26. What a lovely young man and will follow your instructions. I have just re-potted mine into deep pots but didnt know to plant them deep.

  27. Thanks. Good video. Like a 'pro', you scripted it in advance and stuck to that script so you didn't flannel, umm and ahh. Well done. Very "benefitional". Oops!

  28. Hai, I like your video very much.You have given very very helpful tips n information.I buried some tomato seeds from some overripe tomatoes n they have sprouted n I was quite clueless what to do-until I watched your excellent video.Thanks so much.You' ve been a great help.Good job well done.I'm in my 60s n haven't done much planting n you are a great encouragement to me too

  29. This is just so lovely! I love your videos and it's such a wonderful thing to see how you've grown up over the years. And I'm so glad that you've continued to make videos up until now !

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