🍅 LIVE: 3 Easy Crops to Grow Indoors (on a Windowsill) During Cold Weather (REPLAY)

🍅 LIVE: 3 Easy Crops to Grow Indoors (on a Windowsill) During Cold Weather (REPLAY)

hi everyone I am really glad that we’re
connecting okay here lie we had all kinds of tech problems last week but I
tested everything yesterday so I am so glad that this is working so welcome to
our Monday livestream it’s great to see you guys on and wonderful conversation
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Monday to be with me here today it’s really nice to have this time set aside
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if you’re new here I want to welcome you to our channel to our Monday live
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please say hello in the chat don’t be shy you’ll find that the community here
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of things sons daughters graduations weddings if you’re safe and hurricanes
and windstorm so it’s really a great garden community thank you so much so it
looks like camera guys here in the chat I’m so glad he’s able to join us on his
lunch and everything sunflowers and more is moderating her name is Kristi she’s a
fantastic moderator keeps us on track pops links here and there and really
does a great job so I really appreciate her showing up and camera guy who’s my
husband and filming our videos watching from work on his lunch break so guys the
topic on the table today is growing three crops that are very easy to grow
indoors on your windowsill during the cold weather so I want to encourage you
guys to start thinking about a month or so ahead in your garden so think about
what the weather’s gonna be in about a month and start planning because you
don’t want to be without some kind of fresh veggies to harvest even if even if
it’s just snipping a few here and there once your your warm weather crops start
to die out if you live in an area that gets cold in the winter you’re
definitely gonna want to have something growing if you live in a warm winter
climate like I do in California you’re lucky you can probably grow something
all year long but it’s still really fun to have something on your windowsill
there very convenient so Before we jump into
the three crops I want to just say hello see who’s here agree everybody we have
Shirley here from Florida Travis is here Irene she’s watching from
Las Vegas today Debbie hi Debbie is from lanai in Hawaii so Debbie I’m so glad
that you’re joining us today it’s great to have you here Nisha’s from Northern
California Tony in Sacramento Laura hi how are you
I think Laura’s from Long Island New York Trina here from North Carolina 3
p.m. 3 hours difference Sandra from Chicago Stephen from Canada Zenith from
South Africa my goodness and I know I saw I’m sorry I can’t remember someone
here from Aruba and saying that they wanted camera guy and I to come visit so
that would be so much fun I would love to go to Aruba California Garden TV from
here in Southern California royal house living from North Carolina new garden
gardening by Nicole from in Florida so people watching here from all over the
world coming together to talk about growing your own vegetables so here on
our live stream we like to keep things quick simple inexpensive and fun here on
our channel that is and the live streams are all about building community having
garden support providing some resources tips tricks ideas and answering
questions so let’s jump in to one of my favorite crops to grow indoors on the
windowsill during the wintertime during the cold months that is I’m sure a lot
of you have winter we don’t really have winter here but and that is basil
now hopefully you guys were able to catch my video last week on rooting
basil basil is one of the easiest things you can grow inside this was rooted from
a cutting I took from an outside plant so if you’ve got basil growing in your
garden right now go back and watch the video I posted I believe it was last
Friday on how to route basil cuttings simply in water then you can plant it on
a container put it right on your kitchen windowsill or if you still have warm
weather you can definitely plant it out in your garden
but this girl’s really well on my windowsill I don’t have a kitchen
windowsill that is super super sunny so it does not get a lot of direct light it
just gets in direct sunlight in the morning actually it gets in direct
sunlight all day but it doesn’t really get a lot of direct light and it grows
beautifully so it’s just so convenient to have in the winter time you know when
it’s cold outside but just at your fingertips right in the kitchen window
so you can just snip off the top and that’s going to encourage it to keep on
growing and then you can pop some little basil leaves in your morning omelet you
can throw some in a salad you can flavor your water with it or your favorite
cocktail with it and it’s just a wonderful plant to grow so take
advantage of the fact that you might have some in your garden right now and
so before it dies off because it’s getting too cold make sure that you go
back and watch that rooting basil video and get some going and trust me you are
gonna thank me come November December when it’s too cold to grow basil outside
I mean even here in California once the temperature gets down in the 40s or even
the 30s at night basil is so cold sensitive so it does die off in the cold
weather doesn’t necessarily even have to have a frost and I’m always glad that I
take plenty of cuttings and grow some indoors now the other thing is you guys
might not know this but if you live near a Trader Joe’s maybe you don’t have
basil growing in your garden right now if you live near a Trader Joe’s they
sell these beautiful large sized basil plants for about three to four dollars
so it’s probably gonna be pretty hard to find a little basil transplant in your
garden center right now but Trader Joe’s has them not all year round but most of
the year round and hopefully they’ll have them in your location so you can
grab your staple itself a basil plant for three or four dollars you can plant
it out in your garden or you can pot it up and place it inside or put it in a
container right outside your kitchen and then take a couple cuttings that’s all
it is just take a couple cuttings root them in water you can keep them alive
actually in water for for quite some time you can drop a couple drops of some
kind of fertilizer I use the vermis Terrier worm tea or the good dirt
liquid fertilizer and it really does the job and helps it growing keep growing so
if you have a kitchen windowsill or a sunny windowsill or a not so sunny
windowsill the first crop you are gonna want to grow is basil and I did see a
question rolling by here what is basil used for well basil is actually one of
the most popular herbs and you can pretty much use it for anything it’s
typically an Italian type seasoning it’s really good in spaghetti sauces it’s
great on fresh pizza or fresh basil is good on pizza I like to put it in water
just to flavor my water we’d use it on all kinds of stuff chop it up put it in
omelets you can use on sandwiches it’s really a multi-purpose herb and it
smells absolutely wonderful so if you’ve never grown basil there’s lots of
different varieties this is just your normal I’m Genovese basil you can also
grow it from seed I have an herb seed collection over on my website Cali cube
garden and home comm that has two varieties of bass limit if you want to
grow it from seed maybe you don’t have basil plants available to you and you
can grab that today I’m actually running a sale today’s the very last day to get
15% off with the code September over on my website so head on over there grab
yourself an herb seed collection but whatever you do get some basil growing
on your windowsill in the winter time so I know I know a lot of you like to do
that let me see here in the chat to let me know if you’re growing basil indoors
what you like to use basil for I see Irene likes to use it and pesto yeah
that is one of the greatest ways to use when you have tons and tons of base on
your garden is to make yourself up a big batch of pesto in the blender you can
just throw it in there with some olive oil some garlic salt and pepper if you
want to put some pine nuts or almonds in there blend it all up and then you can
actually freeze it in ice cube trays you can use it fresh or you can freeze it
and pull it out later during the winter time and believe me there’s nothing like
garden fresh pesto if you spread it over a really nice thin pizza crust and top
it with some pizza toppings oh my goodness it is so so good
Kurian says I’ve got basil but when do I cut the tops off okay
what you’re gonna want to do curing is go back and watch the video I posted
last week on how to get your basal rooted in water and I show you exactly
how to cut off your tops you want to cut them before they flower before they go
to seed and then I showed you exactly what to do to get your basal rooted it’s
so so easy and you’re definitely gonna want to do that before your basal plant
dies off so Luz is saying that she likes a slice of basal slice of cheese slice
of mozzarella Wow I’m getting hungry sprinkle with salt and that makes for a
great salad that’s a great idea Luz you could roll that up and just have it for
lunch I’m a little snack whatever you might want to have it is just a super
super tasty tasty herb okay fresh pesto basil watermelon
smoothie Wow Rita I love that that sounds super super
delicious I’m gonna have to try that okay and camera guys saying it’s a
crystal-clear picture we’re getting today that’s wonderful it’s a little bit
of an overcast day which makes for much better picture is much better filming so
I’m glad that’s coming through loud and clear and we have towles watching from
Greece that’s exciting at 10 p.m. here in Greece so thank you so much for
staying up with us and joining us here today on the
livestream okay piano master hello from Hawaii oh my goodness piano masters in
Hawaii we just came back from Hawaii and a piano master went for their sister’s
wedding yes Hawaii’s absolute gorgeous have a wonderful time I bet the weather
is beautiful there Amy loves basil lemon water the last couple of days and Amy I
totally agree with you there’s nothing more refreshing than drinking a nice big
glass of basil water put cucumbers in it lemons limes whatever you like it’s
absolutely delicious and so refreshing it makes drinking water so much less
boring don’t you think so I’m glad that you’re enjoying that too okay guys let’s
talk about oh and I also want to hear from you what you enjoy growing on your
windowsill as well okay so I’m going to talk about the second thing that I like
to grow in the wintertime right on my windowsill and I want you guys to get
ready and pop in the chat I’m gonna be looking in the chat in just a second
I want to hear from you what you like growing as well okay so the second thing
that is so easy to grow guys on your windowsill in the winter time is lettuce
so I absolutely love fresh salads I have my little Callie Kim 5-gallon smart pots
here growing full of lettuce and guys I am really surprised that this is doing
so well we’ve had super hot weather the past couple weeks and this is the Paris
cause romaine lettuce very heat tolerant I’ve actually had it growing completely
in the shade it might get a little bit of Morning Sun but it’s been growing in
the shade and this is in my lettuce seed collection and it’s been growing for
maybe about three weeks and look at the growth on this so we’ll probably be
harvesting this very soon but lettuce is my number two crop to grow on a
windowsill in the winter time and let me show you how I like to do it actually
just planted some here this morning so I could show you guys you can pick up any
kind of little container or use any kind of container you have around your house
you don’t have to get fancy you don’t have to spend a lot of money these are
some of my favorites I picked these up at the dollar store I’m sure a lot of
you guys have dollar stores around you a couple years back and I use them over
and over again they’re perfect for wind is still growing because they’re nice
and narrow and they fit perfectly on my kitchen windowsill and the price is
right but if you don’t have a dollar store just find something you have
around your house so what I do is I fill this with a indoor potting mix I use the
good dirt indoor potting mix and I just simply sprinkled lettuce seeds right on
top you can see the seeds now lettuce seeds one reason why they’re so easy to
grow they need light to germinate so you don’t have to cover them with soil all
you do is sprinkle them on top and then just kind of push the seeds down into
the soil and you can just pop them right on your windowsill now if you have a
couple hours of light they’re gonna grow that much faster but these go on my
kitchen windowsill as I mentioned not a lot of direct light and they will pop up
and be ready to harvest in about three weeks so I’m definitely going to come
back and show you guys how these are doing you want to make sure that you
follow me on Instagram I’ll be posting some photos of these as they germinate
as they sprout but again it’s so much fun
to have them right at your fingertips right there you can just snip a salad I
mean it’s just so much fun and so rewarding so think ahead if you’re in
hot weather right now don’t let that stop you from growing lettuce grow it on
your windowsill or pop it outside like I did here and grow it in a container and
keep it covered and shaded and it’s gonna grow just fine so if you are in
hot weather you are going to make sure you what you do want to make sure that
you choose some heat tolerant varieties the romaine actually planted in here the
prize head and the red romaine which are both heat tolerant these are all in my
lettuce seed collection and the romaine lettuce is are typically more heat
tolerant so that works really well and one reason why these are also growing
well because this container here I also have these on my website is a fabric
container it’s breathable so it allows for more airflow so try it in some
fabric containers and it just keeps your plants a lot cooler in the heat and
these are also super super durable containers as well and last for several
years so give it a go guys I want to hear all about how you guys like to grow
lettuce now you can grow it under grow lights too if you want like you could
pop it in the container now and then bring it indoors and put it under grow
lights once the weather gets really cold but lettuce is also very frost tolerant
so if you’re getting light frost it will also do well in the light and the
seasons of light frost like when you’re winter time first gets going so let’s go
back to the chat guys and see what’s going on I want to hear what you’re
growing in your windowsill and if you’ve grown any lettuce lately or grown it in
the past and the winter time on your window cell also okay let’s see here I
keep losing my lettuce to rabbits oh my goodness that’s so frustrating what you
might want to do this is from she’s gone country farms is a try some chicken wire
over your garden beds or over your containers and that will the rabbits
don’t like to climb on that chicken wire and that’ll really help while the
lettuce is germinating now once it grows up through the chicken wire
um you know it might be a little more difficult or maybe you could fence it
off and put some chicken wire over the top but give that a try
give that a try and let us know how it goes there okay let’s see garlic is in
from Cecil that’s wonderful you’re a couple weeks out from your
frost date it’s a really good time to plant garlic
okay the indoor/outdoor gardener I have some of your seed collections growing in
my arrow garden okay that’s great I believe that arrow gardens are a
little mini indoor growing system if I’m not mistaken so let me know what you
have growing in there that’s a really fun way to grow it has a little built-in
grow light I believe the lettuce seed collection is a great one to grab for
this five different varieties and again they’re on sale today for 15% off so if
you’re looking for some seeds these have some really beautiful varieties I’m in
there the red romaine the price that is super pretty the Paris cause is heat
tolerant and there’s a couple others in there but you can check those out on my
web site Kelly Kim garden home comm okay let’s see here a question from piano
master I can’t get my lettuce to germinate any recommendations okay piano
master have you tried just pushing it into the soil and not covering it
because it does need light to germinate so give that a go it could also be your
seeds might getting too might be getting too warm I don’t remember where you’re
from but if you have them in direct Sun and the temperatures are over 75 they
are gonna struggle germinating so try those two things and then come back and
let me know how it goes okay I see a question flying by a couple times from
Travis I’m gonna try and answer all the questions I can guys that so please be
patient with me here’s we’re scrolling through the questions the chat flies by
so fast Travis is asking how do you stop powdery
mildew on pumpkins okay powdery mildew can be a very difficult thing to control
however it’s pretty much the same for keeping and under control on pumpkins on
zucchini on cucumbers the first thing you want to do is cut off any leaves
that have even one single little spot a powdery mildew so check your plants
daily it’s bread’s very very quickly and you’re
gonna want to go back and watch my video I did I don’t know maybe six weeks or so
ago on powdery mildew and I like to use a milk water spray to help keep it under
control now it doesn’t cure it because powdery mildew eventually comes into the
garden at some point or another in my experience but it does help keep it
under control and most people have milk in your refrigerator so go back and
watch that video and you can combine the milk and water spray in direct sunlight
and it really really does help but you want to spray it before the problem gets
out of hand and make sure you keep your plants well pruned okay so give that a
go piano master and please let me know okay how it goes all right um let’s see
here any suggestions is from Laura I will take one more question then we’ll
go back and talk about our third crop okay this is from Laura any suggestions
for little NAT like bugs that are hanging inside my greenhouse okay those
are probably some type of fungus gnats or white flies of some kind and there’s
a couple different things you can try for that again prevention is always the
best way to go about it sometimes it’s really hard to get rid of them when
there’s already an infestation but what you may want to try is a couple
different things little caps or small containers of apple cider vinegar with a
little bit of dish soap in it does really help they’re attracted to that
then they get in there and they can’t get out you also might want to try
sprinkling cinnamon on top of your your plants fungus gnats do like to feed on
the organic material and cinnamon does sometimes help stop them in their tracks
the other thing you could do is make sure that you spray your plants with a
neem oil to help keep them off your plants so hopefully if you try some of
those preventative measures before you have a problem it will help the problem
before it starts so let me know how it goes there okay and Laura alright let’s
see here my last crop we’re going to talk about and then we’ll have some time
left for questions and I know a lot of you have grown these and one of my
favorite things to grow during the cool months is microgreens
I love growing microgreens they’re so easy to grow and they’re so fun in case
you’re not familiar with microgreens there are little teeny tiny greens they
don’t you don’t grow them to full maturity and the fun thing is you can
use a lot of seeds that you probably already have on hand so here I sigh so
these in this fun little I’m trick or treat container I picked these up at
Target last year so I’m using these for the second year in a row and usually you
can get a couple of them for a dollar at Target or the dollar store you can use
things that you have around the house like little tea cups little glass
containers little foil pans the great thing about microgreens is you don’t
necessarily have to have a container with holes because you’re harvesting
them very young I prefer to use containers with holes because it will
soak up the water from the bottom and they just seem to grow better but if you
want to use a glass container or a tea cup go for it
the sky’s the limit on these and let me just pause to excite a super chat from
Sylvia McGinty Sylvia thank you so much I really appreciate that thank you so
much for joining us and camera guy and I really appreciate the $2 super chat so
thank you very much so I’m here this morning I sowed I think was arugula and
can’t remember something else in here and what you do when you’re when you’re
sowing microgreens is you notice that the seeds are sown very thickly because
you want a nice dense blanket of greens that you can just snip off throw in your
omelet throw in your salad and I’m answering your question right here Ivana
a lot of times I make myself an omelet for breakfast and I snip these and throw
them in there and they’re a power-packed nutrient flavorful little green you will
not believe how packed with flavor little micro greens are so usually I
will cover them the seeds lightly with soil
I didn’t hear because I want to show you guys how thickly I sow them however I do
have a video on microgreens and that’s going to be in the video description I
also have a video on how to grow lettuce indoors and microgreens indoors and the
one on basil so you want to check the video description for more detailed
information on how to grow those three crops inside and I
did also pop some seeds in just this little kind of nursery type container
that you might have already grown your seedlings in in the spring these grow
very very well on a windowsill don’t need direct sunlight they are gonna
germinate in just a couple of days and you’ll be harvesting them within about a
week believe it or not so it’s one reason why they are a perfect little
cold weather crop winter crop to grow on your windowsill because it does kind of
give you that feeling of bringing your garden inside you’re gonna look outside
you’re gonna see the cold weather the rain the snow whatever it is in your
area and you’re going to have something green growing on your windowsill so
there’s all types of different seeds you can use for this you can use a roux
Glide you can use broccoli you can use chard someone mentioned using pea seeds
you can use sunflower seeds all types of different things if you need seeds of
course I’d like to try and make it as easy as possible for you guys to get
growing so I do have a micro green seed collection and this is packed with nine
different types of micro of seeds that you can use for growing microgreens a
lot of the ones I just mentioned and again 15% off last day of the sale today
so pick one up and believe me guys in about a month or two months wherever you
live wherever it happens to be getting cold you’re gonna be glad that you have
some seeds to plant some microgreens and lettuce
so you vitae is saying the pea shoots are the best yes they are they’re
power-packed they come up just beautifully they look beautiful and
they’re super super flavorful so let me know there in the chat if you are
growing microgreens and also let me know what fun little containers you like to
grow them in and again I’m going to be posting on Instagram in a couple of days
when my microgreens germinate so make sure you follow me at Cali Kim 20 on on
instagram for daily updates what i’m doing in the garden i share all kinds of
things on my stories when I’m pruning what I’m harvesting maybe what I’m
cooking for dinner so it’s a really a lot of fun so make sure you follow me
over there if you haven’t already and don’t forget to follow
Kalli camera guy or camera guy my husband on instagram – cuz he post some
great behind-the-scenes photos he’s a great photographer so make sure you
check him out on the Instagram as well okay so anybody growing microgreens here
all right I see Sandra has a question is the follow seed collection full of seeds
that are frost tolerant yes they absolutely are most cooler vegetables
are frost tolerant and I did try and pack that collection full of frost
tolerant varieties so that for those of you who get those early Frost’s some
northern gardeners or Midwest gardeners you can start your seeds right now but
you definitely don’t want to delay if you have frost coming and when you get
those early light frost as long as your seeds are established your plants are
established and growing most likely they’re gonna survive those light frost
in fact some of those cool weather vegetables even get sweeter with frost
like kale broccoli and cauliflower do great with frost collard greens do
wonderfully all the root vegetables like the beets the carrots the radishes do
very well in the frost because they’re protected under the soil so and and what
you can do too is protect your garden bed with like a little plastic winter
cover that’s very easy to pop up with like a couple of steaks and a piece of
thick heavy plastic so get your fall garden going as well if you haven’t yet
and by the way guys I forgot to mention we post a video on Saturday I didn’t get
my fog garden planted this weekend because it was too way too hot but I was
really you know debating on where to plant and I posted a video asking for
your help I had three different options I got such great feedback so thank you
so much for proposing your feedback on that video and if you haven’t yet please
go watch it because I am going to be looking at all the feedback tomorrow and
then deciding based on your suggestions oops
based on your suggestions where to plan I just got an alert that my hot spot
battery is low even though I charged it so go figure so hopefully we’ll get
through the stream here before it runs out so anyway make sure you go back and
watch that video and comment because I would love to hear your suggestions
okay Nisha question Kim how to keep the strawberry alive with sunlight in the
winter time I’m worried they might die without sunlight okay I’m thinking you
mean without sunlight the great thing about strawberries is that they are
super super Hardy Anish I know in Northern California you’re not gonna get
weather that’s cold enough to kill them off up there they will stay alive they
might look like they die they will probably go dormant you can trim them
back and then I don’t know if there’s anywhere at all you can place them that
you might get a little bit of sunlight but if not they will bounce back again
once the weather warms up so what I would do I think you grow white right
outside your garage if I recall you might want to cover them up with like a
frost blanket of some kind or even if you can just pull them into your garage
and then once you’re getting sunlight again you can you can pull them back
outside but for the most part they should survive just fine okay how do you
know when it’s time to pull pepper plants okay Sandra you may want to go
back and watch your video we posted maybe a month or so ago on pulling a
plant out at the end of the season we pulled out our scarlet runners and the
same pretty much the same it goes for peppers although peppers can overwinter
in a lot of climates if you mulch the the stems very heavily or if you dig
them up place them in a container and put them up against a wall where they
get more production or more protection but a lot of times kind of my general of
thumb is take a look at how your plant looks if it’s getting diseased if it’s
just not looking healthy it might be time to pull it out also take a look at
how it’s producing it’s not producing very well and you need the space for
another vegetable that will produce more for you then it’s probably time to pull
it out so it’s kind of a toss-up you know kind of something that you sort of
have to gauge depending on the space you have in your garden if you have enough
space and you don’t need the space I would just leave it in until it’s killed
off by frost so it really depends but go back and watch that video on when to
pull a plan out the end the season it’ll help give you some general guidelines to
go from okay let’s see here please do go back I know Christy’s posting
the chat to check out our playlist definitely if you’re looking for a video
on a specific topic most likely we do have a video we have over 800 video so
most likely we have a video on the topic you’re looking for so just go and search
our channel pop whatever you’re looking for in the search feel there and
hopefully it will pull some up and then they’ll be a playlist I’ve tried to
organize them to make it easy for you I do have an indoor gardening playlist you
can watch to get more details on how to plant the three things we talked about
today the basal the lettuce and then our little micro green so it’s always
helpful to go back and watch for more details and then if you have a specific
question you can always email me and I can get back to you sometimes McTeague
might take me a few days or a week to get back to you but I do try and get
back to my emails there ok yes Cheryl snow is a problem when trying to grow
nutritious food it can be a problem but I know there are a lot of people who
grow even in the snow and there’s a lady you guys might have heard of her she her
name is Nicki Gabor and she’s on Facebook I’m not sure if she’s on
YouTube but I know she’s on Instagram and she lives in Canada she’s written
several books she’s a best-selling author and I know she grows a lot in
cold frames all winter long Nicki Gabor I think it’s Jay a BB o R so
go and check her out for some ideas ok god an Kim what is your first frost date
we don’t always get frost here Dan I think officially it’s sometime in
December last year we did have two or three nights maybe three or four nights
where it dipped down below freezing we even had some nights in the 20s but
we’ve also had several years where we don’t have frost so typically I can get
a lot some like maybe one or two tomato plants will overwinter a lot of my
peppers overwinter a lot of the cold weather vegetables grow without a
problem my biggest problem is I don’t have a lot of Sun in the wintertime
because of the angle of the Sun drops lower in the sky and the house shades
out the garden so I mentioned that on Saturdays video but you guys can see
here where I grow a lot of my vegetables on this hill that is mostly shaded it
might might get an hour son a day maybe in the short you know
days of winter time so pretty much I grow along the fence
line here right behind me and that’s even pretty much all shaded by about one
o’clock during the short shortest days of the year so it’s really my biggest
issue I have to deal with in the wintertime ok but you know what we find
a way around it there’s usually a solution I just might not be able to
grow as much but we grow some indoors and we grow as much as we can in the in
the sunlight that we have ok we’ll take a couple more questions before we sign
up yeah Matt goes over there and kind of running around here ok I bet that yeah
Sandra I bet you are getting some beautiful fall color right now that must
be so fun we don’t get a lot of fall color here and growing up in Colorado we
had a lot of it and I really do miss it in the fall ok our Dutch frost date is
somewhere in October from freak on the way Wow thanks so much for joining us
from Holland yeah a lot of you guys who are getting frost in another month or so
you’re definitely gonna want to start these indoor veggies now because I know
I’m sure a lot of you just get kind of stir-crazy like I’ve got to be growing
something and it really does help you scratch that garden itch in the winter
time to grow yourself some lettuce or microgreens or something or some herbs
there’s lots of other herbs you can grow too indoors lots of other herbs root
like mint is very easy to root rosemary is a little more difficult to root but
you definitely can do that and grow that on your windowsill so even if you just
have yourself a little herb garden you know that’s always just so fun to add
those fresh herbs to your food and just add that flavor so let’s take one more
question before we sign off for the day yes camera guy his husband is her
husband his family camera guy my husband his family is from Holland so that’s
pretty cool all right here eco-centric homestead growing cabbage this year in a
bed that gives 0 direct sunlight so that will be a really fun experiment to see
how that goes there ok let’s see here any tips on growing
rosemary okay Lilly I actually do have a video on how to root rosemary rosemary
likes it dry it doesn’t like a ton of water and I just trimmed back a huge
rosemary Bush over the weekend I’ll be posting about that on Instagram but it
can grow quite large it likes sunlight and once it gets established it really
doesn’t like a lot of water it’s pretty easy to grow once you get it established
so hopefully that will help but get some going on your windowsill for the winter
time okay this is from Charles should I cut off the top of my tomato plants from
Sacramento okay Charles it really kind of depends on how your Tomatoes are
doing they’re if they’re looking a little bit ratty or if they’re loaded
down with tomatoes and you want to kind of force the ripening before cold
weather hits although in Sacramento you should have a lot of warm weather time
left but if you’re growing in a cold winter climate and you want to kind of
force the ripening or force the growth to go into the tomatoes you might want
to top off your Tomatoes to really send the growth and the energy of the plant
into the tomatoes rather than into growing your plants taller so it really
just kind of depends on what you want to do with your plan okay last question
here guys before we sign off let’s see Oh Sylvia started a strawberry and
lettuce tower that’s a great thing to do as the weather gets cooler I love to do
that here in the as the weather cools off here in California too okay I’m
looking for one last question so if you’ve got one post it in the chat
someone’s asking Monica tastiest fig I’ve never grown figs believe it or not
but so many people tell me I need to grow them and I think a container would
be a good idea I’ve actually been holding off because I don’t want extra
shade here in the back but maybe a container would work really well so if
you have a suggestion for Monica please post it in the chat here okay
let’s see your guys looking for one last question I want to see here but if
there’s anything else you guys are growing on your windowsill
besides the basil lettuce and microgreens I really want to encourage
you to get some growing and grab some seeds 15% off with the code September
last day is today so grab yours now while the supplies are still good and
will I should be posting a midweek or later in the week video I’m considering
doing one on rooting strawberry runners or on pruning mint so let me know in the
comments of this video if you have a preference for that and I’ll take a look
at the comments and see what the consensus is okay guys thank you so much
for joining us today I really appreciate it’s been a lot of
fun hanging out with you and we’ll see you later on the week later in the week
on a video and on next week’s live stream alright guys thanks so much love
you guys see you later bye bye

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  1. KIM NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I saw the notification that you were streaming and I was in the car!!!!! So sorry!! I’ll try and be here Thursday

  2. Hi CaliKim How do you feel about gardening in galvanized steel containers. I worry about the containers becoming to hot and harming the roots

  3. great then u can grow this laying over to then awesome.im glad to know this im new here.im in georgis ehst sbout kale?wow favor water .wow tons of info .thxthx

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  5. The next few day i will start my fall garden and i will pull out my kabocha squash next week and yestrday i harvest my kabocha squash

  6. Im always late, didn't make it to the live stream. Im excited this video is funny I was just telling myself Is about to get cold out here. It will start getting cold soon.
    And I just ordered some herbs from your website. I had no knowledge We can grow indoors I Enjoy herbs so taste full. Thanks cali kim 😗😗😗😘🥰😍😍🥰😘😗.

  7. To protect your lettuce from rabbits, cover it with a large clear plastic tub. Sun can still get through but it will protect it from pests. I have also done a cheap painter's plastic barrier.

  8. I wish I had a window sill that would work. I remember one place that I lived had a window sill above the kitchen sink that was probably 8 to 10 inches deep and about 2 or 3 feet wide. I could grow a lot of things on that window sill. I did plant some radish and carrot seeds; but, not all of them. I want to save some of them for a spring planting. .

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