Сырная ферма Микаэлян

Сырная ферма Микаэлян

Hey! Once Joanne Rowling the author of the popular book about Harry Potter said, if you want to be happy, you need to find 2 things First – your most favorite thing to do Second – find people who will pay you for that If you find these 2 things, you’ll be the happiest person in the world Unfortunately not all people can find this two keys to a happy life Today we’ll talk about happy people who could find they own way to make their lovely hobby to become buisness Right now I’m in Noratus village visiting the Mikaelyan family 7 years ago they came here from Yerevan city and they started here their own buisness – the cheese farm They’re producing craft cheese tasting cheeses which you can eat with wine for example In some bar or restaurant They produce alcohol cheese with wine or with cognac also caciotta cheese with thyme parmesan which they called “armesan” cheese wrapped in grape leaves and other types Today I’m here with a group of tourists from Moscow I invite you to join us to see what’s inside of cheese farm and to meet the Mikayelyan family Guest – There are no such cheeses anymore in Armenia? Marine – Yes Guest – How did this idea come to you? Did you have any experience before? Marine – I’m a biochemist, we had some cows Marine – at first we produced “chanax” and “lori” cheese (local types of cheese) Marine – but on some day we decided to change our production and make it more unique Guest – So you’re doing this cheese within one year, right Marine – yes, this is cheese with cognac Marine – At the beginning you need to process it more often Marine – if the cheese became hard, it doesn’t require a lot of care Guest – is it your exclusive? Marine – Yes, I made my own recipe Marine – I process cheese brandy like this Marine – at the initial stage when we were developing a new cheese, we spoiled 3 tons of milk Marine – It is also very difficult to make ecological clean sire without preservatives. Marine – Preservatives greatly facilitate the production process, but we don’t add them. Marine – this is another type of cheese, cheese with wine Marine – it’s soft cheese, they have another sourdough Marine – and this is cheese with grape leaves Marine – this is caciotta cheese Marine – this is hard italian cheese Marine – aged two to three months Marine – it has a unique smell, you can try Guest – how wonderful Marine – this is parmesan Marine – cheese aged 3 weeks Marine – but it needs to be aged for 2 years Marine – or for 1.5 years This cheese farm is interesting to visit for at least three reasons First – here you can try 100% organic cheeses there is no analogues in Armenia Second – here you can see how people’re living in villages and feel warm atmosphere of armenian hospitity Third – on your way to Noratus village (it’s about 100 km from Yerevan city) you can visit a couple of interesting historical sights By the way – Noratus village located on the shore of the gorgeous Sevan lake So your way to the cheese farm you’ll also have an opportunity to visit other places And see the lake Sevan, local people call it Sevan sea And it’s the biggest lake in our region Below this video you can find the link of the official group of the cheese farm on Facebook Remember – before the visiting, you must book your tour and cheese tasting in advance, so family can prepare for your visit So within the Facebook you can write them and book your tour And Arman and Marine will be happy to have you as their guests! subscribe to my channel put your thumbs up and you’ll see more interesting places! Bye!

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  1. Севан третье по площади озеро на Армянском нагорье. Севан находится на Армянском нагорье. За Кавказскими горами.

  2. Спасибо за очередное интересное видео! Продолжай в том же духе)

  3. 👍🏼спасибо за видео , интересно очень , и отдельное благодарность за ссылку , давно слышал про них , но не знал , где можно приобрести продукцию

  4. Ишхан молодец, вот они настоящие патриоты своей страны, не ноющие что никто ничего не даёт и все вокруг нам должны, а делающие своё дело. Уважаю.💓 Спасибо.

  5. Сделайте пожалуйста видео о Армянском парфимере Arman Мanoukian . Было бы очень интересно посмотреть.

  6. Спасибо большое за видео, я с удовольствием стала вашей подписчицей

  7. Какое вкусное видео
    И Севан очень красив.Спасибо Ишхан

  8. Ишхан джан это не село Норатус а АРЦВАКАР, рядом Норатуса.Сейчас АРЦВАКАР является одним из участков города ГАВАР.Мои родители из АРЦВАКАРА.

  9. Раньше сирним делом Езиди занимались а сейчас Армяни 😉 значить есть доход

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